Pharmacist Salary in South Africa

Pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare sector, and their expertise in medication ensures that the correct medication reaches the right hand. Moreover, their job is more than just filling the prescriptions; they provide valuable guidance and advice to the patient on the right usage of medications. Among the many questions regarding this prestigious profession, one often looms large: what does the average pharmacist earn in South Africa?

Monthly Salary Range:R 29167 – R 570000
Average Monthly Salary:R 299583.5
Description:Pharmacists play a vital role in the healthcare system; they are the professionals responsible for dealing with medications, offering expert advice on drug usage, and ensuring the safe and effective use of medicines by patients.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required for a pharmacist is a four-year Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) degree, followed by a year of internship in community service in a public hospital or clinic.

The average gross salary of a pharmacist in South Africa is R540,000 per year or R45,000 per month. However, this is just an average figure, and your salary as a pharmacist might be different at different locations, companies, education, and experience. So, letโ€™s dig more into the salary of a pharmacist in South Africa and the various factors that determine it.

Overview: Pharmacist Salary

The job of a pharmacist is essential in the healthcare system because it helps the patients understand the right dosage and usage of the medication. Moreover, they are also responsible for guaranteeing that the right drugs are given to the right patient and their use is not abused. They get paid well for their hard work and dedication in South Africa.

The minimum salary of a beginner pharmacist without any experience is R 29,167 per month and R350,000 per year. However, a pharmacist with a lot of experience can make up to R6,840,000 per year and R570,000 per month. Moreover, the average base salary of a pharmacist in South Africa is R540,000 per year or R45,000 per month.


Pharmacists receive bonuses and additional benefits on top of their annual base salary. They get paid sick leave, education/training/tuition certification reimbursement, and medical benefits. However, the exact figures and percentages of these additional perks are different at different companies; for instance, at Dischem, bonus pay ranges from R4,793 to R11,000 annually.

Salary Structure

Various factors determine the salaries of pharmacists in South Africa, including experience, skills, and job location. Moreover, experience has a significant impact on their salaries, and with time, their salaries can grow by a large percentage. So, the more experience you gain in your field, the higher your salary will be.

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An entry-level pharmacist with no actual experience can make around R 29,167 per month and R350,000 per year. However, a highly experienced pharmacist earns up to R6,840,000 per year and R570,000 per month. This is a significant difference that depends solely on experience.

Salary Variation Based on Skills

Acquiring new skills and mastering them can help raise your salary drastically. So, I have organized a table that includes the list of skills and the increase in the percentage of your salary that accompanies it.

SkillsIncrease in Salary
Pharmaceutical production47%
Inventory management43%
People management38%
Regulatory compliance22%
Operational management10%
Community Health10%
Patient counseling3%
Retail pharmacy1%

Salary Variation Based on Your Job Location in South Africa

Every pharmaceutical company has a different salary package for different branches based on their location. For instance, in cities like Gauteng, you are likely to be paid more than in Durban. So, here is a list of top-paying cities in South Africa for pharmacists.

Gauteng, GautengR40979 per month
Midrand, GautengR39779 per month
Johannesburg, GautengR31012 per month
Randburg, GautengR30066 per month
Boksburg, GautengR28983 per month
Pretoria, GautengR26180 per month
Cape Town, Western CapeR23165 per month
Bloemfontein, Free StateR18984 per month
Durban, Kwazulu-NatalR17176 per month

Responsibilities of Pharmacists

A pharmacist is a healthcare professional responsible for reviewing prescriptions and advising patients. Furthermore, here are some of the key responsibilities of a pharmacist;

  • Ensuring that the supply of medications is within the laws and regulations.
  • Dispensing medications to patients.
  • Guaranteeing that the prescribed medicines are suitable and advises patience on the right dosage of medicines.
  • Providing drug information to healthcare professionals.
  • Monitoring and reporting adverse drug reactions.


How much is a pharmacist paid in South Africa?

The average base salary of a pharmacist in South Africa is R540,000 per year, R45,000 per month, and R277 per hour.

In a nutshell, Pharmacists are at the forefront of healthcare, dispensing medications to patients, advising them on how to use them, and educating them on the potential side effects. Furthermore, their average gross salary is R540,000 per year or R45,000 per month in South Africa. However, this salary depends on their experience, job location, and skills.

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