Tbo Touch Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Tbo Touch Salary

TBO Touch Salary
Name:Thabo Molefe (stage name: Tbo Touch)
Date of Birth:04/04/1981
Profession:Radio and TV Presenter, Rapper

Tbo Touch is a TV and radio personality famous for his reality shows and live hosting. Aside from this, he runs a few successful businesses and a multi-rand media company. The estimated net worth of Tbo Touch is around R500 million.

Having an impressive net worth comes with a lavish lifestyle; hence, the public has always speculated about it from close up. If you are a Tbo Touch fan or want to know more about his extravagant lifestyle, keep on reading this Tbo Touch salary guide.

Overview of Tbo Touch & His Salary

Thabo Molefe, popularly known as Tbo Touch, is a renowned Radio presenter and an accomplished SA entrepreneur. He has hosted four seasons of the popular music show Live AMP, making it the reason for his fame. Tbo married Nandi Gandi, the owner of a Modeling PR agency, in 2014.

All these ventures have helped him earn significantly, and as of 2023, he has an estimated net worth of R500 million. According to public knowledge, he earns anywhere around R80,000 every month. That said, Tbo is a creator and earns from multiple sources, making his specific monthly salary contested.

Having a significant net worth and above-average earnings, Tbo Touch knows how to lead a luxury life. He has several properties in South Africa and across the continent, along with a stellar car collection and entrepreneurial assets. Keep on reading if you want to know more about them.

Tbo Touch – Radio Personality

Tbo Touch has a massive net worth attributed to several earning sources, including hosting, radio shows, businesses, and social media influence. Here is a breakdown of how Tbo Touch makes his millions of Rands.


Most of Tbo’s net worth is attributed to his presenting jobs, hosting the Metro FM and SABC Live Music show being the most popular. Tbo Touch is also the founder of Touch HD, which is an online radio station after working at Def Jam Records. Aside from this, he has hosted numerous TV and radio shows, including a 3-hour show, Rhyme and Reasons, and TouchCentral.

Entrepreneurial Venture

Another way this media personality makes his money is through businesses and innovative projects. Over the years, he has got an incredibly positive response from the public. Here are some of his successful businesses running in SA.

  • 48Gin is a liquor brand that took at least thirteen months to develop. Currently, the brand’s jin is sold in some of the biggest supermarkets and liquor stores.
  • The International Institute of Broadcasting is a media and broadcasting company that promotes hiring and talent development in South Africa’s media industry.
  • eBikes is another recent venture of Tbo Touch, introduced to deal with the high fuel prices in the country.
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Tbo Touch’s Assets

Given his massive income and net worth, Tbo Touch knows how to live a luxurious life. He is fond of properties, cars, and other expensive items. Here are a few expensive assets Tbo Touch owns.


The first and most expensive thing Tbo Touch owns is the multi-million rand house in Waterfall Equestrian Estate. It is reported that this mansion alone cost him R85 million and has beautiful scenery of the Waterfall and mountains. The house has a separate gym, pool, and a built-in theater.


Recently, Tbo Touch entered the real estate business, Touch Mansion Properties. Under this, he has bought several properties, known as Touch Mansions, combined. The business aims to promote inclusivity when it comes to real estate.

Stellar Car Collection

Like any other celebrity, Tbo Touch has a soft spot for luxury cars. This entire R216 million collection includes some really expensive cars like the Audi R8, Jeep SUVs, and Mercedes-Benz G Class.


How much does TBO Touch earn?

There is no specific salary range for Tbo Touch. However, according to popular stats, he earns anywhere around R80,000 every month.

What is the net worth of Tbo Touch?

According to Forbes, the estimated net worth of Tbo Touch is R500 million.

How much do Metro FM presenters earn?

According to Sowetanlive, Metro FM presenters earn anywhere around R3600 on an hourly basis. Do note that this amount varies based on the radio presenter.

Who is the richest radio personality?

Reports suggest that Tbo Touch is the richest radio personality in South Africa, with an impressive net worth of R500 million.

Does Tbo Touch run any business?

Yes, Tbo Touch runs several small and medium-sized businesses in South Africa. Some of them include eBikes (an electric bikes business), 48Jin (a liquor business), Touch HD (a media firm), and Touch Mansions (a real estate business).

What is the number 1 radio station in South Africa?

The isiZulu Language radio station is the biggest in the country, with 7.5 million listeners. Besides this, Umholbo Wenene and Touch HD are other big radio stations in South Africa.

How much does Tbo Touch earn monthly?

Tbo Touch’s monthly salary is contested, considering that he has several income sources. That said, the estimated monthly salary of Tbo Touch is R80,000.

Where does Tbo Touch live?

Tbo Touch lives in a multi-million rand house in Waterfall Equestrian Estate. The estimated worth of this house is anywhere around R85 million.

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Who owns Touch Mansions?

Touch Mansions is a business venture that promotes inclusivity in real estate. It is owned by the famous TV and Radio entertainer Tbo Touch.

How does Tbo Touch make money?

Tbo Touch is a popular radio and TV presenter. Aside from this, he does hip-hop and rapping and runs some entrepreneurial ventures.

Tbo Touch is a popular radio and TV personality, leading a net worth of R500 million. This comes with an extravagant lifestyle and massive spending. Therefore, the South African public is rightfully interested in knowing more about his salary and spending.

I hope this guide has managed to give you some valuable insights into his lavish life.

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