Thembinkosi Lorch Salary & Net Worth in Rands

Thembinkosi Lorch has been a massive success in football, given his refined skills as an attacking midfielder and right winger, attracting a lot of attention among the masses. The player started his career in club football and has been persistent from an early age, which is why his game is stronger than most players, similar in skills and age. Up until 2021, the player enjoyed a lucrative contract with Orlando Pirates and has been playing with them till now with a renewed contract.

As a result of a long and established career in football, the player has managed to make a lot of money over the years from on-field tournaments and national cups. Although the player has been discreet about his assets, the fans have managed to find out some interesting things about his earnings. If you want to know more about Tembinkosi Lorch’s salary, keep on reading this guide.

Thembinkosi Lorch Income Details | Net Worth, Salary, and Income Assets

Thembinkosi Lorch Salary
Name:Thembinkosi Lorch
Date of Birth:22/07/1993
Profession:Football Player (Right Winger, Attacking Midfielder)

As per News Hub, the SA midfielder and right-wing attacker typically earns anywhere around R130,000 on a monthly basis as a result of his affiliation with Orlando Pirates, which can be easily categorized in the high-paying section. This is partially accredited to his refined performance in 2019 and last year in the club. Aside from on-field awards, the player has also significantly from brand endorsements.

According to the latest reports in the widespread sports news, he is thinking of giving up on the Orlando Pirates, with which he has been playing for the past four years. As per the news, Lorch is interested in working for Sundown, and the group has even approached him for a contract, partially for the financial benefits. However, he has been silent about the news and has not addressed it officially, as people are speculating he may come up with the announcement in the next season.

Thembinkosi Lorch Football Player Net Worth

The football star Thembinkosi Lorch started off really young with club football and was affiliated mostly with Mountain Eagles Ficksburg. After this, the player shifted to the TVET college for further training and played a number of club tournaments side by side, refining his game on the field, which came with several monetary benefits. If you are interested in learning about these perks, here is a breakdown of the player’s net worth, endorsements, market value, and salary packages.

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Net Worth

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Thembinkosi Lorch is anywhere around R 15 million Rands, which is quite high given his age and experience in the field. This net worth is inclusive of the brand deals and assets he has achieved from his football career; however, not many details about them are available on the internet. This amount is earned by him through the years after signing lucrative contracts with local clubs like Chippa United, Cape Town All Stars, and Orlando Pirates.


Apart from on-field tournaments, the player has managed to attract public attention to his online persona, which has earned him multiple brand endorsements. Currently, he is seen working as the face of many athletic and casual footwear brands, including German MNC Puma and Nike SA. Moreover, the player also enjoys team sponsorship from Lexus South Africa, Adidas, and Puma Clothing outlets, adding considerably to his estimated net worth.

Charity Work

Given his massive earnings on a yearly basis, the player is also known for his contributions to the charity department and has managed to spend significantly on the deserving despite his personal scandals. According to the Citizen, the midfield attacker has donated around R10,000 to a charity organization, Ikageng Itireleng Home, which works for the eradication of poverty and homeless people. Though he was criticized for making the move public by the fans, most find it genuine, given his past record.

Thembinkosi Lorch Income Assets | Expensive Things Owned by the Player

Thembinkosi Lorch is one of the finest South African football midfielders on the country’s national team despite his young age and limited experience on the field. His debut provided him with significant monetary benefits with which the player has built multiple assets. If you are interested in learning about expensive real-estate properties and luxury cars owned by the SA professional player, keep on reading this section.


Thembinkosi Lorch was born in Bloemfontein in a modest neighborhood; however, after establishing a career in the game, he is now able to manage a luxurious lifestyle, and most of it is spent on his properties across the country. Though the player has been discreet about his properties, his social media fandom gets a sneak peek into his and his girlfriend’s multi-rand mansion in Bloemfontein. It is a multi-story mansion with a superior white exterior, a modern aesthetic, and a fully polished interior.

Stellar Car Collection

The South African football midfielder has a stellar collection of luxury cars like any other famous soccer player. These cars include the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with a 3.6L engine (costs around R1.1 million) and the Volkswagen Golf GTP (worth approximately R2 million). Moreover, as reported by Business Insider, the player also bought his father an expensive Lamborghini in 2019 that cost anywhere between R410,000 and R8,430,000 in South Africa.

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What is the net income of Thembinkosi Lorch?

As of 2023, the net worth of Thembinkosi Lorch is estimated to be R15 million.

How much does Thembinkosi Lorch earn on a monthly basis?

Under the contract with Orlando Pirates, the average monthly salary of Thembinkosi Lorch is anywhere around R130,000.

What cars does Thembinkosi Lorch drive?

The South African attacking midfielder is known for his stellar collection of cars. These luxurious cars include a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit with a 3.6 L container (worth around R1.1 million), a Lamborghini worth R6 million (though he has never been spotted with it), and a Volksvegan worth above R2 million.

Does Thembinkosi have a house?

Yes, Thembinkosi has a mansion in Midrand, which he bought with his girlfriend back in 2019. The house is a multi-rand structure with a double story, a small swimming pool, and white finishing, making it an expensive addition to his assets. However, the ownership of this house is contested, as the player was accused of assault by his girlfriend in 2020.

Is Thembinkosi among the high-paid football players?

Yes, Lorch is one of the most highly-paid football players in the country. This is because the player has been playing from an early age and attracted a lot of clubs from the start of his career.

If you have been familiar with South African football for quite some time, the name Thembinkosi Lorch won’t be strange to you. He is one of the highest-paid midfielders and right-wingers in the game and has managed to earn several awards for his stellar performances despite the fact that he entered the game at such a young age. With this, the player has also managed to build monetary benefits.

I hope this guide has been helpful in getting a sneak peek into Thembinkosi Lorch’s salary, net worth, and personal assets.

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