Thulani Serero’s Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Thulani Serero is the subject of headlines and public event discussions due to his recent performances in a UAE club, Khor Fakkan. He is the only midfielder in the team playing with style, giving his 100% and trying hard to make his team win the tournament. He has proven to all African football lovers that if a person has passion, he can become one of the favorite footballers in the country.

His fan base spans Europe, Asia, and Africa worldwide, where people like to watch football. His South African origin makes our country proud and allows us to celebrate his successes in the league. His fans are not only interested in knowing about his personal life but want someone to shed light on his financial career, so come with me to explore his income, net worth, and achievements in detail.

Overview of Thulani Serero & His Salary

Name:Thulani Serero
Date of Birth:11/04/1990

Thulani Serero, one of the greatest footballers in the history of Khor Fakkan Club, has become a subject of sports headlines after his recent performances. He is the only player who plays despite being severely injured; nothing matters to him except playing football. Some experts say he has no natural particular sports or athletic talent, but he became a skilled player.

The sports world is full of talented people, so you can understand how tough it is for a player to compete with born stars. There is a long story of his struggle behind his recent achievements as he worked hard to train himself for professional football. A long story short, he became one of the most successful South African footballers who played in the middle east after tireless efforts to join the National team.

Mr. Serero does not like to reveal his details publicly, but resources claim that he is taking a handsome amount from the Khor Fakkan Club.

His overall monthly income is R307,418, based on his activities and the number of matches he plays for the club. He has successfully gathered an empire of R15 million; however, some criticize him for building an empire of millions with this much monthly salary.

Thulani Serero Career as a Footballer

Thulani Serero is known for his exceptional athletic skills, sharp mind, fast running speed, incredible goal ratio, and a list of titles he has won. He started his career officially in 2008 as a player for Ajax Cape Town but could not get a chance to play professional football. He says he was also a naive player compared to professional ones but better than all the other club athletes at that time.

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However, he could not join the team for long. He started playing in the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL), where his performance opened the mouths of football experts. He impressed the national team experts and the international football panel and got an invitation from Ajax Amsterdam, a football club in the Netherlands.

Since the day he joined professional football, he emerged as a highly qualified player; he won the KNVB Cup, the Johan Cruyff Shield winner, and the title of PSL Young Player of the Year. A player with mature fame is the perfect subject for brands to hire and promote their products. Critics who claim that no one can gather R15 million net worth with a monthly salary ignore that he has other sources of income as he works for shoe brands and clothing lines and owns personal businesses.

Endorsement Deals

His primary source of income is playing football for South Africa and other clubs, but his secondary and active source of income is promoting brands. Currently, he is associated with all kinds of brands, from shoe companies to telecommunication networks and cold drink companies. He has made short-term and long-term deals with these companies that pay him millions of rands yearly.

Media Appearances

Another secondary source of his income is appearing on media channels, such as EA Sports, Ten Sports, or national media platforms. You have often seen him in the panel of analysts, presenting his expert opinion regarding current trends in football and coming challenges; he also appears in reality shows or comedy shows. All these activities help him earn millions of rands monthly.

Other Sources

He also appears in public events as a chief guest or in award shows as a guest. Furthermore, he owns a personal business as he has invested money in the restaurant and clothing lines and purchased stock shares. All these sources of income make him a millionaire and one of the most successful footballers in South Africa.

Thulani Serero Assets


The information regarding his assets is minimal; therefore, it is tough to determine the worth of his assets. Some sources claim that he does not own a house but a mansion in Soweto, South Africa. The residency has all the facilities, such as a swimming pool, a large parking lot, and a sports area.

Guards and high-alert security surround his residence; no one can enter his house without providing ID information. The mansion has multiple rooms, kitchens, and an extensive library. There is also a bar, snooker, and gym in the building.

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Like all other celebrities, he also enjoys different kinds of vehicles, such as sports cars, supercars, or luxury vehicles. His servant says he likes to drive a Range Rover and has Mercedez, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. A rough estimate indicates that he has vehicles worth more than 7 million rands.


Which country does Thulani Serero play in?

Thulani Serero has been a professional South African football player and midfield expert for the SA National Team since 2011.

What happened to Thulani Serero?

Thulani Serero joined Khor Fakkan Club, leaving Al Jazira Football Club. He is a former Bafana Bafana player.

Is Thulani serero a Chiefs player?

He chose Khor Fakkan football club instead of joining Mameldi Sundowns, Soweto Giants, Orlando Pirates, or Kaizer Chiefs.

Football is not just a game but a completely different lifestyle in which one sacrifices all his desires and works hard to become a professional player. The case is similar to Thulani Serero, the blood of Soweto City and former star of Bafana Bafana, who started his career as an amateur league player but later became the undefeatable master of football. He is the only South African player with no haters due to his noble nature, humble personality, and next-level soccer skills.

He represents his country internationally and plays for clubs such as Al Jazira Football Club or Khor Fakkan Club of UAE. His excellent gaming sense and business mind make him a millionaire football player in SA, as he owns an R15 million empire. We should appreciate his hard work in emerging as a successful football midfielder and the income and net worth he built; anyhow, I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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