Agricultural Engineering Salary in South Africa

Are you a South African who wishes to become an agricultural engineer but needs clarification about the potential? The article will help ease the confusion because the salary of an agricultural engineer is discussed.

Occupation:Agricultural Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 14300 – R 45600
Average Monthly Salary:R 29950
Description:The agricultural engineer is responsible for developing solutions to agriculture-related problems. They deal with everything related to machinery, power, soil, water, and farming.
Minimum Qualification:People who wish to become agricultural engineers should get a degree in agricultural engineering or biological engineering. They must be familiar with science and technology because it helps solve multiple agricultural processes in the field. Moreover, they can get different crop advisory or irrigation certifications to know their field better.

You can scroll through to know the salary structure based on experience in the field. Moreover, the responsibilities of an agricultural engineer are explained for a better understanding. I hope you get all your answers by reaching the end.

Overview of Agricultural Engineer Salary

Agricultural engineers are also known as agrarian biosystems because they apply science to agricultural processes. They often have to work in offices but may have to visit rural settings every few days. The irrigation method was the first application of agricultural engineers back in the day.

South Africa is more modern than the rest of Africa and has a productive and diverse economy. The demand for agricultural engineers in the country would be high. This might intrigue everyone about the farm engineer’s salary in the country, which is why it is discussed below.

Salary Structure

A rough overview of the salary structure of an agricultural engineer is discussed so South Africans can have an idea. The table helps us understand the salaries according to experience.

Experience in the FieldMonthly Salary in ZAR
0 to 2 yearsR 14,300
3 to 5 yearsR 29,200
Five years or moreR 45.600

Hence, these figures help us understand the salaries paid to agricultural engineers in South Africa.

Responsibilities of an Agricultural Engineer

The responsibilities of an agricultural engineer are explained to help understand their importance.

  • An agricultural engineer helps to maintain and develop agricultural machinery, structures, and equipment that help farmers complete their daily tasks.
  • He must perform research and develop safe and efficient ideas for production.
  • An agricultural engineer should inspect and perform experiments to stay up-to-date.
  • He is responsible for developing strategies for soil conservation and introducing new farming techniques.
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Hence, these are a few duties that an agricultural engineer has to perform.


What does an agricultural engineer do?

An agricultural engineer has to solve all the problems related to production. He has to implement safe and efficient methods.

Is there a high demand for agricultural engineers?

The demand for agricultural engineers is likely to go up by 2029. People hire them to get efficient production, which is safe and budget-friendly.

What is the lowest salary for an agricultural engineer?

The lowest salary for an agricultural engineer in South Africa is around R 14,300. Inexperienced engineers earn this amount when they join the field.

A brief yet informative article is written on the agricultural engineer’s salary to help South Africans have an idea. Students who wish to pursue agricultural engineering can know the potential in the field. They can decide whether to join the field or explore other options in South Africa.

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