Journalist Salary in South Africa

Journalists are important people as they play a significant role in society. They have great responsibility because they hold the people in power accountable. Journalists have a demanding job and have to deal with criticism.

Monthly Salary Range:R 31000 – R 92641
Average Monthly Salary:R 61820.5
Description:Journalists play an essential role as they hold government and powerful institutions accountable. They provide accurate and timely information to the ordinary people. Moreover, they highlight the wrongdoings and corruption of powerful people.
Minimum Qualification:To become a journalist in South Africa, individuals should get a bachelor’s degree in communication or journalism. Depending on your liking, you can choose between print journalism or broadcast journalism. When done, you should intern at a media house for practical experience.

The question that most people think of is whether they get paid according to the work they do. You can find the answer by scrolling down. The salary structure, along with the responsibilities, are discussed.

Overview of Journalist Salary

Journalists are highly demanded in South Africa because they are essential to society. Although journalism is a critical profession, it helps in international recognition. Being a democratic republic, South Africa relies heavily on journalists and the press.

It means that the need for passionate journalists isn’t diminishing anytime soon. Journalism is a demanding job that intrigues everyone about its monthly salary. Scroll down to explore the salary structure and responsibilities of journalists in South Africa.

Hence, on average, a journalist earns around R 61,000 every month. They should gain hands-on experience and study subjects related to politics, environment, and economics. Journalists should also perfect the art of storytelling because that will help them throughout their careers.


Most journalists working in South Africa get around R 25,242 as a bonus. This is an additional amount they get other than their monthly salary. Hence, journalists deserve bonuses because they have a demanding job.

Salary Structure

The table explains the salary structure of journalists working in South Africa. You can know how much salary they get when they have no or more experience.

Experience in the FieldAnnual Salary in ZAR
1 to 3 Years Of ExperienceR 632,000
3 to 8 Years Of ExperienceR 888,800
8+ Years Of ExperienceR 1,111,700

These are the salaries journalists can get after gaining some experience. The salaries in Johannesburg are higher than in other cities because of the higher cost of living.

Responsibilities of a Journalist

Some of the primary responsibilities of journalists in South Africa are discussed.

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A journalist’s first and most important responsibility is fair and accurate reporting. He can give real news and present all sides of the story. The information should be fact-checked before sharing it with the public.


Journalists should investigate the news before sharing it publicly. News based on assumptions or rumors shouldn’t be shared with people. They should review documents, conduct interviews, and gather evidence before sharing the news.

Protecting Sources

Journalists should protect the sources from which they get information. They should never disclose the identity of their sources when sharing the news. Moreover, confidential information should be kept safe because it may lead to the source, putting them in danger.

Legal Responsibilities

Journalists should abide by the law and should be responsible. They should have the consent of the other party when conducting interviews. They serve the public, so protecting people’s privacy and ensuring their safety is essential.

Ethical Responsibilities

Journalists should cover true stories. They must be honest and should understand the implications of reporting specific issues. It would be best to conduct research before putting criminal allegations on someone.

Hence, these are some of the critical responsibilities of journalists in South Africa.


How much is a journalist paid in South Africa?

Journalists have different salaries depending upon their experience in the field. An entry-level journalist has less pay than a senior journalist. Hence, the more experience in the field, the higher the basic monthly salary will be.

Is journalism a promising career in South Africa?

Journalism is in high demand in South Africa because it contributes to the well-being of society. They help people better understand current affairs and play an essential role in international recognition. Hence, a hard-working and honest journalist is always in demand.

What is the best journalism school in South Africa?

The Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Sciences is the best journalism school in South Africa. It is a 52-year-old institute that provides high-quality media education to all young students.

What is the most critical responsibility a journalist has?

The most important responsibility is to be honest and share accurate information with facts. False news based on rumors or assumptions shouldn’t be shared with the public. It can be misleading and leads to disasters.

What is the difference between a journalist and a reporter?

A journalist conducts research, interviews, gathers information, and writes on websites or newspapers. At the same time, a reporter is a person who is employed to report news publicly.

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An interesting article on the salary of journalists is written for people to gain knowledge. They can have an idea about how much journalists make in South Africa.

They are in demand because they play an essential role in society. The salaries vary depending upon the practical experience and the media house they’re associated with.

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