Ronaldo Salary per Week and Net Worth in Rands

Christiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football player, is often associated with Real Madrid and the Saudi club Juve. Currently, he is among the highest-paid athletes across the globe, with significant earnings on and off the field. Much of this earning is attributed to his stellar performances in the World Cup and Premier League tournaments.

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Christiano Ronaldo Income Details

Ronaldo Salary
Name:Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Date of Birth:05/02/1985

Recently, Ronaldo has shifted from Real Marid to a contract with Saudi Arabia Al-Nassr worth around R4,112,747,900 on a yearly basis, which can be broken down into R178,611,128 monthly. This reports a massive increase in the earnings of a player as compared to what he was earning at Manchester United.

Prior to his commitment with Juve, the player had a contract with Real Madrid, which was signed in 2016 and has a worth of around R8,455,853 on a weekly basis. The contract was also renewed in 2018 and had a yearly worth of around R343,571,413 until June, according to Forbes.

According to Forbes, the Portuguese football player has an average of R860,450,850 on-field earnings along with R1,720,901,700 from off-field endorsements and passive assets. This makes a significant net worth and yearly income into the players’ financial accounts.

Christiano Football Player Net Worth

The former Real Madrid player Christiano Ronaldo is currently the highest-paid football player according to Forbes, and a large credit for it goes to his stellar performances and off-field brand endorsements. Ever since his debut, the player has made significant contributions to the game, which is why he has incredible gross market value. Here is a breakdown of his earrings, net worth, market value, and business ventures.

Net Worth

A report by Forbes suggested that Christiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid football player present across the globe and has an estimated net worth of approximately R9,546,000,000. According to the report, the estimated worth of Ronaldo is even more than his long rivals Messi and Neymar, despite them having lucrative earnings themselves. In 2022, the player was placed in the third position in the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes in the world, with an estimated net worth of R2,324,267,300.


The Portuguese player Christiano Ronaldo is also known for his sponsorships and endorsement deals from infamous sports and non-sport brands. It is public knowledge that the player has a second-lifetime contract with Nike, aside from NBA champion player LeBron James, and has been the face of multiple campaigns. As per Hookit’s analysis, even the social media presence of Ronaldo on Nike’s page was around R9,062,453,400; however, others are skeptical of this extraordinary amount.

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Aside from Nike, the player has also signed multiple endorsement deals with popular brands like Tag Heuer, Egyptian Steel, Armani, Italia Independent, Clear, PokerStars, Castrol, and Herbalife. Moreover, his recent partnerships include LiveScore, Zuji GP, Therabody, Clear, MEP, and Uniecampus contracts.


Apart from representing and endorsing several businesses, the player has also built himself the infamous CR7, which is mostly centered around the underwear line, athletic clothing, leisure items, and daily-use home products. Apart from this, Ronaldo launched a hair transplant clinic in 2019 known as Insparya, which has proven to be a great success over the years.

Moreover, he also has the most famous hotel chain, named Pestana CR7, located in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, Funchal, and Madeira. He has also launched hotels in Marrakech, New York, and Madrid. In 2016, he also expanded the partnership and expanded into gyms in collaboration with a US health company called Crunch, and the first outlet came to be known as CR7 Fitness.

Charity Work

Lastly, it would not be wrong to say that a large part of Ronaldo’s earnings goes to charity work and for a good cause. In 2015, the player was associated with Dosomething-org, and he has been donating a large sum to the organization for hunger, obesity, childhood poverty, and biodiversity. Moreover, according to Business Insider, it was also reported that the player’s agent, Jorge Mendes, donated around R12,124,746 to a non-governmental organization, apart from his contributions toward UNICEF, Vision, and Save the Children.

Cristiano Ronaldo Income Assets | Expensive Things Owned by the Player

Christiano Ronaldo is the highest-earning football player of Portuguese descent and is popular for stellar performances in the Premier League and World Cup. The player has managed to earn around 32 senior awards and several titles, making him the most successful athlete of all time. It definitely comes with monetary benefits and income assets, so let us dive in to learn more about these assets.


The first most expensive thing Ronaldo owns is his loads of properties worth billions of Rands. Currently, he lives in a massive villa in Madrid, worth R135,547,165, and a penthouse in Manhattan Trump Tower, with a total cost of around R353,257,500. If we talk about the most expensive properties owned by Ronaldo, these include an apartment in Lisbon, a villa in Marbella, multiple properties in Portugal, and a two-family home in Turin.

Stellar Car Collection

Like other traditional football players, Ronaldo also owns a large collection of luxurious cars. The most famous among them include the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 TD, Ferrari 599, GTO, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, Phantom, Bugatti, and Porsche. The player was also given permission to build a shaded pergola in his penthouse.

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Like Messi and Neymar, Ronaldo also has a soft spot for luxury watches, including a Jacob & Co., with 424 diamonds. The player also has a Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-Axial, which is the rarest watch in the world and costs around R38,155,500 and is custom-made for the player. Aside from this, the player also has Rolex GMT Master Ice, with 18-carat gold plates and 30-carat diamonds.

Private Jet

Among the expensive things owned by Ronaldo is a private jet Gulfstream G650 jet, which is around R1,242,374,250. This jet has the ability to cover around 12,960 km and carries around 18 people. According to reports, Ronaldo is the only athlete in the world to have such an expensive plan.

Hotel Ventures

Like other big football players, Ronaldo has also ventured into hospitality businesses and currently owns several hotel firms and leisure-time activities areas. Pestana CR7 is the most popular hotel icon among his ventures. Aside from this, he owns multiple Pestana branches in Lisbon, New York Time Square, and Madeira.

Private Island

According to Business Insider, the Real Madrid football player bought a private island near Madeira during the pandemic 2020. This is worth millions of dollars and costs a crazy amount of money any athlete has paid for a material item.


What is the net income of Christiano Ronaldo?

As of 2023, Christiano Ronaldo has a yearly income of R4,112,747,900.

Is Ronaldo a millionaire or a billionaire?

Though it is expected, Ronaldo has not yet joined the billionaire club. Currently, his estimated net worth is around R9,546,000,000.

Who is the No. 1 richest footballer in the world?

Bolkiah is the richest footballer across the globe, with an estimated net worth of around R382,395,200,000.

Is Ronaldo a brand ambassador for Nike?

Yes, Ronaldo has been the face of Nike for a long time. According to Forbes, the player has the second lifelong contract with the brand after James LeBron.

Is Messi a billionaire?

No, Messi is not a billionaire. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is anywhere around R11,479,860,000, making him a millionaire.

Christiano Ronaldo needs no introduction and has been among the highest-earning players for the past couple of years. Aside from the lucrative contract with the Saudi group, the player also earns significantly off-field from brand endorsement, social media presence, and passive income assets.

Finally, I hope this guide has been helpful for anyone interested in learning about Ronaldo’s salary.

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