Sadio Mane Salary per Week and Net Worth in Rands

Sadio Mané is a well-known footballer who plays as a forward for both the South African National team and Al-Nassr Club from Saudi Arabia. He is famous for his speed and is known to be one of the wealthiest players, with several Awards in his name. In his 11 years of career, he has won a list of awards and has managed to gain a total net worth of around R 570,312,000.

Sadio is currently playing on a four-year contract with Al-Nassr. This four-year contract is said to be an expensive contract that will increase the net worth to a notable extent. Let’s look at the guide below that tells you about the overview of Sadio Mané and his salary, net worth, assets, and career growth.

Overview of Sadio Mané & His Salary

Sadio Mane Salary
Name:Sadio Mané
Date of Birth:10/04/1992

Sadio is a 31-year-old professional footballer who has a good reputation in the industry. He belongs to Senegalese and is among those footballers who are on the list of rich, famous athletes. Sadio is among the list of top athletes when it comes to fitness and speed.

Sadio Mané is a professional footballer who has been playing football for the last 11 years. He started his career in 2012 and is currently playing in Al-Nassr, Saudi Arabia Club. He has won seven awards, including the Austrian Bundesliga, Premier League, FIFA Club World Cup, ELF Cup, Austrian Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and Africa Cup of Nations.

Well, the player has a net worth of more than R 570,312,000, which means he is not only earning from his profession, football, but also earning from but also has other income sources. Let’s look at the details of the income sources of Sadio Mané and discuss how he has managed to collect a net worth of R 570,312,000 as a whole. Let’s look at the career of Sadio Mané and how he is succeeding and winning awards from time to time throughout football.

Sadio Mané Career as a Footballer

Sadio Mané is a well-known player who is currently playing with Al-Nassr club and has signed a four-year contract ending in 2027. He previously played with Munich and has also played with several other Football teams in his professional career. Let’s look at the details of Sadio Mané’s career and how he started his game in 2012 and is still on the top footballers list in 2023.

The player made his debut in the year 2012 in the month of January from French Club Metz. He played football professionally for the first time for French Club Metz and made 19 appearances for the first season. Keep in mind his appearances were made as a substitute.

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Within the same year, the player joined the Austrian Club in the month of August. In the third round of the Austrian Cup, Sadio made his first trick in October. This was the reason that led the team to win.

Well, not only at this time, the player made several moves that resulted in his team winning. His career at the Austrian club ended in 2014 when he joined Premier League Team Southampton for two years, in 2014 and 2015. The club was playing against Arsenal, where the team won by 2-1, making him famous and keeping him in the limelight for the season.

He was at that time considered the main reason for the victory of the team. In the year 2016, after the end of the 2014-15 season, Mané joined Liverpool Football Club. He moved to the club in the year 2016 and again played against Arnold in his Premier League debut.

The player made the 4th goal that ended up in the victory with four by three scores. The performance of Sadio Mané at Liverpool was outstanding, resulting in him winning several awards, including the prize for Liverpool player of the season. Moreover, the player got the title of Premier League Player of the Month in August 2017 when he scored the first goal for Liverpool in 2017.

This goal made him more popular and famous among football fans. With the passage of time and due to his skills and professional abilities, he was becoming a flawless footballer. Then, the team played against Chelsea in 2019, where Sadio Mané scored twice in the UEFA Super Cup final.

This was another achievement of Sadio Mané in Liverpool, so we can say joining the Liverpool team was a glorious period of Sadio Mané’s career. Moreover, the player crossed the number of 100 goals and came in the list of top 5 players who crossed 100 goals in 3rd place.

Sadio Mané, after leaving Liverpool in 2022, joined Bayern Munich. He was not satisfied there and was unable to settle with the players, but somehow, he managed to score 12 goals for the team. Soon, within one year of joining, he left the squad and joined Al-Nassr.

Sadio Mané is currently playing for the Al-Nassr club with a salary of more than R 15,046,616 per week. He is a professional footballer who is currently playing for Al-Nassr and is creating history with his outstanding performance.

Additional Income Sources

Sadio Mané is a renowned footballer who has gathered a net worth of R 570,312,000. From several resources, we have got to know that the player not only earns from his football but also earns a lot from the sponsorship deals he makes.

He works with several brands and has signed various endorsement and sponsorship deals with more prominent dominant clothing brands in the industry, like Adidas and Nike. It has been observed that the player works with Gillette, Vodafone, and Beats by Dre.

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Moreover, the player is currently a New Balance-sponsored footballer who will wear New Balance Furon V6 Plus for his 2022-2023 Football season from Al-Nassr clubs. He has also signed sponsorship deals with Western Union, Indonesia Tourism, and Nike.

The player earns a total of R 100,485,234.53 per year from sponsorship and endorsement. Moreover, Sadio also makes from the real estate business as he is the owner of several properties located all over the world that are responsible for providing him an additional source of income.

Sadio Mané Assets

Sadio Mané lives a lavish life and prefers staying in luxury. He owns a house in England and also owns a house in France. He is a footballer who owns several other land areas.

Moreover, the player is interested in cars, so he has a good collection of them. But he likes to drive Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and SUV. He is also the owner of Audi RS7.

How has Sadio Mané managed to earn R 570,312,000 net worth?

The player has not only earned from his game but also from his sponsorship deals. He has signed several endorsement deals and has made numerous investments in real estate that are additional sources of income for Sadio Mané.

What is the current salary of Sadio Mané at Al-Nassr?

The current salary of Sadio Mané is around R 60,186,464 per month. He is playing for Al-Nassr Club Saudi Arabia and has recently signed a four-year contract with them. That means the player will serve at Al-Nassr club until 2027.

How much Sadio Mané can make from endorsements?

It has been assumed that Sadio makes more than R 100,485,234.53 from endorsements. It is a combined income that the player earns from the endorsement deals that he signs with several brands like Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Indonesia Tourism, and Western Union.

Sadio Mané is a renowned player with a net worth of R 570,312,000. He is famous because of his professional football game and his success in his 11-year career. He is currently 31 years old and is serving in Al-Nassr.

The player has made several investments in real estate and earns a lot from his endorsement and sponsorship deals. He is among the players who are both popular and rich and an expert in their field. This above guide will satisfy you if you are looking for Sadio Mané overview and a look at his salary and monthly income.

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