Ashley du Preez’s Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Due to his recent performances, Ashley Du Preez is the subject of headlines, reality shows, and public discussions. Our Kaizer Chiefs hero has taken the football world by storm and emerged as one of the most successful athletes in the history of South Africa. He is the one who has revolutionized the team of Chiefs and made it the top-ranked club.

Despite his athletic skills and performances, his lavish lifestyle is not hidden from the public as he likes to live in mansions, drive supercars, and purchase expensive commodities. His fans are interested in knowing the secret of his lavish life, monthly salary, and net worth. Come with me to explore Ashley Du Preez’s financial life and look at his lavish lifestyle.

Overview of Ashely Du Preez & his Salary

Name:Ashely Du Preez
Date of Birth:16/07/1997

If someone deserves the title of best player of the year, that is Ashley Du Preez. He made Kaizer Chiefs proud after consistently winning matches in the last league. His performance made other clubs think of creating unique tactics to defeat Mr. Preez or at least prevent him from playing at his best.

Mr. Preez is famous in South Africa and recognized throughout the entire continent of Africa, Europe, and America, where people love football. He has played several matches, and there is no match in which he has disappointed his fans; that’s why people never stop loving him. He is only 26 years old but plays like a senior athlete.

His incredible football skills helped him earn R300,000 per month based on his activities and the number of matches he plays monthly. He gathered R9.5 million rands net worth by playing football and working for other companies. Here, you may question why he needs to work for other companies as he is a well-known footballer, then advances to know the answer.

Ashley Du Preez’s Career as a Footballer

Ashley Du Preez says that he used to play soccer for fun at the school level; he had a passion for becoming a professional footballer but had no source of help. He says other players had references or joined the team based on their links with authorities, but he was the only one with talent without a reference and link. However, he was selected for Kaizer Chiefs in 2020 with high expectations, but after a few matches, he lost form.

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His initial performances influenced people, but within a very short period, he lost form from 2021 to 2022. Basically, between these two years, he could not perform well because of injuries and his inability to deal with mental pressure. However, he returned to the team after working hard, practicing hours daily under the guidance of coaches such as Arthur Zwane.

He has overcome all the initial hurdles and emerged as a player who can tackle all the issues, whether they are mental pressure or physical injury. A rising star is the perfect subject for brands to promote their products, use media channels to raise their rating, and go to public events or award shows. Let’s discuss his other sources of active and passive income.

Endorsement Deals

His primary source of income is playing football, but his major secondary source of money is promoting brands’ products. As mentioned above, he works for companies; basically, he has signed multiple contracts with brands and organizations to advertise them. For example, he works for cold drink company Coca-Cola and the shoe brand Adidas.

Media Appearances

Mr. Preez often joins the panel of experts on sports channels, such as EA Sports, Tens Sports, and other local sports platforms. He also appears on reality shows, like comedy platforms or celebrity shows. All his media appearances help him earn millions of rands yearly.

Other Sources

The above two are the active sources of income; he earns directly through these sources, but there are some indirect or passive sources of his income. For instance, he appears in public events as a chief guest, taking money from his images or video royalties and a heavy amount from social media channels where he is invited as a guest.

A sportsperson’s career life is concise; therefore, he should also focus on building businesses. Mr. Preez knows this fact, so he has invested in multiple companies, such as a clothesline, a local restaurant, and a real estate business. According to a rough estimate, he makes thousands of rand monthly.

Ashley Du Preez’s Assets


Ashley Du Preez, like all celebrities and sports personalities, is a fan of lavish life, which is why he owns multiple properties. There are no specific details related to his properties, but some sources claim he owns a mansion in Johannesburg. His residency has all the basic facilities, such as a gym, sports area, and a large parking lot.

Additionally, the house has an extensive library, a bar, and a swimming pool. The house has more than 16 rooms; each has an attached bathroom and four kitchens. The mansion is full of servants and security guards, as no one can come to his place without permission.

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He has a collection of vehicles, as he likes to drive supercars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles. No details are available about his vehicles, but his servants say he wants to move his latest Volkswagen Polo. However, he has a Golf 8 GTI, Range Rover, and Audi.


Is Du Preez back from injury?

Yes, Ashley Du Preez has returned after recovering from injury.

Which position does Du Preez play?

He plays as a forward footballer.

How fast is Du Preez?

Some claim that he is one of the fastest players in the history of football, as he can run at 144 miles per hour speed.

How old is Ashley Du Preez?

He is only 26 years old.

What is happening with Ashley Du Preez?

He emerged as one of the fastest players on the team in the beginning, but later his injuries prevented him from playing. Currently, he is coming back to the team after recovery.

Ashley Du Preez is an inspirational character for all South African boys who want to play professional football but have no source of help. They can see that Mr. Preez emerged as one of the best players of Kaizer Chiefs based on his talents rather than seeking help from seniors. He faced multiple challenges in the initial stages of his career, but he fought all of them and became a successful athlete.

No one can play like him; his dedication and passion for soccer are endless, and he can sacrifice anything to win a match. His excellent performance and next-level dedication made him famous and paved the way to build an R9.5 million net worth. We should acknowledge his efforts and appreciate his income; anyhow, I hope this information will help you in the future; thank you.

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