Graphic Designer Salary in South Africa

If you are thinking about starting a career as a graphic designer, you must have all the relevant information relating to this field. So, for your benefit, I am about to give you a brief overview of the graphic designer salary, scope, and responsibilities based on my own personal experience.

Occupation:Graphic Designer
Monthly Salary Range:R 31450 – R 53000
Average Monthly Salary:R 42225
Description:Graphic designers are those creative individuals who create visual representations of various ideas and inspirations by hand or with the help of software. They design creative advertisement brochures, pamphlets, magazines, and reports in line with the customer’s demands.
Minimum Qualification:A four-year Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design with NQF Level 8, Bachelor of Arts Honors in Graphic Design or related field with NQF Level 8, or a Postgraduate Diploma in Graphic Design or related field with NQF Level 8.

After you are through this article, you will have a complete picture of all the things that you should be aware of before delving deep. So, I would suggest that you keep reading right to the end!

Overview of the Graphic Designer Salary

The job of a graphic designer is indeed a very interesting one. They are the masterminds of creativity and imagination. They have an exceptional skill of bringing the most dull ideas to life and seem impossibly appealing to the eye.

Besides, this is one of those fields that offer you various entrance paths. In fact, you may also decide which course is most suitable for you and then pursue it.

Other than that, the average pay of a graphic designer is R 42,225 monthly. It means that the room for improvement of salary is quite extensive. You can easily earn higher than average on the basis of your skills and experience.



Graphic designers are paid hefty bonuses depending on how successfully they were able to complete their projects. These bonuses could be annual or on a project-to-project basis.

Responsibilities of Graphic Designers

1. Study Design Briefs in Depth

It is the responsibility of a graphic designer to study the design briefs and try to decipher what the actual requirements of a project are. After that, they use their own creativity to bring the ideas to life.

2. Develop Visuals

Once the graphic designers are through with reading and understanding all the requirements of a project, they develop visuals as per their understanding. These visuals could be on various software or paper.

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After that, they present these visuals to their employers and note down any changes that might be needed. After that, they make all the corrections and repeat the process until they receive final approval.

3. Define Budget Constraints

Once the graphic designers are through with making the project layout, they perform a detailed analysis of the project’s budget constraints. In fact, they cut down on costs and then build up a complete budget for a project after considering all the constraints.

4. Develop an Appropriate Color Scheme for the Project Layout

The graphic designers also develop appropriate color schemes and palettes for the project. In this way, they are able to create a super pleasing and dynamic campaign/project.


Are graphic designers paid well in South Africa?

Yes, graphic designers are paid exceptionally well in South Africa. In fact, you will be paid an average of R 42,225 monthly. So, I guess you can imagine what great potential this field has pertaining to salary benefits.

Who does a graphic designer work with?

Graphic designers work alongside content writers, copywriters, bloggers, and marketing experts. Together, they strive to build the most powerful logos and campaigns that outdo all their previous projects.

The Bottom Line

So, I would say that the graphic designer’s job is one of the coolest jobs. You will literally get paid for using your creativity and making designs and sketches. You get to use your imagination to its fullest potential without the fear of boundaries and restrictions.

Besides that, there are no crazy admission policies or unrealistically high merits when it comes to the qualification and admission criteria of a graphic design course. You will be paid quite well as well!

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