Digital Marketing Salary in South Africa

How much do you expect to earn when pursuing a career in digital marketing? Well, the answer to this question depends on multiple factors that contribute to the difference in salary across South Africa. The financial aspect is one of the factors to consider when planning to become a digital marketer.

Occupation:Digital Marketer
Monthly Salary Range:R 15000 – R 35000
Average Monthly Salary:R 25000
Description:Digital marketers are responsible for promoting products, services, or brands through online platforms. Their main concern is to research to understand the preferences of the audience, industry trends, and competitors to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan that aligns with overall business goals.
Minimum Qualification:When it comes to digital marketing, regardless of your position, you must possess exceptional skills in writing, website maintenance, social media management, and digital analytics. Marketing professionals may hold a degree in marketing or related fields, such as communication, art, or graphic design.

This guide will walk you through the salary structure of digital marketing, explore the factors that determine their salary, as well as their roles and duties in different organizations and marketing agencies. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself regarding the earning potential in the field of digital marketing.

Overview of Digital Marketing Salary

In addition, some employers may require digital marketers to have certifications in tools like Google AdWords or Google Analytics. Therefore, possessing these certifications can increase your chances of success and give you an advantage in the field of digital marketing. When it comes to the financial aspect, the digital marketer receives an average monthly income of approximately R25,000.


Digital marketers receive additional compensation besides the fixed salary. Some digital marketing companies and private sector companies provide bonuses, private healthcare, and additional benefit packages. However, these bonuses depend on the digital marketer’s performance, the sector they are working in, and their experience level.

Salary Structure

The salaries of digital marketers across various regions in South Africa are not the same and tend to vary due to multiple factors, which I discussed above. Therefore, there is no exact figure, but typically, a digital marketer receives a monthly income of about R19,167. Let me list down the salaries of different positions in the field of digital marketing:

Career LevelSalaries
Digital Marketing ManagerR347,636 Per Year
Digital Marketing SpecialistR291,428 Per Year
Marketing CoordinatorR228,639 Per Year
Marketing ManagerR389,368 Per Year
Digital StrategistR307,541 Per Year
Marketing AssistantR126,250 Per Year
Digital Marketing CoordinatorR159,911 Per Year

Cities across South Africa offer different salaries to digital marketers due to the difference in living costs and demands. The following is the list of salaries offered by cities in South Africa:

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Cities in South AfricaSalaries
East Rand, GautengR24,706 Per Month
Sandton GautengR21,379 Per Month
Durban, KwaZulu-NatalR19,222 Per Month
Somerset West, Western CapeR18,637 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR17,960 Per Month
Cape Town, Western CapeR16,017 Per Month
Pretoria, GautengR11,105 Per Month
Midrand, GautengR9,591 Per Month
Northern Suburbs, Western CapeR7,108 Per Month

Responsibilities of Digital Marketers

The role of digital marketers is quite diverse, encompassing a wide range of responsibilities across various online channels. The following are some of the roles typically associated with a digital marketing position:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A digital marketer’s main role is to optimize website content for search engines to improve organic search rankings. This includes keyword research, on-page optimization, and link-building activities.

Social Media and Content Marketing

Digital marketers also manage and execute social media campaigns on different online platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Their main priority is to create engaging content and assist with web visuals.

Moreover, they must also develop content that attracts the attention of the audience. This includes creating blog posts, videos, articles, and other types of content. In addition to the above-mentioned duties, digital marketers also use tools to analyze digital marketing performance, create paid ads, and ensure that the websites are user-friendly and up-to-date.


How much does a digital marketer make in South Africa?

A digital marketer in South Africa makes an average amount of R19,167 per month. Their salary depends on experience level; those with less experience earn an income of R15,000, while those with years of experience command a salary of R35,000 or more.

In conclusion, digital marketing is a very creative and innovative profession responsible for promoting products, services, or brands through various online channels. The average monthly salary of a digital marketer in South Africa is estimated to be R19,167.

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