Teachers Salary in South Africa

People believe South African teachers earn a lot of money, like teachers working in other countries. Let me burst the bubble in today’s article by discussing the salaries of teachers working at different levels in South Africa. It is a highly trusted profession, but more people are leaving rather than joining it in South Africa.

Monthly Salary Range:R 16100 – R 25000
Average Monthly Salary:R 20550
Description:South African teachers are liable to teach the lessons included in their curriculum. Moreover, they must teach skills and assign tasks and homework to students. Teachers are responsible for grooming the students for the upcoming challenges of the future.
Minimum Qualification:It is mandatory to have a degree if you want to become a teacher in South Africa. The first route is to get a BEd degree and apply for a full-time teaching job. All the private and public institutes under the South African Education Department will hire you if you have a degree. Completing the Post Graduate Certificate in Education is the other route to a full-time teaching job. This will help secure a full-time job in any school in South Africa. Having any of these degrees is essential for becoming a teacher.

Dig into the information if you’re curious about teachers’ salaries at different levels. The salary structure, along with the subsidies, are discussed. I am sure the article will better explain the pay scale and allowances.

Overview of Teacher’s Salary in South Africa

South Africa has fewer graduates than other developed countries in the world. They cannot meet the demand of teachers needed in each classroom; most of them are quitting their jobs or leaving the country. There can be many reasons behind it, but it made me curious to know what South African teachers earn monthly.

Teachers’ salaries in South Africa vary depending on their experience and qualifications. Another factor that plays a role in salary is whether the institute is private or public. Let’s discuss South African teachers’ salary structure to understand better what they make in a month.

A South African teacher is paid less than other colleagues worldwide. They are in the top 5% of income distribution in South Africa but still are underpaid. The qualification requirement is the same as in other countries, but the salary is less.

The average salary in the first year of employment is around R 15,000, excluding the subsidies and benefits. They make around R 300,000 annually after having some experience in the field. However, this might look more but isn’t much compared to teachers worldwide.

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Teachers working in South Africa get subsidies and allowances to fulfill their daily needs. All the teachers, including the HODs, get medical and housing subsidies. Moreover, they get benefits like insurance and pension after getting retired.

Experienced teachers get around R 3,700 as a medical subsidy and R 1,998 as a monthly housing subsidy. The amount is less for teachers who have experience but are less than 50 years of age. Lastly, the lower-level teachers get R 1,800 as a medical subsidy and R 750 as a housing subsidy to meet their needs.

Salary Structure

The salary structure varies according to the levels of teachers working in different institutes. A table below overviews what teachers make in a month during various stages. The figures mentioned do not include medical or housing subsidies or benefits.

Level 1 teacherR 12,250
High School TeacherR 25,000
Principals/HODsR 45,000

Responsibilities of a Teacher

As a teacher in South Africa, one must fulfill the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Firstly, teachers have an essential role in student’s life, so they must be good mentors. They should be there for the students during the early years of education.
  • A good teacher must create an environment that helps students learn new things daily. All the students must participate and be encouraged to give input.
  • The teacher is responsible for educating the students with the latest available materials. The courses should be up to date, and new techniques should be introduced.


How much does a high school teacher earn in South Africa?

A high school teacher can earn around R 25,000 in the first year of employment. The amount will vary according to the qualifications, experience, and institute they work at.

Are teachers paid enough in South Africa?

Teachers aren’t paid enough in South Africa as compared to other countries. They aren’t educated and don’t get good salaries. Although they are included in the 5% of the top income in the country, they still get lower salaries.

How much do grade 1 teachers earn in South Africa?

The Grade 1 teachers earn around R 12,000 monthly, excluding the benefits and subsidies. They are usually less experienced and educated than others.

A detailed article discussing the salaries of teachers working in South Africa is given so people can have an idea about their pay. The salary varies according to the teachers’ years of experience and degree. They work at different levels and institutes, which affects their income and bonuses.

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