Fitter and Turner Salary in South Africa

In manufacturing and engineering, fitters and turners are the most skilled professionals responsible for smoother operations by fabricating industrial tools and components. These skilled artisans are the backbone of South African industry as they maintain, repair, and assemble machinery. However, those who are considering this field as a career must understand the financial potential of this field.

Occupation:Fitters and Turners
Monthly Salary Range:R 20000 – R 65710
Average Monthly Salary:R 42855
Description:Fitters and turners are highly skilled professionals responsible for assembling, repairing, and maintaining machinery and precision instruments. Moreover, they play a crucial role in the manufacturing and engineering industries by ensuring the smooth operation of machinery.
Minimum Qualification:To become a Fitter and Turner in South Africa, the minimum requirement is a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade, which is obtained through an apprenticeship.

In South Africa, fitters and turners earn an average gross salary of R25,000 per month, R300,003 per year, and R154 per hour. However, it mainly depends on the experience, skills, and job location, and depending on these factors, you might earn more or less than the average salary. So, let’s dig into the salaries of fitters and turners in South Africa and the factors that influence them.

Overview: Fitters and Turners Salary

A fitter and turner is as important for the dynamic industrial and manufacturing sector of South Africa as an engineer with degrees. These skilled professionals are often underrated, but their job is crucial for the smooth operation of machinery in different industries. Moreover, they are responsible for the intricate tasks of fitting and turning, which include crafting and assembling, repairing, and maintaining components with precision and expertise.

An entry-level fitter and turner earn a basic salary of R20,000 per month, equating to an annual salary of R240,000, which is approximately 19% lower than South Africa’s national average salary. Likewise, the maximum salary of an experienced fitter and turner is R65,710 per month, which totals an annual income of R 788,521. Furthermore, their average base salary is R25,000 per month or R300,003 per year.


On average, the fitters and turners receive an average bonus of R2,791 with an average annual base income of R300,003. Furthermore, the additional benefits, profit sharing, and health bonus depend on your employer or the organization you are working for. So, the exact amount and percentages are unclear.

Salary Structure

The salary of a fitter and turner is not the same across South Africa and varies based on multiple factors. For instance, employees’ experience plays a vital role in drastically influencing their income. Once they gain experience, their skills and knowledge increase significantly.

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A highly experienced fitter and turner makes an impressive amount of around R65,710 per month or R788,521 per year. Conversely, a beginner employee earns only R20,000 per month or R240,000 per year. To explain it in more detail, here is a table that shows the increase in salary with experience.

Years of ExperienceIncrease/ Decrease in Salary
Entry Level-37% less than others
Mid-Career+5% increase in salary
Experienced+21% increase in salary
Late Career+31% increase in salary

Influence of Location on Fitters and Turners’ Salaries

The salary of fitters and turners is subjected to considerable variations depending on where they choose to work. Diverse cities in South Africa offer differing compensation packages for individuals in this profession. To clarify, the following is a rundown of the South African cities that provide the highest pay for fitters and turners.

CityAverage Monthly Salary (R)
Benoni, Gauteng21,723
Johannesburg, Gauteng18,941
Secunda, Mpumalanga18,544
Cape Town, Western Cape16,705
Rustenburg, North West14,831
Witbank, Mpumalanga14,392
Midrand, Gauteng13,041
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape11,575
East London, Eastern Cape9,127

Responsibilities of Fitters and Turners

Fitters and Turners are trained professionals in the field of manufacturing and engineering, with a wide range of responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of machinery and equipment. Their primary role generally involves the setting up of machinery to enable the manufacture of engineering products and the repair or replacement of components. Moreover, they are also in charge of installing and planting machinery and construction work.

One of their responsibilities is to interpret technical drawings and blueprints, which work as essential guides for their work. They use their skills to assemble and disassemble machinery and guarantee that all the components fit perfectly so they function without error. Moreover, they are also trained to operate different machine tools, like lathes, milling machines, and grinders, to shape the components.

What is the hourly wage of fitters and turners in South Africa?

Fitters and turners make a base hourly income of R154 per hour.

In short, fitters and turners are highly skilled professionals for fitting, assembling, grinding, and shaping metal components and fabricating industrial tools. Moreover, they earn an average base salary of R25,000 per month or R300,003 per year. However, this figure varies based on multiple factors like experience, skills, and job location.

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