Electrician Salary in South Africa

If you are thinking about starting a new career and exploring your options, then the following article on the complete overview of Electrician salary will be of immense value to you. I will explain in depth what kind of responsibilities they have, what are the qualification requirements of this career path, and what kind of money you will earn working as an electrician.

Monthly Salary Range:R 23500 – R 52261
Average Monthly Salary:R 37880.5
Description:Electricians are responsible for building, testing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems and components. They work in both residential and industrial areas depending upon their level of expertise and years of experience.
Minimum Qualification:The qualification requirements for electricians in South Africa include passing NQF levels N1, N2, and N3 for Electrical Engineering. Other than that, you also need to obtain a Wireman’s license and get registered with the Department of Labor (DOL).

By the end of the article, you will have enough knowledge to know whether you want to pursue this career at all. For further details, I suggest you keep reading down below.

Overview of Electrician Salary

Being an electrician in South Africa is a highly rewarding career and you will earn a lot of money through this profession as well. You can make an average of ZAR 37,880 per month as an electrician.

However, the qualification requirements of an electrician are very tough since you will have to pass several tests and get into an electrical engineering college. Other than that, you will also have to get yourself registered with the Department of Labor (DOL) and obtain a Wireman’s license from the government.


Sometimes, electricians work on a contract basis or job basis which means that the electrician will be hired for a specific period or a certain job or provision of services. After that period is over or the job is done, the contract will lapse and the electrician will get paid.

Responsibilities of Electricians

1. Diagnosing and Fixing Electrical Errors

The electricians are educated in finding and fixing errors and issues in even the most complex electrical circuits. They are trained and equipped with various tips and tricks in dealing with all different kinds of electrical circuits.

This is the reason why they just use a tester to inspect electrical circuits and within minutes they tell you exactly where the problem lies. And not only that they also know how to fix those bugs to restore the smooth functioning of the circuits.

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2. Develop Electrical Systems

It is also the job of the electricians to develop electrical circuits in such a way that other electricians can understand their functioning. The more experienced and skilled an electrician is, the better he is at making ingenious circuits. It means that today, all the circuits that we see are the fruits of the labor of electricians.

3. Read Blueprints and Schematics

Before an electrical circuit is made, a blueprint or a schematic is designed based on which the circuit is then made. So, it is the job of an electrician to read and understand the blueprint to carry out the exact structural design and instruction in the building up of the circuit.

4. Repairing Wiring Systems

Electricians are also responsible for repairing wiring systems as well. They have a genius for knowing which wire should go where from amongst thousands of wires in gigantic and the most complex electrical circuits. Fixing these wiring issues only comes naturally to them.

5. Install Electrical Equipment

It is also the job of an electrician to install electrical equipment for you when you purchase them from the store. If you didn’t already know, let me tell you that the people who came to your house to set up the television system or the air conditioning that you just brought were all qualified electricians. They know how to safely install and test the equipment.


What is the professional summary of an electrician?

An electrician is responsible for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining complex and technical issues in electrical circuits. They are the experts in all things related to wiring and circuits. Plus, they are also responsible for installing electrical equipment safely and in line with security compliance.

Are electricians paid well in South Africa?

Yes, the electricians are paid very handsomely in South Africa. Their minimum monthly salary is about ZAR 23,500 and the maximum monthly salary is ZAR 52,261. Based on these figures, we can calculate the average salary of an electrician to lie at ZAR 37,880 per month.

What is the salary prospect of an electrician in South Africa?

An electrician is paid well in South Africa. A fresh graduate earns about ZAR 23,500 based on zero experience.

This figure gradually increases as the electrician acquires skills and expertise over time. So, yes, it is safe to say that the salary prospects of an electrician in South Africa are excellent.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that a career as an electrician in South Africa is highly rewarding and hence absolutely worth considering. They can have various income sources including a permanent job with a company, contract-based task, or job-to-job services. Plus, the job description of an electrician is very vast as they tackle various kinds of electrical problems all at once.

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Their job responsibilities include the installation of electrical equipment, repairing wiring systems, and reading blueprints and schematics of complex electrical circuits. Other than that, they are also responsible for developing electrical systems and diagnosing and fixing electrical circuits. Besides, this job pays well too with an average monthly salary of ZAR 37,880.

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