Fashion Designer Salary in South Africa

How much do fashion designers earn in South Africa? Fashion design is a creative profession that involves creating distinctive and attractive clothing, accessories, and footwear. Fashion designers play a crucial role in the fashion industry, turning their innovative ideas into actual clothing and accessories that either follow current trends or create new ones.

Occupation:Fashion Designer
Monthly Salary Range:R 12500 – R 19875
Average Monthly Salary:R 16187.5
Description:Fashion designers are significant members of the fashion industry responsible for creating clothes, footwear, or accessories. They play a crucial role in creating and contributing to the production of shoes and clothes and not only identify trends but also make decisions on prints, fabrics, and more.
Minimum Qualification:To get into a fashion design school, you need a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. This might include a minimum passing grade in specific subjects and proficiency in English. Furthermore, you will also need to submit a letter explaining why you want to enroll and a portfolio displaying your creative work. Even though you don’t have to go to school for it, getting a formal education can give you a greater advantage over others.

When considering a career in fashion design, there are multiple factors to consider, and the financial aspect is one of them. In this guide, I will walk you through the earning potential of fashion design in the job market of South Africa and its huge role in the fashion industry. Therefore, keep reading to gain insight.

Overview of Fashion Designer Salary

Besides the theoretical studies, other requirements for fashion design include internships and required skills, such as drawing or sketching, sewing, sales, and communication. From a financial perspective, fashion designers can expect to earn an average monthly income of R16,188.


Do fashion designers earn bonuses? Yes, they do, but it significantly depends on their company, sales, revenue targets, performance, and profitability.

The average bonuses fashion designer receives range from R1k to R48k. Furthermore, in addition to bonuses, they also receive commissions that can go up to R73,000 or more.

Salary Structure

Fashion designer’s salary depends on various factors that influence their earning potential. Main determinants include factors such as the fashion designer’s experience level, qualifications, the prestige of the brand, and individual performance.

Therefore, the exact figure is hard to determine. Let me list down the average salaries of fashion designers based on their experience level:

Experience LevelSalaries
Starter PositionR150,000 Per Year
MedianR180,000 Per Year
ExpertsR238,000 Per Year

The income of fashion designers also varies across different cities in South Africa, mainly due to the differences in living expenses and demands. The following is the list of cities in South Africa and the corresponding salaries they offer to fashion designers.

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Cities in South AfricaSalaries
Cape Town, Western CapeR16,259 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR14,596 Per Month
Johannesburg North, GautengR14,580 Per Month
Durban, KwaZulu-NatalR10,337 Per Month
Umbilo, KwaZulu-NatalR7,165 Per Month
Pretoria, GautengR7,148 Per Month

Responsibilities of Fashion Designer

Fashion designers play a key role in the fashion industry and have a wide range of responsibilities. Some of the key responsibilities are as follows:

Drawing and Designing

Before creating final products, fashion designers must try to conceptualize ideas into sketches and drawings. They can create these designs both digitally or on paper.

Material and Fabric Selection

Since designers work closely with a variety of fabrics and materials; hence they must select the appropriate material, fabrics, and trims for designs. Fashion designers have to consider different factors like durability, texture, and color.


Fashion designers must collaborate with tailors and other team members throughout the design and production process. They must communicate effectively and guide to ensure the project is carried out smoothly without errors.

Market Research and Quality Control

Fashion designers must do market research to understand consumer behavior and preferences to keep up with the trends. Additionally, they must supervise the quality of the final product to ensure it meets design specifications.


How much are fashion designers paid in South Africa?

Fashion designers receive an average amount of R180,000 per year. The average annual salary for fashion designers in their entry position is R150,000; on the other hand, experts receive an annual salary of R238,000.

In essence, fashion designers are responsible for creating innovative clothes, accessories, and footwear. The average annual salary for a fashion designer in South Africa is approximately R180,000, but it is subject to change in the future.

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