Njabulo Blom Salary per Month and Net Worth in Rands

Njabulo Blom is a soccer player from South Africa who is one of the young, talented footballers. He plays as a central midfielder for Major League Soccer St. Louis City Club. The player is a well-known player who not only plays for St. Louis City Club but also plays for the South African National Team.

The player has left the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club because he felt that he was being paid less than he deserved. He left the club and, moved abroad and joined St. Louis City for the Major League Soccer season.

This club is paying the player one of the most impressive salary offers, which is R 543,000. This figure makes him one of the top earners in the DStv premiership. Let’s start with the article written below that contains the details about the overview of Njabulo Blom’s salary, net worth, income sources, and assets that he owns.

Overview of Njabulo Blom & his Salary

Njabulo Blom Salary
Name:Njabulo Blom
Date of Birth:11/12/1999

Njabulo Blom is a young 24-year-old professional South African footballer who has already moved to the United States of America in the last four months. He left the country and also left his former club because he thought he was getting paid less than he deserved. He joined the St. Louis City Club this year and is playing this season from St. Louis City, USA.

Njabulo plays as a defensive midfielder but is a versatile player who also can efficiently play as a proper back. He is earning a handsome amount of salary from the current club, making around R 543,000 per month. The player has also won several awards and is famous for his exceptional skills in football.

Njabulo started his career when he was only 19 years old, and now, when he is 24 years old, he has a net worth of R 200,000. Let’s now focus on the career of the footballer and look at what awards he has won throughout his career. Later on, we will also focus on assets and other income sources so you can get to know everything about the player in detail from this one page.

Njabulo Blom’s Career as a Footballer


Njabulo Blom is a professional soccer player who started his career in 2019 when he was only 19 years old. He plays as a defensive midfielder and started playing for Kaizer Chief. He played around 13 matches for the Kaizer Chiefs for the 2022-2023 Football season.

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During the same season, he also received a call-up from the South African National Team to join them for the FIFA Windows during September and November. He signed his first contract with the former club Kaizer Chief when he was only 19 years old.

He played for four consecutive seasons and played as a midfielder in the club. He played 94 matches and was a noticeable player who helped the club to reach second place finish in the Premier League for the 2019 to 2020 season for South Africa.

Then Njabulo made his debut at the Youth National Level for under 20 and ended up playing four out of a total of five matches. He was exceptional in his performance during all of these matches. This was the time when he came to the notice of the managers of the senior national team of South Africa.

He got his first call-up on June 10 from the senior national team, and since then, he has played several matches for the South African National Football Team. He recorded his first cap on 6 September 2021 against Ghana for the national team. For now, the player has recently left his former club, Kaizer Chief, and moved abroad.

The reason for his leaving is that he was not satisfied with the salary he was receiving from the Kaizer Chief Club. Njabulo Blom is now in St. Louis City Club and is earning a lucrative salary from his new club.

How Does He Earn? Additional Income Sources

The player is a well-known player who is earning a lot from his game. Because of his exceptional performance, he is among the list of players who made a handsome amount of salary from their game.

He has recently moved to a new club where his salary is quite lucrative. Njabulo Blom has not yet revealed his other income sources, but we have come to know from our resources that the player is interested in signing sponsorship deals and endorsement deals with different brands.

Njabulo Blom Assets

Njabulo, like other football players, has not yet revealed his assets. There might be some cars or homes that the player owns, but he has not yet published them. He is among those players who prefer not to reveal their assets to stay safe from the prying eyes of the general media and general public.

From the pictures that he posts on social media and other online platforms, we have come to know that he lives a lavish life and has a luxurious lifestyle. There are chances that the pictures of the home that the player posts might be his own home, or he might be living in his parent’s house. Well, keep in mind we have no facts and figures about his assets.

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What is the net worth of Njabulo Blom?

The player is a new player who started playing professional football recently in 2019. He is among the most famous and highest-paid footballers, with a net worth of around R 200,000. The player currently is working at a salary of R 543,000 per month.

What was the reason Njabulo Blom left Kaizer Chief?

Njabulo Blom was previously in the Kaizer Chief club. He recently left the club and moved abroad to join the St. Louis City Club in the US of America. The reason the player left his former club is that he was not satisfied with his salary at Kaizer Chief, and that is why he has left the club.

Is there any property in the name of Njabulo Blom?

No, the player has not yet revealed anything about the ownership of any property or any other land peace in South Africa. Maybe he does not own any property, or perhaps he does not want the general public to know about his assets. There could be any possible reason, but the pictures that we receive tell us that the players spend a luxurious life and live in a lavish home.

Njabulo Blom is a well-known footballer who plays as a midfielder. He had previously played for Kaizer Chiefs since he started his career, but now he has left the club because, according to him, the club was not paying him the salary that he truly deserves. He has now moved abroad and is currently in the St. Louis City Club of the United States of America.

This article tells you about the information related to the player and an overview of his salary, net worth, and assets that belong to him. We have tried our best to collect the data from authentic resources so you can have an idea about the biography of this new professional footballer who plays for both the South African National Football Team and his St. Louis City Club, United States of America.

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