Bongani Zungu Salary at Sundowns & Net Worth in Rands

Bongani Zungu has been making waves at national and international football fields; he has played for the South African National Team, Portuguese clubs, Scottish teams, and domestic leagues. He is the most famous soccer player in South Africa, and behind his fame, his performance speaks . During his 11-year career, he has emerged as the most talented, wealthy footballer in Mamelodi Sundowns, which not only made him famous but also expensive to hire; let’s break down the amount he earns and the sources of his income.

Overview of Bongani Zungu & His Salary

Bongani Zungu Salary
Name:Bongani Zungu
Date of Birth:09/10/1992

If there is something that made him famous, then that is the Premier Soccer League. He started his career playing for the club at an early age.

He began playing for Dynamos FC in 2012, and his first appearance impressed higher authorities as well the team observers. That’s why Mamelodi Sundowns signed a deal with Zungu in 2013, and he became the key element for the team; the club could not win matches at that time without his excellent performance.

His journey did not end in South Africa; the twist came in his life when he was invited to the Portuguese league to play for a famous club, Vitoria Setubal, in 2016. Later, he joined the Scottish league for the Rangers club, and during these days, he appeared on the national field of South Africa. His performance made him more and more famous and rich; his gradual progress was completed when he was selected as the most senior Mamelodi Sundowns player a few years back.

Now you can understand why he is crucial for the national team and Mamelodi Sundowns; his speed, strength, and stepover make him unique as compared to the other players. Because of his popularity, brands hire him for endorsement, advertising organizations pay him, and interviews are conducted regarding his success. Although his major source is football, there are some other side sources of his earnings.

Bongani Zungu Career as Footballer

He is a money-making machine; his interviews and endorsements are expensive and pay him back millions of rands. Currently, he is the most expensive footballer of the Mamelodi Sundowns and one of the richest South African sportspersons. Well, his estimated total net worth is R7.6 million, but gathering this much money with a R700,000 per month salary is difficult; however, he has other sources of income, see the list of his side incomes.

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When it comes to the side incomes of Zungu, the first thing that comes to my mind is the endorsements. These are similar to advertisements but not the proper advertisements. In this kind of activity, Zungu endorses a brand or its product directly or indirectly without setting the dialogues.

The major example of endorsements is the featured backgrounds during the interviews or photo sessions. The background is full of logos or names of the products; it indirectly endorses that brand or its product. Another way is to give a prize from a specific brand or use a certain brand product on camera.


The second way to earn money is by giving interviews to media channels and YouTube Channels such as podcasts or talk shows. The interviews may be based on the personal lifestyle of Zungu, his experience, or his biography. The interviews pay him millions of rands depending upon the duration and type of information.

Media Appearances

These kinds of appearances are very expensive, that’s why you have rarely seen him on the media channels. His appearances on EA Sports and Ten Sports for match analysis are very costly. He also charges for appearing as a chief guest on the show or a channel.


There are no exact rates available according to the data, but his fee for advertisement is decided after a long discussion on work and timing. Because he stays busy and advertisements are time-consuming, he does not frequently appear in advertisements. However, he charges money according to the duration and the dialogue.

Long-Term Brand Association

These brand associations are kind of advertisements and endorsements; famous brands like Nike and MTN pay Zungu to promote their brand. These deals are long-term, for example, 5 to 10 years, and the money is received according to the deals: a few million in the beginning, some money per month, and a few million bucks at the end of the deal.


Because sports life is very short, the career of a sportsperson is based on 20 to 25 years; therefore, Zungu has invested in personal business. He owns properties in large areas in South Africa, and he has invested in stocks and launched his clothing brand. Playing football is just one way to earn money, but he also has other ways to gather rands.

Bongani Zungu Assets


Zungu could not afford to purchase a car at the beginning of his career, but after winning the 2012 series, he purchased a luxury vehicle. His favorite brands are Audi and Mercedes-Benz, he owns an Audi A3 Sedan worth R799,900, and a Mercedes-Benz CLA costs R1,199,900. He also has a Range Rover Velar, which costs R2,499,900, and a BMW M4, which is priced at R2,799,900.

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He has a number of houses, but the permanent one is in Sandton, one of the most expensive areas in South Africa. Zungu has a large mansion spread over more than 600 square feet in which he has a swimming pool, a large area for practice, a tennis court, a sports section, a large parking, and an attractive building in which he lives with his family. He has high-proof security, surveillance cameras, and guards.


Is Bongani Zungu a Sundowns player?

Yes, Bongani Zungu is a Sundowns player; he left the club years ago but reunited after arriving in South Africa.

Who is the South African player for the Rangers?

Bongani Zungu is the only one who has played for Scotland Football club Rangers.

What happened to Bongani Zungu?

Unfortunately, his tibia and fibula, the two essential bones, were broken because of trauma during the match. He will be able to play matches after a full recovery.

Which position does Bongani Zungu play?

Bongani Zungu is a midfielder; he is responsible for scoring goals and taking the ball from one end to the second end of the field.

Football is a game where luck does not work, but one has to be efficient and smart to tackle the pressure and play the game mindfully. Bongani Zungu has all these abilities; according to his previous performance data, he scores more during heavy pressure and takes the match from downside to upward. His unrivaled performance made him famous and one of the richest footballers in South Africa.

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