Monnapule Saleng Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Monnapule Saleng is a 25-year-old young footballer who has been playing football since he was very young. He is one of the talented footballers who is known for his brilliant performances, mainly in the championships. Saleng is currently in Orlando Pirates F.C. and also plays as a midfielder and also plays as a midfielder for his South African National Football Team.

Despite the fact that he is a young player, Saleng has managed to gather a net worth of approximately R 10,500,571.40. He is among the list of famous footballers who live a luxurious life and those who have been in the hype since the start of their profession.

Saleng does not share much about him, but if you are curious to know about this young, talented, and outstanding South African footballer, you are here at the right place. Here, I am going to combine all the details about Monnapule Saleng and his salary. So let’s, without wasting any more time, unfold the secrets of Monnapule Saleng and his life.

Overview of Monnapule Saleng & His Salary

Monnapule Saleng Salary
Name:Monnapule Kenneth Saleng
Date of Birth:13/03/1998

Monnapule Saleng is a well-known young football star with a net worth of around R 10,500,571.40. He is among the talented footballers who are getting popular day by day. He was born in South Africa and currently plays for Orlando Pirates with a salary of R 840,000 per year.

Monnapule Saleng is also playing in the South African National football team as a midfielder and has received many awards for his game. It has been assumed that Saleng would soon be the most expensive South African player because of his performance and the skills he has in his game.

Monnapule Saleng’s Career as a Footballer

Monnapule is a well-known footballer who plays as a midfielder for both the South African National Team and the Orlando Pirates. Although the player is playing for Orlando Pirates, it has been rumored that he is getting an offer from Al-NASR with an amount of R 13,267,870 for the first season.

Al-NASR is currently waiting for Monnapule to join them. They have also offered that his annual earnings will rise up to R 37,908,200 if he plays well with them after joining. Let’s look at the in-depth details about his career as a footballer in the description below.


Saleng, since his childhood, was a fan of football. He started his career in 2019 at Orbit College. He followed the footsteps of Arjen Robben and has been a fan of Robben since he was a kid.

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He joined Free States Stars in 2019 and was the top scorer in the 2021 to 2022 National First Division. This was an excellent start for the player for his career.

From the 29 matches he played, he scored a total of 13 goals. And played with the Free States Team for two years. He then joined the South African club and signed a contract with the Orlando Pirates in 2021.

The player, in order to play with Moroka Swallows on loan, moved from the Orlando Pirates, but there he only made two goals that were not really a highlight. After the end of the season with Moroka Swallows, the player returned to his club, Orlando Pirates, and played with them for the 2022 to 2023 season.

In a total of 8 matches, the man scored five goals, making him again one of the favorite footballers in South Africa. From 2022, the player is playing for Orlando Pirates at a salary of R 70,000 per month.

Keep in mind the player is one of the fantastic players who stands at the number one position in the Orlando Pirates footballers list. Let’s look at the awards won by Monnapule Saleng in his career.


While playing with Orlando Pirates, Monnapule Saleng won 2 awards for the seasons 2022 and 2023. He won the MTN Last Man standing award and the DStv premiership players’ Player of the Season award.

How He Earns; Additional Income Sources

The primary income source for Monnapule Saleng is football, but we cannot say that he does not earn from endorsement deals or sponsorships from brands. Although there is no relevant information available about the player, there is a high chance that he is also earning from his sponsorship deals with sports brands like Nike and Adidas.

Monnapule Saleng Assets

Monnapule Saleng leads a very private life. He does not expose his assets. With a net worth of around R 10 million, this footballer is among those athletes who don’t show up much in the media. But what we know is that the player loves cars and has a good collection of them.


Who is Monnapule Saleng?

Monnapule Saleng, a football player, is one of a professional South African football player who plays in both the South African National team and as a winger in the Orlando Pirates club. He has won two awards in his 2022 and 2023 seasons. The player is a well-known player and is just 25 years old and is getting famous because of his skills and professional abilities.

What is the net worth of Monnapule Saleng?

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Monnapule Saleng is one of the young players of football with an estimated net worth of around R 10,500,571.40. He is a 25-year-old player who is playing as a midfielder in the South African National team and is also playing in the Orlando Pirates club.

What are the other sources of income for Monnapule Saleng?

The player is among those players who keep their personal lives private. He has not shown much in the media, nor has he told about his other sources of income. However, it has been assumed that Monnapule Saleng is earning not only from football but also from sponsorship deals and endorsement deals with different brands.

How much does Monnapule Saleng earn?

Monnapule Saleng is one of the best players in South Africa. He earns around R 840,000 as annual income. At the current time, his monthly salary is around R 70,000.

How much is Monnapule Saleng paid?

After Monnapule Saleng finished his previous season, he came back and joined the Orlando Pirates for the season of 2022/23. He played eight matches and scored five goals, taking him back to the limelight. For now, Saleng is still with Orlando Pirates and earns R 70,000 on a monthly basis.

Which team is interested in buying Monnapule Saleng?

Al-NASR is rumored to be interested in Monnapule Saleng. They have offered the talented player around R 13,237,035.00 for the first season. They have also provided the individual that they will increase up to R 37,821,000 annual salary if the player plays well in AL-NASR after joining.

Even though Monnapule Saleng is a fresh footballer, he is among those famous football players who are getting all the attention from the football fans. Monnapule Saleng has managed to gather a net worth of R 10,500,571.40 and is currently playing in the Orlando Pirates Club with a salary of R 70,000 per month. He is among the players in South Africa who live a private life and do not share much with the media.

But still, somehow, we have managed to gather information about him, so if you are interested in knowing about Monnapule Saleng, you are at the right place as we are going to inform you about the overview of Monnapule Saleng and his salary, including his net worth, income sources, and assets. So make sure to read the above-mentioned article as it would be helpful for you to provide you with the information you are looking for about this top player.

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