Mamokgethi Phakeng Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Mamokgethi Phakeng is a renowned South African mathematics professor and researcher affiliated with government-run and private educational institutions. Her academic and career excellence is evident from her holding top seats in these institutions. She has also done philanthropy and donates 10% of her current salary to charity.

Despite this, Phakeng has been a part of scandals regarding abuse of power, mismanagement, and corruption. Given her stature and controversies, Phakeng has been under speculation by the masses. Keep reading if you want to know more about Mamokgethi Phakeng’s salary and net worth.

Overview of Mamokgethi Phakeng & Her Salary

Name:Rosina Mamokgethi Phakeng
Date of Birth:01/11/1966
Profession:Professor of Mathematics Education (former vice chancellor University of Cape Town)

Mamokgethi Phakeng is a famous South African mathematics educator who was vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town. She has held significant positions in the education sector, including executive dean of the University of South Africa UNISA, honorary professor of the University of the Witwatersrand, Trustee of the FirstRand and Telkom SA foundation, and much more.

Currently, she has an estimated net worth of R3,808,560. Most of this amount is accredited to her senior positions in the Education sector and leading government universities. She has also participated in several research and development projects headed by the South African government.

Mamokgethi Phakeng as Professor

It is rare and impressive to earn a massive net worth as a female professor worldwide, let alone in South Africa. However, Mamokgethi Phakeng has managed to build enormous assets for herself. Let us learn how she has generated income up until now.

Senior Positions

Mamokgethi, being the first SA woman to get a PhD in Mathematics, earns most of her income from holding reputable positions in the education sector. Some renowned positions have added to her massive net worth today.

  • Mamokgethi served as principal for research and innovation at the University of South Africa. Her contract was later changed to the position of executive dean at UNISA.
  • One of her most notable appointments was as former vice chancellor at the University of Cape Town.
  • She was a board member at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.
  • Phakeng was a board member of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR.
  • She led the AMESA Association for Mathematics Education of South Africa. Phakeng also became the chairperson of the organization from 2004 to 2006.
  • Phakeng became an executive committee member at the Psychology of Mathematics Education PME.
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Research and Development

Phakeng is a known and highly-rated scientist at the National Research Foundation and has published over 60 research papers. She has also delivered 40 keynotes on international professors and participated in global projects. Not only this, but Mamokgethi has also won several research awards, including the Hon DSc and the Order of the Baobab.

Mamokgethi Phakeng Assets

Though Phakeng has earned a sizeable net worth and has been a part of a few corruption scandals, she has been discreet about her assets. Her social media is pretty active, and she posts a lot, but you will hardly find her talking about her house, cars, etc. Hence, unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide you with any asset details.


What is Mamokgethi Phakeng’s estimated net worth?

The estimated net worth of Mamokgethi Phakeng is R3,808,560.

What qualifications does Professor Phakeng have?

Professor Phakeng from South Africa holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from the University of Witwatersrand. She is the first SA woman to have a PhD in Mathematics.

What was the Professor Phakeng scandal?

In February 2023, Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng was accused of mismanagement allegations and abuse of power at the University of Cape Town. After this, she had to retire early as vice chancellor of UCT.

Who is the new vice chancellor of UCT?

Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe is the current chancellor of UCT.

Who is the husband of Professor Phakeng?

Richard Setati was married to Professor Phakeng up until 2007 for 19 years. Together, they have one son, Tsholofelo.

In conclusion, Mamokgethi Phakeng is a young, talented, and renowned professor based in South Africa. She has a higher net worth as a known personality from the education sector who has served in several senior positions. Aside from her public-sector positions, Phakeng is also a part of worldwide research projects and is currently a high-rated scientist at the National Research Center.

Finally, I hope this guide has been helpful for anyone who wants to get valuable insights into Mamokgethi Phakeng’s salary and net worth.

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