KFC Salary in South Africa

How much do employees at KFC in South Africa get paid? KFC is a widely recognized fast-food chain that specializes in serving fried chicken and other chicken-based products. If you are planning to work in the KFC, it is necessary to understand the financial aspect associated with the job.

Organization Name:KFC Worker
Monthly Salary Range:R3745 – R10079
Average Monthly Salary:R6912
Organization Description:Employees at KFC are involved in numerous roles, including but not limited to cashiers, cooks, and managers. Their responsibilities range from serving food to managing day-to-day operations in the restaurant.
Minimum Qualification:To work at KFC in South Africa, you will need a valid South African ID and must be able to work flexible retail hours, which may include weekends and public holidays. Moreover, you must also possess a minimum educational qualification of Grade 10 (or its equivalent). In addition, KFC retains the right to perform Employee Verification Checks, encompassing, but not confined to, Criminal and Credit Checks.

In this guide, I am going to delve into details about the salaries of employees at KFC and their roles and responsibilities. Therefore, keep reading to enlighten yourself and gain a potential understanding of KFC employee’s salaries in South Africa.

Overview of KFC Salary in South Africa

Furthermore, the average KFC salary in South Africa is approximately R6,912 per month. However, this figure may be subject to change because KFC may periodically review and adjust its compensation policies.

Salary Structure

The salary of KFC employees in South Africa depends on various factors, including positions, experience level, location, qualifications, reviews, and local wage laws. Different roles within KFC, ranging from entry-level positions like team members or cashiers to managerial roles, come with varying salary levels.

Higher-level positions with more responsibility command higher salaries. Furthermore, certain positions may require specific qualifications or certifications. Individuals with additional qualifications or relevant certifications may receive higher compensation.

In addition, KFC workers also receive additional compensation in the form of bonuses or extra pay. The average bonus for KFC workers in South Africa is R15,000 or even lower. However, remember that the bonuses may vary and depend on several factors, such as individual position in the restaurant and franchise policies or company-owned location.

Let me discuss in detail the salaries of varying positions in KFC in South Africa. The list is as follows:

KFC PositionsEstimated Salaries
PackerR4,350 Per Month
Truck LoaderR6,181 Per Month
CashierR3,745 Per Month
CleanerR5,923 Per Month
Restaurant ManagerR10,079 Per Month
General AssistantR6,022 Per Month
Team MemberR3,899 Per Month

Responsibilities of KFC Employees

KFC is one of the popular fast-food restaurants in South Africa that offers chicken-based products. The specific responsibilities of employees at KFC can vary based on their roles and positions within the restaurant. The following are the common responsibilities associated with different positions in Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC):

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Team Members

Team members are usually responsible for taking orders at the counter or through the drive-thru. Their primary responsibility is to engage with customers and ensure a positive experience during their visit. Taking orders, preparing food, serving customers, and maintaining a clean and welcoming environment are key aspects of the daily tasks carried out by KFC team members.

Managing Cash

Cashiers are responsible for handling cash and processing customer transactions. They also provide customers with accurate information about the menu and promotions.

Preparing Food

Staff in the kitchen are tasked with preparing and cooking chicken and other items on the menu. They also have to ensure that the work environment is clean and hygienic and kitchen equipment is sanitized.


Individuals at the managerial level are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the restaurant. They also have to handle customers’ complaints and resolve their concerns. Managers might train new staff and ensure ongoing staff development.


KFC also recruits delivery men to deliver customer orders to designated locations. Delivery men also have to consider the safety and security of the delivery process. Moreover, they must also verify order accuracy before leaving the restaurant.


How much do KFC workers get paid in South Africa?

Individual salaries in KFC depend on their position, qualifications, and experience level. The typical monthly salary at KFC varies, with earnings ranging from R3,745 per month for Cashiers and reaching up to R10,079 per month for Restaurant Managers.

In essence, individuals working in South Africa can earn an average amount of R6,912 per month or more. However, the salaries might vary due to factors such as experience, location, and qualifications.

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