Shoprite Salary in South Africa

How much do I expect to earn if employed in Shoprite? You are in the right place if you are curious about this question. Shoprite is a well-known retail company and one of the country’s largest supermarket chains. It operates in various other foreign countries.

Organization Name:Shoprite
Monthly Salary Range:R2165 – R18724
Average Monthly Salary:R10444.5
Organization Description:Shoprite employees have diverse duties depending on specific positions within the company. Shoprite employees’ responsibilities include processing customer transactions, stocking shelves, overseeing a particular department, managing overall store operations, assisting customers with inquiries, and more.
Minimum Qualification:Shoprite provides diverse employment opportunities in its stores and business operations across South Africa. To work in the Shoprite company, you must possess a valid South African ID to be available to work retail hours, including weekends and public holidays. Moreover, a minimum educational qualification of Grade 10-12 or equivalent is required.

If you wish to become a member of Shoprite Group, it is crucial to gain a basic idea of the employee’s compensation structure to make an informed decision. This guide will discuss Shoprite employees’ salary structure and roles and responsibilities. Hence, continue reading to learn more about the earning potential of employees at Shoprite company in South Africa.

Overview of Shoprite Salary

In addition, keep in mind that Shoprite reserves the right to conduct an Employee Verification Check, which may include credit or criminal checks. If, after sending the application, you do not receive a response within 30 days, consider your application unsuccessful. An employee in Shoprite earns a monthly income of approximately R10,445.

Salary Structure

Multiple positions are available in Shoprite, and salaries vary according to the position. Furthermore, remember you can’t jump straight to the managerial position without the training and experience. With patience and expertise, you can advance to a higher position.

Moreover, Shoprite is committed to investing in your training, contributing to the increase in your knowledge, and boosting your earning potential. Additionally, the salary of Shoprite employees depends on different factors, including skills and experience, credentials, location, job tasks, and performance.

Let me list the incomes of different employees working for Shoprite across various professions. The income is presented in hourly, weekly, and monthly figures for each job category. The list is as follows:

Branch ManagerR18,724R4,681R117
Truck DriverR12,141R30,35R75
Trainee ManagerR7,846R1,961R49
General WorkerR6,474R1,618R40
Truck LoaderR5,863R1,465R36
Money Centre ClerkR3,581R895R22
Grocery AssociateR3,459R864R21
Cashier SalesR2,558R639R15

In addition, note that these figures represent approximate averages. These numbers provide an overview of the income levels for various roles within Shoprite, reflecting the differences in responsibilities and job levels. Since these are approximate values, actual earnings may vary based on factors such as bonuses, overtime, and specific employment terms.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Shoprite Employees

There are multiple positions in Shoprite, each with distinct duties and responsibilities. The responsibilities of employees at Shoprite are discussed below:

Carrying out Transactions

Cahier is mainly responsible for processing customer transactions, handling cash, and offering excellent customer service. In addition, the store clerk is primarily accountable for stocking shelves, organizing merchandise, and helping customers find the right product.


An individual in the manager position is responsible for supervising a specific department, managing inventory, supervising staff, and ensuring the department meets sales targets. Moreover, managers manage overall store operations and ensure that the store meets sales goals and customer service standards.

Assist Customers and Recruit Employees

Specific customer service representatives are tasked with helping customers, solving any of their queries related to products, and providing information about products and services. In addition, human resource representatives are responsible for recruiting new employees and addressing employee-related concerns.


How much is the salary at Shoprite in South Africa?

The salary at Shoprite significantly depends on different factors, such as position, experience level, qualification, job tasks, and performance. The wages for various Shoprite positions range from approximately R2,000 to R14,800 monthly.

In conclusion, Shoprite is one of the largest supermarket chains in South Africa. There are multiple positions at Shoprite, each with distinctive salaries.

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