Public Management Salary in South Africa

Some claim that public management experts have high salaries in government sectors, while others argue that their salaries are insufficient as compared to their efforts. The salaries have increased after the catastrophe of the Covid 19 and the jack-up in inflation. However, the query is still there about how much a public management expert receives per month in South Africa.

Organization Name:Public Management Expert
Monthly Salary Range:R27374 – R624365
Average Monthly Salary:R325869.5
Organization Description:A public management expert offers services for optimizing government agencies’ policies and managing and ensuring the delivery of effective public services.
Minimum Qualification:National senior certificate with bachelor’s or equivalent degree and high grades in English, additional, and the first language.

According to some surveys, the average salary of a public management expert is higher than that of a correctional officer or a middle-rank police officer. Additionally, he also receives extras such as bonuses and allowances at the end of the year. Let’s find out what these extras are and how much a management expert in the public sector earns monthly.

Overview of Public Management Salary

Public management expert is a respectable position in which one offers his services to ensure the operations of public agencies. The experts also develop and implement the plans of government agencies, conduct research, and analyze the given data. He prepares a document and reports to the high authorities related to problems and present policies.

It seems that the public management expert has a pretty tough job, and this raises a query about whether they get what they deserve or not. The entry-level salary of a public management expert is R27,374, whereas the highest salary is R624,365 in the department. The average income of a public management expert is about R325,870, and the median is R59,045.


Public management is one of the most influential and attractive positions in South Africa, as the position holder gets a list of the facilities from the high bodies. According to the records, the public management expert gets life insurance, which means if a positionholder encounters death, his family will receive a sufficient amount per month after he expires. Additionally, he receives medical facilities like the position holder gets expensive treatments such as operations for free.

Furthermore, the public management has a pension plan in which they receive a heavy amount at the end of the job. The pension plan also provides them with other facilities in which yearly bonuses and allowances are included. The public management position holder gets performance bonuses and yearly allowances with accommodations.

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Salary Structure

PositionMonthly Earnings (ZAR)
Project CoordinatorR27,374
Public Policy AnalystR38,364
Human Resource ManagerR35,283
Project ManagerR325,735
Supply Chain ManagerR624,365

The salary varies according to the ranking system in the public management position. There are several ranks and levels based on the hierarchy of the salary structure. The salary is given according to the rank of a manager, for example, the lower rank with less income and the higher one with the extraordinary.

The ranking system may vary from sector to sector, but according to recent data, the majority of the sectors have similar rankings and salaries. City and gender may impact overall salary as women public managers get 15% lower salaries than their male counterparts.

Responsibilities of Public Management

Planning & Development: The first and foremost duty of a public manager is to plan strategies and policies according to the department. Additionally, he is responsible for building or developing after comprehensive research.

Evaluation: He also ensures that the plan is executed in an appropriate way by evaluating the progress. He analyzes the developments and gathers the data to evaluate.

Budget Management: Another thing a public manager should ensure is that the policies, development, and planning all fall within the limited budget given by the government.

What challenges are faced by public administration in South Africa?

There are multiple challenges public administration faces in South Africa, such as lack of capacity, financial crises, and socioeconomic issues.

Is public management a good career in South Africa?

Yes, public management is not only good but one of the best careers as the manager receives a high salary with a list of facilities.

Why is public administration important in South Africa?

It plays a crucial role in planning and development in South Africa. It uses the resources to increase the ease for the public in the given budget by conducting research, analyzing data, and implementing plans.

Public management is one of the most respected positions in South Africa, as the holder gets all the basic facilities and impressive pay. He has authority over hundreds of workers and access to the research tools that no one can get in the country. Anyhow, the job description, salary, extras, and responsibilities of a public manager are mentioned above.

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