Quantity Surveyor Salary in South Africa

If you are thinking about starting a career as a Quantity Surveyor, it is imperative to have a complete overview of Quantity Surveyor salary, roles and responsibilities, and so on. I have had a cast experience in this field and am about to share my own experience with you all.

Organization Name:Quantity Surveyor
Monthly Salary Range:R20000 – R38626
Average Monthly Salary:R29313
Organization Description:Quantity surveyors are managers/consultants who are responsible for managing the overall costs of a huge project. These costs include labor costs, material costs, and overheads.
Minimum Qualification:A three-year degree course in BSc Quantity Surveying.

I would suggest that you read the following complete article so that you can have a complete image of what to expect from this profession. So, with that being said, let’s get down to details, shall we?

Overview of Quantity Surveyor Salary

Becoming a Quantity Surveyor in South Africa is pretty straightforward. You just need to get a BSc in Quantity Surveying which is just a three-year program. After this course, you will be appointed as a Quantity Surveyor manager or a supervisor.

The average salary of a Quantity Surveyor is about R 29,313. It means that there is a great potential to earn much higher in this field. With a starting salary of R 20,000 per month, you can easily work your way up towards more extensive and rewarding salary packages.

Furthermore, the job description of a Quantity Surveyor is also very interesting. In fact, being a Quantity Surveyor you will be responsible for managing the costs of huge projects. You will perform calculations and analysis and advise the board of Directors on how they can cut back on costs and make the project even more profitable.


1. Bonuses

Quantity Surveyors also get hefty bonuses if they are able to help their employers cut back on overall project costs. They are given thresholds by the company and if they are able to achieve their milestones, they receive huge bonuses.

2. Project Base Commission

Quantity Surveyors also get project-based commissions. The higher the cost savings they are able to propose with viable solutions, the higher their commissions, and so on.

Responsibilities of a Quantity Surveyor

1. Estimating Project Costs

It is the utmost responsibility of a quantity surveyor to estimate the overall costs of a project by performing a detailed analysis of every aspect. After that, they write up reports on how to cut back on those costs without compromising quality. In this way, they manage the entire cost flow of the projects and also advise on techniques on how to manage future project costs.

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2. Manage Budgets

Of course, when the quantity surveyors perform their analysis on the prospective costs of the materials, labor, and overheads, they are in a better condition to manage the budgets. Hence, it is the Quantity Surveyor of the company who helps build the project’s budgets by keeping a lot of factors, estimates, and judgments in perspective.

3. Advice on Maintenance Costs

Quantity Surveyors are also responsible for advising on the maintenance cost of completed projects and not just the work-in-progress projects. They keep the maintenance of their completed projects in check and then advise on how to maintain the condition of the site while also spending the least on it.

Are quantity surveyors paid well?

Yes, quantity surveyors are paid exceptionally well in South Africa. You won’t believe the kind of bonuses and commissions that they receive per project.

Is Quantity Surveying a rewarding career?

Yes, quantity surveying is an exceptionally rewarding career in the present times. In fact, the scope of this career is increasing in South Africa day by day. The salary packages are also quite charming.

So, I would say that the quantity surveyors are paid exceptionally well in South Africa. It is a highly rewarding career that will eventually pave a solid foundation for you in the near future. The salary is also quite charming and has a great scope of increase if you keep working on your skills to improve your reputation as the best Quantity Surveyor.

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