Khama Billiat Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Football is one of the most loved games of kids and adults because of young, talented footballers and entertaining matches. Today, we will talk about a football star, Khama Billiat. His talent and skills took him to the peak of success and made him one of the most prominent players in Africa.

In this article, we will look at one of the best Zimbabwean footballers, Khama Billiat’s salary, income sources, assets, and net worth. So, if you are interested in knowing how much Khama Billiat earns and his salary, then keep reading this article.

Overview of Khama Billiat & His Salary

Khama Billiat Salary
Name:Khama Billiat
Date of Birth:19/08/1990

Khama Billiat must have captured your attention with his dazzling dribbling, incredible speed, and goal-scoring abilities if you are a football fan. He is one of my favorite footballers from Africa, and I know many of you must feel the same. This talented football player was born on 19 August 1990.

Khama Billiat is 33 years old and is a midfielder in a South African Club, Kaizer Chiefs. His monthly salary is around R850,000. Moreover, per the latest reports, Khama Billiat’s net worth is approximately R75 million.

I was interested to know the income source of Khama Billiat after finding out that his net worth is over R75 million. Here’s what I found with my research: Khama is an incredible player, but football is not the only income source of Khama. He also makes huge money from sponsorships, brand endorsements, social media posts, performance bonuses, etc.

Khama Billiat’s Career as a Footballer

Khama played for CAPS United FC in 2010, and this was the beginning of his impressive football career. But he only played on the ground for fifteen minutes, got transferred from the Zimbabwean club after three months, and moved to South Africa with his family.

Professional Debut

After a rough start, he got into Ajax Cape Town and made his professional debut. Not many players win their debut matches, but Billiat’s story differs. Moreover, he earned numerous praises from teams like Manchester United, and in a short period of 2 to 3 years, his killing performance and goal-scoring strategies got him into one of the best clubs in SA, Mamelodi Sundowns.

Mamelodi Sundowns

Ajax Cape Town paved the Billiat’s way for more incredible opportunities, and soon, in August 2013, he signed a five-year contract with Mamelodi Sundowns. The first match he played for Sundowns was against Platinum Stars, and he scored his first match-winning goal as a Mamelodi Sundowns team member against Bidvest Wits. Then, in 2016, he helped his team win their first continental title and became the second team to be crowned Champions of Africa.

Kaizer Chiefs

After his contract ended with Mamelodi Sundowns, he joined Kaizer Chiefs on a 3-year contract basis in June 2018. He played his first match for the club on 4 August 2018, and his first match in Kaizer Chiefs was against his former club, Mamelodi Sundowns.

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International Football Career

Billiat is known for his incredible football skills and has represented Zimbabwe on various levels and is now part of the Zimbabwe national team. He entered the Zimbabwe national team in 2012 and played numerous winning matches. Moreover, he played the first Africa Cup of Nations in 2012 and scored his first goal for Zimbabwe in the same year; since then, Billiat has been famous for his midfield attacking skills.

Billiat also played in the African Cup of Nations 2017 and became the captain of Zimbabwe in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. After his last FIFA 2022 World Cup match against Ethiopia, he bid farewell to international football. Here is a table of his earnings from different clubs.

Football ClubKhama Billiat Salary
Ajax Cape TownUnknown
Mamelodi SundownsR160,000
Kaizer ChiefsR850,000

Khama Billiat’s Income Sources

Khama’s net worth is approximately R75 million, and if you think he makes this much money by playing football only, then you are wrong. He has various other income sources that generate an enormous amount and significantly make him a millionaire. These include

  • Brand endorsements are another significant part of his income. He has endorsed many famous brands like Gucci, Addidas, Nike, etc.
  • When he was part of Ajax Cape Town, Khama was also sponsored by Adidas.
  • Moreover, he earns extra money by sponsoring and collaborating with famous brands on his social media account.

Performance Bonuses

Everybody knows how incredible a player Khama Billiat is, and there is no way he won’t receive any performance-based bonuses. Billiat got many performance-based bonuses in his football career, including goal scores, appearance, and team-oriented goal achievement bonuses.

These bonuses are his extra earnings, though he works and plays hard to get them and surely deserves them. Moreover, these incentives and bonuses increase the market value of the player.

Endorsements and Sponsorships

As mentioned earlier, Khama Brilliant earns plenty of money from brand endorsements and sponsorships. Billiat, including Gucci, Addidas, Nike, and more, endorses many reputable sports and luxury brands. It just takes one post from a famous personality, and the brand image is enhanced to many folds; I must say Billiat is cashing his fame the right way.

Image Rights

This might be a new thing for many of our readers, but image rights are a valuable asset that generates a substantial additional amount for athletes and celebrities. In image rights, you have legal ownership of a specific image, voice, etc.; you get paid whenever that image is used in promotions, merchandise, video games, etc. Similarly, Khama Billiat legally owns multiple images and gets paid through it.

Social Media Posts

Khama Billiat’s other source of income is social media posts. He has a huge fan following on social media accounts, and he uses his online presence to generate additional revenue by posting the brands he endorse or collaborate with.

Khama Billiat’s Assets

There is no doubt Khama Billiat is a successful football player, and his net worth is a reflection of his hard work and skills. As per reports, his assets are worth 7 to 8 million Rand. Read ahead if you are interested in finding out his assets.

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Khama Billiat loves cars, and he owns many luxurious cars that are his asset. He also shares pictures of his cars on his social media account. The cars he owns are the following.

BMW 650i

Khama Billiat owns a dazzling BMW worth R 700,000. He had this car in 2013, and the unique thing about his BMW 650i is that the car’s number plate has his nickname, Gaucho, on it. This 400-horsepower beasty car is part of Billiat’s decent garage car collection.

White BMW Hatchback 135i

White BMW Hatchback 135i is another luxury car that Khama Billiat owns, worth R711,000. The attractive design, high-standard engine, sports seat, and other unique features can make anyone get it in one go, but only a few successful individuals like Billiat can afford this luxury car.

Infinity Jeep SUV

Another luxury car Khama Billiat owns is the Infinity Jepp SUV. This SUV has plenty of new latest technology features and is worth around R640,000, which makes it one of the highly worthy cars of Khama Billiat’s car collection.

Range Rover Lumma CR

Another white beauty honoring Khama Billiat’s garage luxury car collection is the Range Rover Lumma CR. He owns the 2019 Range Rover, which is worth R 2.5 million approximately.

Range Rover Lumma CRR 2.5 million
BMW 650iR700,000
White BMW Hatchback 135iR 711 000
Rolls RoyceR250 000
Infinity Jeep SUVR640,000


Khama Billiat owns a beautiful luxurious house in Johannesburg and lives a lavish life in South Africa. However, little is known about his possessions as he keeps most of his things private. He only shared a few pictures of his house on Instagram, so it is hard to tell how much that house costs.


How much does Billiat earn?

Khama Billiat earns R850,000 monthly, and his net worth is about R75 million. Besides his football salary, he makes plenty of money from brand sponsorships, endorsements, image-right deals, and social media posts.

How rich is Khama Billiat?

Khama Billiat is a start footballer with a satisfactory football career and enjoying a lavish life in South Africa. He is the third highest-paid South African footballer and one of the wealthiest players, earning R850,000 monthly.

How much is Billiat earning in the coming PSL season?

Billiat earns around R850,000 by playing as a forward and midfielder in Kaizer Chiefs, but in the upcoming PSL season, his salary will be reduced to 50%, making it approximately R400,000.

Khama Billiat is an incredible football player; he is also one of the highest-paid players in South Africa. His talent and hard work made him a millionaire, and his net worth is R75 million. Apart from his football salary, he makes tremendous money from other income sources like brand endorsements and sponsorships.

In this article, we have discussed everything about Khama Billiat, from his football career to the wealth he has made with his earnings. However, not much is known about his assets as he keeps most of the things private, but we tried to include everything we could for our readers.

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