Traffic Cop Salary in South Africa

Traffic cops, also known as traffic police officers, have a hard job enforcing the law and dealing with traffic blocks, playing a crucial role in maintaining law and order on the roads. After seeing their tough responsibilities, a question arises: how much does the government of South Africa pay them? Well, the statistics tell a different story.

Occupation:Traffic Cop
Monthly Salary Range:R 17500 – R 28500
Average Monthly Salary:R 23000
Description: A traffic cop is one who regulates the law and enforces rules upon people who violate traffic orders and fines the lawbreakers.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification requirement is one should have a 12th-grade certificate with 50% marks in major subjects such as math, English, and additional languages, a vehicle license level B, and no criminal record.

The salary of the traffic cops is based on rank and area; for example, the higher rank has more power with more salary, whereas the lower rank suffers from insufficient amounts. According to a record, the entry-level pay of a traffic cop is lower than that of a medical intern. So, letโ€™s break down the hierarchy of ranks and analyze their salaries in detail.

Overview of Traffic Cop Salary

The traffic cops have one of the hardest jobs, especially those who are on the signals and show a path to the people, solve the traffic issues, and manage the traffic blocks. A person who wants to be appointed as a traffic cop should have at least a Grade 12 certificate with 50% passing marks in the major subjects. Previously, candidates could apply after matriculation, but now the criteria have changed because of increased literacy rates in South Africa.

When it comes to earnings, the lowest salary in the department is R17,500; in contrast, the highest is expected at R28,500. The salaries have increased after the Civil-19 because of a rise in inflation; the average salary is R23,000 according to the area or the city. These cops also receive extras, in which their bonuses and other facilities are included; see below.


Each department offers extras according to its demands; for example, the traffic cops receive roadside assistance from the department. In case one faces any accident or minor incident with the vehicle or motorbike, the department offers to repair the vehicle for free. Furthermore, the department gives them a quota from the fines; for instance, if a constable fines 50 people in a day, he will receive a small amount from all these fines.

Salary Structure

Job TitleSalaries
Administration ClerkR22,000
Traffic Cop DetectiveR28,500
Senior Traffic CopR27,916

Here, you can see the clear difference between the ranks and their salaries; the traffic department is full of people who play various roles. Some are known as constables or the people who arrest lawbreakers; the administration clerk and traffic cop detective work on reporting issues, and STC is the one who controls the lower positions. The salaries may vary from province to province, and cities also impact the salary amount.

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Responsibilities of Traffic Cop

  1. Traffic Law Enforcement: The major responsibility of a traffic cop is to enforce the law on the general public and fine them in case they violate the rules.
  2. Maintain Order: Once the law is enforced, the traffic cop should maintain it by following a pattern of the rules given by the department.
  3. Accident Response: The traffic cop should witness the accident responses and gather evidence to present in court.
  4. Speed Control: The highway traffic cop fines people who violate the speed rules and reduces the chances of road law violations.
  5. Traffic Control: In case the traffic has been blocked, the traffic cop is responsible for opening the traffic jams and creating guidance about alternative roads for the people.


What do you need to become a traffic cop in South Africa?

To be appointed as a traffic cop in SA, one should pass grade 12 with 50% marks in the major courses. The candidate should have no criminal record and a valid vehicle license level B.

What are the different types of traffic police in South Africa?

There are two types of traffic police in South Africa: the provincial cops and the municipal traffic wardens.

What is the role of a traffic officer in South Africa?

The role of a traffic officer in South Africa is to enforce law and order on the road, assist in traffic blocks, and fine or arrest people who violate the traffic rules.

The citizens of South Africa should acknowledge the invulnerable efforts and struggles of the traffic cops who do not care for their safety and guide traffic standing in the middle of the road. The salaries of traffic cops are lower than their responsibilities; they have more burden on their arms and get few bucks as compared to their duties. Anyhow, I have explained the salary of traffic cops, the ranking hierarchy, and their responsibilities; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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