Onelogix Driver Salary in South Africa

Don’t have a degree and are searching for a job that will afford you the necessities of life? Stop worrying because I have got the perfect employment opportunity for you up my sleeve. In the following article, I will give you a comprehensive overview of Onelogix driver salary, educational requirements, job responsibilities, and all the other ways these professionals can earn extra money.

Occupation:Onelogix Driver
Monthly Salary Range:R 14160 – R 20000
Average Monthly Salary:R 17080
Description:An Onelogix driver is supposed to be by the side of the company vehicle under his supervision at all times. He must strictly adhere to the company policies and carry out his driver’s duties vigilantly without getting into any kind of trouble with the client.
Minimum Qualification:The company sets no such educational requirements for its drivers. However, primary education such as matriculation is compulsory, and the applicant must have a driver’s license and excellent driving skills

Onelogix is a niche logistics provider company that has been active for the past thirty years and provides various services, including transportation, warehousing, storage and assembly, and forwarding and clearing. For the transportation part of its business, the company hires competent drivers and doesn’t have stringent educational requirements. Plus, the salary packages are also quite reasonable. For further details, keep on reading down below.

Overview of Onelogix Driver Salary

If you are looking for a satisfactory job in South Africa that will pay for at least the necessities of life, look no further than the Onelogix driving opportunity. The job responsibilities may be stringent sometimes, and you might be away from home for the better part of the day or even for days on end in case of out-of-city assignments, but still, the primary skill required of you would be your driving skills.

The best part is that the company doesn’t have very stringent educational requirements either. I have known people working with this company for years based only on their matriculation certificates. The average monthly pay that an Onelogix driver receives is 17,000 Rands.


Special Assignments

An Onelogix driver earns his basic salary every month, but other than that, he might also get the option of making some extra money in addition to the salary. This opportunity could come in the form of special assignments. Onelogix occasionally gets special assignments; only the best and most skilled drivers are granted those assignments.

You get paid higher and extra for these assignments, especially if they involve out-of-station travel. However, you must improve your driving skills to take advantage of these rare opportunities,

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The Onelogix drivers also get hefty bonuses if they perform exceptionally well during the year. Onelogix has a very elaborate rating system in which every driver receives a customer rating. These ratings are combined at the year’s end, and bonuses are handed out to the best drivers.

Responsibilities of the Onelogix Driver

1. Adhering to the Work Timings

The work of the Onelogix drivers is time-sensitive, so all the drivers are requested to adhere to the timings very strictly. The driver must always be available and present in the vehicle under his custody. The driver must not be late or careless in his responsibilities for a while.

2. Good Driving Skills

The Onelogix drivers must also have exceptional driving skills and a proper driver’s license issued by the state. They must be vigilant and comfortable enough to drive in all seasons and weather conditions.

They must adhere strictly to timings and avoid getting into traffic accidents. In other words, they must be safe and competent drivers.

3. Vehicle Equipment Inspections

The drivers must have at least the basic knowledge of the vehicle granted to them by the company, as well as all its parts. This is imperative because cars can be unpredictable sometimes and run into problems suddenly, even when all pre-travel precautions are taken.

In such desperate times, the driver must have enough knowledge of the vehicle under his supervision to understand and temporarily rectify the situation. He must be competent to start the car and run long enough to reach help.


Does Onelogix pay its drivers an excellent salary?

Yes, the Onelogix company pays its drivers well. It also provides opportunities for its drivers to make some extra money by deploying them on special assignments. On average, they pay out the basic salaries ranging from R 14,000 to R 20,000 per month.

What are the responsibilities of an Onelogix driver?

An Onelogix driver is expected to do a lot of things simultaneously. He is expected to have exceptional driving skills, be capable of strictly adhering to the time, and have at least basic knowledge of the vehicle and all its equipment.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that the Onelogix drivers receive satisfactory pay enough to afford you the necessities of life. Of course, if you want to earn more money than that, you would have to look for other career choices. However, this career is explicitly appealing to those individuals with no significant degrees and who can not afford to get one.

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Such individuals look for jobs with low educational requirements and pay well enough; hence, a perfect opportunity! The basic salary packages for freshers start at R 14,000 and go as high as R 20,000 monthly. Other than that, if you are lucky enough to get assigned to special projects, you will also get extra pay.

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