Operations Manager Salary in South Africa

How much do operation managers earn in South Africa? And what kind of role do they play in the organization? The operation manager is a crucial figure in any organization responsible for coordinating and overseeing the company’s day-to-day workings.

Occupation:Operations Manager
Monthly Salary Range:R 26313 – R 67333.3
Average Monthly Salary:R 46823.15
Description:An Operations Manager is a significant member of an organization tasked with supervising and managing the day-to-day working of the company. Moreover, operations management’s role revolves around designing and overseeing the production of goods and services, ensuring businesses use resources effectively to meet customer needs.
Minimum Qualification:To become an operations manager in South Africa, you must possess relevant professional management qualifications. Operations managers often have an honors or master’s degree in business administration or a related field. Moreover, in sectors like retail or transport, individuals can begin their careers in entry-level positions straight out of college and progress to senior ranks through experience.

You must understand their compensation structure to pursue a career in this field. This guide will walk you through the operation manager’s salary structure and role in the organization. Therefore, please keep reading to gain insight into the responsibility of operation manager in the organization and their salaries.

Overview of Operations Manager Salary

However, when recruiting for top positions, chief executives often prefer candidates with a background in managerial roles. Therefore, having a solid administrative background can boost one’s chances of securing leadership roles. Additionally, if you plan to pursue a career in this field, you can expect to earn an average monthly income of R46,823.15.


In addition to the salary, operations managers receive additional pay, such as cash bonuses, commission tips, and profit sharing. The exact amount is unknown, but operations managers can expect to receive bonuses ranging from as low as R9,000 to as high as R99,000. Ultimately, the rewards and commissions you receive depend on your performance and achieving set targets.

Salary Structure

The salary of an operations manager depends on multiple factors, such as experience level, educational background, qualifications, industry, and geographic location. The following is the list of salaries according to the experience level of operations manager:

Experience LevelSalaries
Entry-LevelR315,750 Per Year
MedianR540,000 Per Year
ProfessionalR808,000 Per Year

An operations manager’s salary might also vary across regions due to the difference in cost of living and market demand for skilled professionals. The following are the salaries of operations managers in South Africa in different cities.

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Regions in South AfricaEstimated Salaries
Bloemfontein, Free StateR37,352 Per Month
Johannesburg, GautengR34,461 Per Month
Durban, KwaZulu-NatalR32,065 Per Month
Midrand, GautengR28,360 Per Month
Cape Town, Western CapeR28,280 Per Month
Centurion, GautengR25,093 Per Month
EdenvaleR23,088 Per Month
BoksburgR22,225 Per Month
Sandton, GautengR21,809 Per Month

While ideally, gender should not influence pay in the current society, the sad reality is that it does. For operations managers in South Africa, there exists an average pay disparity between male and female employees, with men earning approximately 8% more than their female counterparts.

Responsibilities of Operations Manager

Operations managers are critical figures in any organization and assume heavy responsibilities. In addition, operations managers have diverse roles, and the specific responsibilities may vary between companies. However, some of their everyday duties and roles are as follows:

  • The operations manager oversees and evaluates the service delivery system or existing production for efficiency and develops a plan to improve it.
  • Teaching and overseeing new employees also falls under their responsibilities, ensuring staff perform their work diligently.
  • They also handle daily tasks, examine statistics, and write and read reports.
  • The operations manager also plans and checks budgets and keeps track of expenses.


How much is an operations manager paid in South Africa?

The average annual salary of an operations manager in South Africa is approximately R540,000. The pay might vary due to geographic location, individual experience level, qualification, and performance. Moreover, salary might also vary across regions due to the demand for and differences in the cost of living.

In conclusion, an operations manager is an essential figure in every organization responsible for overseeing and managing the day-to-day workings of the organization. Operations managers in South Africa receive an average annual salary of about R540,000.

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