Mechatronics Engineering Salary in South Africa

An average mechatronic engineer in South Africa earns approximately R59,824. Aside from notable salary, the profession offers numerous fringe benefits and financial benefits, not to mention has incredible scope to grow and excel.

Occupation:Mechatronics Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 42232 – R 74950
Average Monthly Salary:R 58591
Description:Mechatronic engineers design and create control systems, innovative technology, robots, and products to make people’s lives convenient.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics or related field

Therefore, more people are interested in entering this field. Are you a fresher planning to start your career as a mechatronic engineer? Here is everything you want to know about the mechatronics engineering salary.

Mechatronics Engineering Salary Overview

An average mechatronic engineer in South Africa earns around R59,824 monthly, making it R345 per hour. This amount counts around R717,897 yearly, excluding bonuses, fringe benefits, and increments. An entry-level engineer with two years of experience earns approximately R42,232, whereas this amount for a senior with eight years of experience is around R74,950 per month.


Given the profession is mostly technical and offered by private companies, mechatronic engineers will typically get yearly bonuses. An average yearly bonus for these professionals is R25,988. Some companies even offer increments based on team-based performance, individual performance, and holidays, depending on the revenue generated by the company each year.

Salary Structure

The field generally has no salary structure, as most positions and ranks are determined by the employee’s performance and skill set. That said, some factors are counted when deciding their monthly, including expertise, city station, and gender. So, let us discuss them in detail.

Type of Position

In the industrial setups, different types of mechatronics engineers work. Hence, their salaries vary depending on the type of skill set and level of difficulty. Here is a breakdown of mechatronics engineers based on their positions in the company.

PositionApproximate Monthly Salary (Rands)
Mechanical mechatronics design engineerR59,824
Robotic engineerR59,000
Automation engineerR50,277
Control system engineerR45,123
Embedded system engineerR63,000
Electromechanical engineerR56,116


Your city station can also be a determining factor for the mechatronics engineer’s salary in South Africa. Let us check out their salary differentials based on the city of allocation.

City of AllocationAverage Yearly Salary (Rands)
Cape TownR517,100
Port ElizabethR551,900


Though it is the 21st century, and there shouldn’t be a pay gap between men and women ideally, there is a prominent difference, unfortunately. According to Salary Expert, women in the field earn 8% less than their male counterparts. Though there are exceptions, the overall case is an 8% salary differential, which is more apparent in some countries.

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Responsibilities of a Mechatronics Engineer

Mechatronics engineers use mechanical, computer, and electronic equipment to improve the quality and production process of goods. Here are a few of the professional responsibilities of a mechatronics engineer.

  • Developing and maintaining existing mechanical and mechatronic systems.
  • Designing automated systems to control the devices.
  • Researching on improving the production process.
  • Documenting the mechanical elements of the products.
  • Finding the weaknesses in the production lines.
  • Understand the problems and develop the right solutions.


What are the requirements to practice as a mechatronic engineer in South Africa?

To become a mechatronic engineer in South Africa, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering or a related field.

How much does an average mechatronic engineer earn in South Africa?

An average mechatronic engineer in South Africa earns around R59,824 monthly.

What is the median salary of a mechatronic engineer in South Africa?

The median salary of a mechatronic engineer in South Africa is anywhere around R59,046 per month.

How much does an entry-level mechatronic engineer earn in South Africa?

An entry-level mechatronic engineer in South Africa earns around R42,232 per month.

What is the highest salary of a mechatronic engineer in South Africa?

The highest salary of a mechatronic engineer in South Africa is approximately R74,950 per month.

Mechatronics engineering is a highly progressing field in terms of financial benefits and scope for improvement. Most private companies across the country hire individuals with competitive salary packages. I hope this guide has been helpful for anyone interested in entering the field.

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