Manqoba Mngqithi Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Manqoba Mngqithi is currently a 52-year-old South African Football coach who is the manager of Sundowns. The player comes in the list of one of the best coaches in South Africa, who has been coaching for more than 15 years now. He is a former school teacher and made his debut as a coach in 2006.

Since then, the player has coached several Premier Soccer Teams in South Africa, including Golden Arrows, Ama-Zulu, and Chippa United. He was previously the co-coach of Mamelodi Sundowns but is now the senior coach and working in this position for a salary of R 750,000 per month. Let’s look at the details of the overview of Manqoba Mngqithi & his salary and focus on his net worth, income sources, assets, and what he has achieved in his coaching career.

Overview of Manqoba Mngqithi and His Salary

Manqoba Mngqithi Salary
Name:Manqoba Brilliant Ferrimant Mngqithi
Date of Birth:25/04/1971
Profession:Football Coach

Manqoba Mngqithi is one of the well-known Football coaches who is earning quite a handsome amount of money from his club, Mamelodi Sundown. He is a 52-year-old South African citizen who was previously a school teacher. The player has managed to gather a net worth of R 24,128,294 in his 15 years of profession as a football coach.

Before getting the position of senior coach, he was previously the co-coach of Mamelodi Sundowns. In October 2022, the player was assigned a new role and is currently working under Rhulani Mokwena, the new head coach of Sundowns.

Manqoba Mngqithi started his career in 2006 when he joined Golden Arrows, making it possible for the team to win against Ajax Cape Town by 6-0. We will now focus on the career of the footballer coach from 2006 until now and will then look at his additional income sources and assets that he owns in the following details. Make sure to pay attention so you can understand everything related to Manqoba Mngqithi.

Manqoba Mngqithi’s Career as Football Coach


Manqoba was previously a school teacher. He began his coaching career in 2006 and made his debut as a coach for the team Golden Arrows. Since then, he has managed various South African Premier Soccer League teams, which is why he is known as one of the most famous and highly regarded football coaches of the times.

In his debut, he made it possible for his team to win a final in the year 2009. The match was against Ajax Cape Town. And the Golden Arrows team won 6-0.

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Manqoba coached the Golden Arrows for about four consecutive years and then left to join Ama Zulu in 2011. He joined Golden Arrows in 2006 and served them until 2010; then, in 2011, he joined Ama Zulu. The coach only managed the team for less than a year and left the club due to some unknown personal reasons.

The facts about the causes why the coach left the club are unknown, so we cannot say what was the actual problem. All we know is that the player left the team within one year of coaching. Manqoba 2013 was soon hired by Chhipa United’s board of directors and, stayed with them for one season, and left in 2013.

He was hired to lead the staff of Chhipa United. After that, in 2014, the player was hired by Mamelodi Sundowns as assistant manager post, serving the club in this post for seven consecutive years.

Mamelodi Sundowns appointed him as the head coach in 2020. But recently, in 2022, the player was shifted to the position of senior coach in the same club with a salary of R 750,000 per month. He is still serving in this position and is earning a handsome amount of money.

How He Earns; Additional Income Sources

Manqoba is one of the well-known Football coaches who was previously a football player and is now serving as a coach for sundowns. He has been in the career for more than 15 years now and is earning a handsome amount of money.

The player has not yet revealed his other income sources, but according to our resources, we have come to know that he has made investments to add to his monthly income. We have no facts related to his additional income sources, but yes, by looking at his net worth, we can say that he must be earning from his side income, which could be investments or sponsorship and endorsement deals that most football players prefer to make.

Manqoba Mngqithi Assets

Like Manqoba’s Mngqithi other aspects, he has not yet revealed his assets. This former footballer, now the coach, has an interest in vehicles, but it has not yet been discussed by the coach about which cars he owns.

And because he is a well-known Football coach in the country, we can say that he must have some top-class cars under his ownership. What we cannot say is which cars he owns because he has not told the media yet, nor has he uploaded any of their pictures.

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Manqoba lives in a luxury house and is among the list of those who are earning an excellent salary and is among the list of top coaches in PSL. We are unable to get information about his house because, just like his assets, cars, and other personal information, he is keeping his house private.

He is a sensible coach who is clearly distinct between private life and professional life. According to him, discussions on his assets are irrelevant as he lives for football and breathes for football, so his whole focus when he is in front of the media is football.

What is the net worth of Manqoba Mngqithi?

Manqoba Mngqithi has managed to earn a net worth of R 24,128,294.40. He was serving as a football coach and was the former football player currently working at a salary rate of R 750,000 per month, giving his services as a coach to Mamelodi Sundowns.

What is the salary of Manqoba Mngqithi in Mamelodi Sundowns right now?

Manqoba Mngqithi has been serving in Mamelodi Sundowns for the last eight years. He was previously serving them as manager, then he was shifted to a coach position, and now he is serving them as senior coach at a monthly salary of R 750,000 per month.

What are the additional income sources of Manqoba Mngqithi?

Manqoba Mngqithi has not yet shared his additional income sources. He is among those players and coaches who prefer to clearly distinguish between private life and personal life in front of the media. Manqoba has never revealed his additional income sources, but our resources say that Manqoba must have some investments from where he earns a handsome amount of money as a side income.

Manqoba Mngqithi is one of the head coaches who has coached several football teams in South Africa. He has been in the field for 15 years and has served several clubs to learn football. Manqoba is a famous Football coach right now serving Mamelodi Sundowns and earning a handsome amount salary of R 750,000 per month.

This above-mentioned article tells you everything about Manqoba Mngqithi, his career, his salary, and his net worth. He has managed to earn more than R 24,128,294 net worth in his football coaching career. Moreover, this coach lives a luxurious life, and he has never revealed his personal assets like cars, houses, property he owns, and income sources.

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