Prison Warden Salary in South Africa

Prison warden is one of the highest-ranking positions in a prison facility. It is a rewarding role for people who want to participate in law and order and are determined to work in the justice system. The average prison warden salary in South Africa is around R14,000 per month.

Occupation:Prison Warden
Monthly Salary Range:R 6850 – R 21800
Average Monthly Salary:R 14325
Description:The prison warden is responsible for managing all corresponding facility operations, including but not limited to inmate and staff schedules.
Minimum Qualification:Grade 10 certificate (NQF Level 10). Senior certificate applicants are given preference.

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Prison Warden Salary Overview

A correctional officer manages the inmate and staff schedule to supervise the facility’s operation. The average correctional officer salary in South Africa is around R14,000 per month and R168,000 per year. The pay bracket for the position ranges from R6,850 to R21,800 per month.

The country’s median salary of prison wardens is R13,000, and anyone earning a higher value is earning more than 50% of the workforce. Going further, 25% of the workforce makes less than R10,700 monthly, whereas the other 75% reaches more.


Prison warden or correctional officer is considered a low-bonus-based job. The statistics suggest that only 29% of the workforce earned one bonus in twelve months, and 71% didn’t receive any. The usual bonus amount ranges from 1 to 4% of their original yearly salary.

Salary Structure

As a position itself, the prison warden does not have a specific top-down hierarchy. A prison warden’s salary is primarily influenced by expertise, prison facility, and gender. Let us see how these factors impact the final monthly salary.

Level of Experience

Like any other profession, the first thing to consider when deciding on a prison warden’s salary is their experience. Naturally, more years of experience gives you a higher salary package and vice versa. Here is a breakdown of the correctional officer’s monthly salaries based on their expertise.

Level of ExperienceAverage Monthly Salary
Less than two yearsR8120
2 to 5 yearsR10,400
5 to 10 yearsR14,400
10 to 15 yearsR17,800
15 to 20 yearsR19,100
More than 20 yearsR20,400


Gender also plays a vital role in deciding the salary of a prison warden, though it should not be an ideal practice. Popular statistics suggest a 7% salary gap between women and men correctional officers in South Africa. Here is how both genders get paid monthly as prison wardens in the country.

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GenderAverage Salary
Male Prison Warden SalaryR14,400
Female Prison Warden SalaryR13,400

City of Allocation

The city you are posted in also greatly matters when deciding your salary as a prison warden. In this case, by far and large, the values closely resemble, as the protocol and setups are primarily similar. Here is a breakdown of the monthly salaries of prison wardens from a few popular cities.

City of Prison FacilityAverage Monthly Salary
Cape TownR15,900
Port ElizabethR13,650

Responsibilities of a Prison Warden

A prison warden or correctional officer manages their correctional facility’s inmates and security staff. Here are a few professional responsibilities of a prison warden.

Supervise Inmates

The foremost responsibility of a prison warden is to supervise inmates. They are responsible for monitoring their location and escorting them between these locations.

Enforce the Laws

Prison wardens must oversee the inmate’s behavior and ensure it is legally binding to the rules and guidelines. They are demanded to prevent issues, administer disciplinary actions, and resolve existing problems between inmates.

Monitor Facilities

Additionally, prison wardens inspect the facilities, especially where prisoners live and interact with each other. They must ensure everyone is safe and that no legal rules and guidelines are violated. Correctional officers also have to maintain sanitary conditions and a secure atmosphere.

Managing File Reports

Correctional officers are also responsible for writing reports on prisoner behavior, criminal records, legal gatherings, probation hearings, etc. These reports are submitted regularly for proper supervision of inmates.

Taking Part in Rehabilitation

A few correctional facilities in the country have educational training camps. In these camps, they must participate in the rehabilitation setup, like counseling inmates, providing special education, organizing courses, etc.


How much does an average prison warden earn in SA?

An average prison warden in South Africa earns approximately R14,000 per month.

Do you need a degree to become a prison warden in SA?

No, there is no need for a formal degree to become a prison warden in South Africa. However, you will need a Grade 10 certificate with NQF Level 10.

How much does a prison warden earn in Cape Town?

A prison warden in Cape Town earns around R15,900 per month.

What is the starting package of a correctional officer in SA?

A beginner correctional officer earns anywhere around R6,850 per month in SA.

The prison warden role might attract you if you are highly motivated to work in the justice system and build the country’s law and order situation. Aside from the passion, it also pays out significantly well. I hope this guide has been helpful for anyone interested in their salary range.

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