Refiloe Jane Salary & Net Worth in Rands

Refiloe Jane is one of the well-known soccer players who is known to be among the most successful and famous people born in the 1990s decade. She is a South African professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for South African women’s national team and Italian Serie A Club US Sassuolo.

She is a 32-year-old woman playing football from a very young age. She has won several trophies and is the captain of Banyana Banyana. With her strong and unparalleled football skills, Refiloe Jane is always the topic of discussion in the media and on the internet.

Here we will look at the in-depth details of Refiloe Jane’s career, professional details, salary, net worth, and income sources. Let’s without wasting any more time start with the guide below.

Overview of Refiloe Jane & Her Salary

Name:Refiloe Fifinho Jane
Date of Birth:

Refiloe Jane is a well-known soccer player who started playing soccer at a very young age. She completed her studies at Vaal University of Technology and is known to be one of the competitive football players who demonstrates her athletic abilities in her matches.

She has played for Mamelodi Sundowns, Canberra United, and Tshwane University of Technology within the Australian Women’s League. She has a net worth of approximately $ 5 million as one of the most popular footballers on social media.

The player not only earned from her main income source which is football but also from other income sources that mainly include social media, sponsorships, and endorsements. She has won several awards throughout her career and has received several honors that ultimately make her one of the most successful players in the country.

We will now focus on the career details including the income sources and assets the player owns in this guide below. Let’s look at the in-depth details of the career of Refiloe Jane and her professional details.

Refiloe Jane’s Career as Footballer

Here is the description of the career of Refiloe Jane from the very start until now so you can have an idea about the player’s career history and for which teams she has played since the start until now. Pay attention so you can have an idea about the career history of Refiloe Jane.

Career History

Refiloe Jane started her career with Mamelodi Sundowns football club. She initiated her club football game by linking with TUT ladies, Colchester United and Mamelodi Sundowns. In the year 2018, she became a member of Canberra United for one season of the Australian Women’s League.

This season for which she became a member of Canberra United was a season of 18-19. She scored only two goals in her 10 games for Canberra United. In the year 2019 in April, Jane left Canberra United in Australia and signed an agreement of 1 year with AC Milan club for unknown fees.

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AC Milan is the team in the Italian Serie A Women’s League. Here at this club Refiloe Jane scored 3 goals and made 45 appearances. She played for AC Milan’s women’s team before she joined Sassuolo.

Sassuolo is another Italian team Refiloe Jane joined in 2022. Since then until now she has been playing for the same team. Let us look at the additional income sources of Refiloe Jane that are responsible for making her so rich among others.

The player has played several games and has already earned 106 caps for South Africa’s senior women’s national team after scoring 12 goals and captaining the team. She also played in the 2014 African Women’s Championship in Namibia and the 2012 London Olympics.

She was also featured in the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2012 African Women’s Championships. She is currently the captain of her country’s women’s national team.

How He Earns; Additional Income Sources

Although we do not have many details about her income sources even after our research, what we have come to know is that the player also earns from other sources apart from her main income source, her career, football. She also earns from sponsorship deals and endorsement deals that she has signed for several brands.

She has signed several endorsement and sponsorship deals with renowned brands including Nike. She will be expressing and representing the Nike brand in both off-the-field and on-the-field situations.

Refiloe Jane’s Assets

Refiloe Jane owns luxury cars and lives in a lavish home. She is among those celebrities who do not prefer sharing their personal life on social media.

This is the reason why we do not have much information about the assets she owns and details of her house. She is one of the superstars of South Africa who is among those personalities who do not want to showcase their possessions in front of the camera or on their social media.

We have never seen her expressing and telling the media about the details of her home, the cars she owns, and other possessions and assets. She is rich and lives in a very luxurious home.


Is Refiloe Jane married?

Yes, Refiloe Jane is married to Christa Flora Kgamfe who is known to be one of the versatile personalities. She is a businesswoman, talent manager, keynote speaker, sports advisor, and Masseur. She is married to Refiloe Jane and they have been together for several years before their marriage on 18th June 2021.

When did Refiloe Jane start her international career?

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Jane started her international career in 2012 when she represented South Africa in the London Olympics. She then also made her debut for South Africa in 2012 while playing for the women’s Africa Cup of Nations. She has made 134 appearances for South Africa and scored 13 goals in total.

Who is Banyana Banyana’s captain?

Refiloe Jane is currently the captain of the Banyana Banyana team. She plays as a midfielder for the team and is known to be one of the very dominant and impressive personalities in football and athletes.

What is the net worth of Banyana Banyana captain Refiloe Jane?

The net worth of Refiloe Jane is approximately R 93,222,000.00. Her net worth shows that the player is one of the richest players in the world of football. She is married to her girlfriend and is known to be among the celebrities who prefer to live a private life.

From where did Refiloe Jane earn this much amount of money at first?

Refiloe Jane has earned R 93,222,000.00 not only because of her main income source but also because of her other income sources like sponsorship deals with Nike and other endorsement deals.

What are the achievements of Refiloe Jane?

Refiloe Jane played for South Africa in 2012, at the Summer Olympics. She led her squad to victory in the COSAFA Cup competition in 2017 and also led the university team to Victory at the University Sport South Africa competitions and 2017 Varsity football. She has also won other awards and honors throughout her career.

How many Instagram followers are there on the Refiloe Jane Instagram profile?

Refiloe Jane has more than 156k Instagram followers until now. She is one of the most talented superstars when it comes to football in South Africa. Moreover, she also has her official account on Twitter where she has more than 74k Twitter followers.

Hopefully, you have gone through this article that tells you about the details of Refiloe Jane’s career and her professional history. The guide also elaborates on the income sources of the player and how much she has managed to earn since the start of her career now.

She has played for several teams and is known to be one of the renowned and famous footballers in South Africa who is also the captain of Banyana Banyana. Make sure to pay attention to the above article so you do not miss anything important and get to know about everything related to Refiloe Jane in the guide above.

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