Mo Salah’s Salary per Week and Net Worth in Rands

All the football fans must have seen Mo Salah’s excellent skills in the matches. He is one of those players who capture the audience’s attention in seconds, and his exceptional football skills are enough to make his fans jump in joy. But some people are interested in Mo Salah for different reasons, including his salary.

Whether you are a Mo Salah fan, a football enthusiast, or exploring Mo Salah’s salary for any reason, this article is for you. Join us on today’s journey, and let’s find out how much Mo Salah earns with his thrilling performances in football matches.

Mo Salah Salary

Name:Mo Salah
Date of Birth:15/06/1992

Mo Salah is a rare star that shines the brightest in football. The way he dodges, goals, and plays is genuinely excellent. A professional and amazingly talented player like him surely deserves to play as a forward for his team.

He plays for Liverpool football club and is a member of Egypt’s national football team. Mo Salah’s salary in the club differs from what he receives as a national football team player. Continue reading to learn about Mo Salah’s salary in detail.

Personal Information About Mo Salah

Not many people know that Mo Salah is not the name of Egypt’s national football team captain. His real name is Mohamed Salah Hamed Mahrous Ghaly. He is commonly known as Mo Salah, but some call him Mohamed Salah.

Mo Salah is 31 years old and celebrates his birthday on June 15 every year. He started playing football at a very young age, and now he is earning quite well, but to know the exact figures, continue reading.

Current Salary of Mo Salah

Mo Salah is a member and captain of Egypt’s national football team. According to the latest news and his current contract, he earns R8,343,774.02 per week by playing for his football club alone. That makes his annual salary from football equal to approximately R431,718,000.00.

Mo Salah Salary Profile

This might be shocking news, but Mo Salah is among the top five highest-paying footballers in recent times. His high pay proves how ridiculously talented he is in football, and his football skills are no joke. He started playing at a very young age, and back in 2013, he stepped into the football world, which changed his life completely.

Here’s Mo Salah’s complete salary profile. This will help you understand how he grew professionally and financially during all these years. Let’s look at the journey and career growth of the Mo Salah.

YearMo Salah Salary (Annual)Team
2016-2017R2,433,627.47AS Roma
2015-2016R1,972,548.34AS Roma

Annual Earning of Mo Salah

Mo Salah’s salary from his football club is enough to make anyone’s jaw drop. He makes millions from his successful football career, but like many famous players, football is not Mo Salah’s sole income source. He earns ten to thirteen million dollars besides his football salary.

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According to Forbes’ 2023 report, Salah’s annual salary is R3,592,993.49. This amount is much more significant than Mo Salah’s salary from football, but where does he get this extra income from? I am sure this question must have crossed your mind, so read ahead to learn what Mo Salah’s additional income sources are.

Additional Income Sources of Mo Salah

You’re mistaken if you think Mo Salah’s salary is the only way he adds a staggering amount to his yearly net worth. He earns millions of rands from multiple other sources. Here are a few details on Mo Salah’s additional income sources.

Brand Endorsements

Brands never hesitate to cash the popularity of a celebrity and a famous personality. The same is the case with Mo Salah. He is a favorite of many sports brands because he can increase overall sales many folds in just one post.

Mo Salah has a fantastic personality and a crazy fan following in the digital world, which helps him earn a significant amount through endorsing various brands. Although not much is known about all the brands he supports, he is mainly seen endorsing famous brands such as Adidas, Vodafone, Falken Tires, Uber, etc.


Who doesn’t know about Adidas? Our favorite, Mo Salah, is one of the biggest brand ambassadors of Adidas and has brought immense popularity to the recent product range. He has been associated with the brand for quite a long time now, and according to some news, he takes $31 million every year from Adidas.


Pepsi is one of those brands with whom Salah stayed the longest. He has been associated with Pepsi since 2016, and due to his career’s immense popularity and success, Pepsi has never let Salah go.


Mo Salah’s brand endorsement is not limited to sports brands and beverages. He is well-known in the telecom industry, too. He became Vodafone’s brand ambassador in 2018.


Surprisingly, Mo Salah also endorses a multinational transportation service, Uber. He signed the contract in 2018 and marketed the Uber campaigns domestically.


Brand endorsements of Mo Salah are surprising for everyone. He is also a brand ambassador for Chinese tech company Oppo.

He got associated with the company in 2020 by signing a contract. According to some news, the company is also interested in releasing Salah-themed smartphones.


Last but not least, DHL. Salah became the brand ambassador of the world’s leading logistics company in May 2018 and earned a handsome amount.


We all know why he is the biggest Addidas brand ambassador, right? He has been seen many times wearing Adidas shoes and has done a few commercials to promote the brand. Besides Adidas, he appeared in an ad for Exxon Mobil, an oil and gas corporation, in May 2020.

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He also gets attractive sponsorship deals because he has a big fan following on social media platforms. These deals play a massive role in helping him smoothen and heighten his finances; maybe that’s why he has millions in his bank account. He does not get involved with many sponsorships but gets plenty from the image rights from Falken Tires, Vodafone, and Uber.

Business Investments

Like all other players of modern times, Salah’s talent and skills are not confined to playing ground only. His journey in the business world is quite impressive. Although it’s not been long since he entered the business world, his entry is unique.

According to reports, he successfully launched two of his own real estate companies, MOS Real Estate and Trinity Kensington, in 2021. Besides these, he invested $25 million in a company and has $11 million in assets in his firm, Salah UK Commercial.


How much is Salah paid per week in 2023?

According to some news and reports, Mo Salah will receive R8,357,348.61 weekly in 2023.

How much will Mo Salah earn in Saudi?

The chances of Mo Salah earning a significant amount in Saudi Arabia are high; reports are he would potentially get $16 million in a year.

Who is the highest-paid player in Liverpool 2023?

Mo Salah is the highest-paid player in Liverpool. He is also on the list of the top five highest-paid players in the world.

Does Salah donate money?

Despite earning millions yearly, Salah never hesitated to donate his money to a good cause and do charity work. Recently, he presented a significant amount to help people in Gaza.

Did Liverpool sell Salah?

Salah is like a treasure for Liverpool, and never let go of this fantastic talent from the club. However, as the contract ends and the player’s market value increases, it’s hard to tell whether the player and football club remain together. Saudi club is quite interested in Mo Salah and is trying its best to offer the best deal to get the dream player in the club.


Undoubtedly, Mo Salah is an exceptional football player who rules football fans’ hearts with his dazzling football skills. His talent and skills made him successful and the highest-paying football player in his football club, Liverpool. Salah is earning millions, and all this money comes from his football matches, brand endorsements, sponsorships, and business investments.

Forbes released a report in 2023 revealing Mo Salah’s salary. According to this report, his annual earnings are R1,003,580,970.00, and R433,723,710.00 comes from football. All the additional income comes from other sources he got into with his successful football career.

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