Audiologist Salary in South Africa

Audiologists are healthcare professionals responsible for performing hearing evaluations and diagnosing problems related to the human ear and hearing system. They prescribe hearing equipment and other devices, make recommendations, and prescribe medication to their patients to treat ear-related issues.

Monthly Salary Range:R 30600 – R 92541
Average Monthly Salary:R 61570.5
Description:Audiologists deal with hearing problems and ear-related issues of the human being.
Minimum Qualification:A certificate or diploma from a post-secondary program or a bachelor’s degree,

There is excellent scope for an audiologist in South Africa, and when we look at the average audiologist’s salary for 2024, we know that it is somewhere around R 721,00 per year. It is moderate and has been estimated after observing several audiologists’ wages. Let’s look at the overview of the audiologist’s salary in South Africa, how much they earn, what bonuses and extra income they can make, and what professional responsibilities they must have to fulfill.

Overview of the Audiologist Salary

Audiologists are the professionals that deal with hearing issues. In South Africa, an audiologist’s average income is around R 721,600 per year, which is R 60,133 per month. Remember that audiologists can earn more or less depending on their professional experience, qualifications, and the area they are working in.

Moreover, with our research, we have learned that the median salary for an audiologist is R 707,600, the middle value in the distribution of wages. This means 50% of the audiologists earn more than R 707,600 per year, and the other 50 % earn less than R 707,600. Let’s look at the salary structure of an audiologist working in South Africa based on the city he lives in, gender, and professional experience.

Salary Structure

Salary Variation Based on Experience

With 0 to 2 years of experience, an audiologist working in South Africa can earn approximately R 414,000 per year. Then, there is an audiologist with 2 to 5 years of experience; he can get an average salary of R 539,800 per year. Then we have the audiologists who have 10 to 15 years of experience.

The audiologist with 10 to 15 years of experience can earn an average of R 754900 annually. And lastly, we have professional audiologists with more than 15 years of experience who can make approximately R 986,700 annually.

Salary Variation Based on Cities

CityAverage Salary
Cape TownR 790,600
DurbanR 718,000
PretoriaR 670,600
BloemfonteinR 663,100
Port ElizabethR 638,700

Responsibilities of the Audiologist

Audiologists are responsible for identifying, testing, and diagnosing the problem related to human hearing. They manage the disorders of balance and tinnitus in humans. Audiologists also counsel patients about their ear-related issues and what possible options they have related to treatment and management.

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Moreover, audiologists are also responsible for supervising and conducting hearing screening programs to check whether there are any uncommon situations. They also evaluate and prevent children’s and adults’ disorders related to central auditory processing.


Which city in South Africa pays the most to audiologists?

An audiologist who lives in Cape Town can earn the highest yearly wage compared to others living in other cities in South Africa. An audiologist working in Cape Town can make approximately R 790600 per year, which is much more than audiologists working in Pretoria, Durban, and Port Elizabeth.

How much do audiologists make in South Africa?

Audiologists make approximately R 721,600 annually, which is R 60,133 per month. Audiologists are responsible for diagnosing, checking, and managing the problems and disorders related to the human ear and hearing issues. In South Africa, an audiologist can get jobs in government sectors, private sectors, and research institutes.

Who is an audiologist?

Audiologists are responsible for dealing with hearing issues and ear impairments. Audiologists not only diagnose and check children’s and adults’ disorders related to hearing and ear systems but also prescribe medication and hearing equipment so they can live their everyday lives.

What is the average yearly salary of audiologists in Cape Town, South Africa?

If we talk about Cape Town, South Africa, we know that the average salary of an audiologist in South Africa, Cape Town is around R 790,600. Keep in mind there is a notable variation in the wages of audiologists based on their gender education professional experience.

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