Doctors Salary in South Africa

The salary of the medical doctor is a subject of debate in South Africa; some get high while others receive low income. Furthermore, the salary varies according to the doctor; for example, if you are in the private sector, the chances are high that you receive more than the government hospitals. The salary structure is designed according to the ranking and scaling of the medical doctor.

Occupation:Medical Doctor
Monthly Salary Range:R 28125 – R 187086
Average Monthly Salary:R 107605.5
Description:A medical doctor provides health care services with the help of applied knowledge of medical treatment according to the symptoms of the patient.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 6 years graduation program to learn body anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and clinical medicine science.

According to a census, the medical doctors’ salary is one of the highest in South Africa because of the difficulties and toughness of duty. Well, it raises a question: what is the maximum and minimum salary a professional medical doctor receives at the entry-level and near retirement? Come with me to understand the salary structure, their experience, and responsibilities according to their scales.

Overview of Doctor’s Salary in South Africa

The medical doctor is a profession in which one is required to refresh his knowledge throughout his lifetime because after becoming a medical doctor, he should know the current research trends, upcoming medicines, and new research related to medical science. It is the only job that can make you a rich person; the starting salary is R28,125 per month, and the highest pay one can receive is R187,086 per month. Now, you can see how much a medical doctor makes more than a high-scale police officer, an architect, an engineer, or a software expert.

If we estimate the average income, it is R107,605 according to the records available on the medical doctor’s salaries in South Africa. The median income is R85,001, which means half the population is earning less than this figure, and half of medical doctors are above this income. But the salary is not everything, they also receive allowances and bonuses, see this.


Medicine is a very difficult field in which one has to work more than 8 hours. The surgeons work extra hours, and sometimes they operate more than 12 hours standing on the floor and dealing with the body of the patient. However, they receive extras according to their jobs.

  1. Performance: The bonuses are given by the government or controlling body according to the performance of the medical doctor. These bones are often added to the annual income of the professional.
  2. Medical Aid: Medical doctors can also suffer from physical conditions. Therefore, the controlling body offers them high-quality and expensive health care at substantial cost.
  3. Allowances: According to the government policy, the medical doctor receives multiple allowances in which they can get house, travel, and car allowances.
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Salary Structure

ExperiencePer Month Pay for MalePer Month Pay for Female
Entry-level (0-3 years)R28,125R23,906
Mid-level (4-10 years)R52, 500R44,625
Experienced (10+ years)R187,086R160,023

In this table, you can see that there is a clear difference between male and female medical doctors. The male doctors’ salaries are higher than those of female medical professionals. According to the policies of the controlling body, the female salary is 15% lower than the male salaries.

An interesting fact is that the salary may vary in which sector and the city where a medical doctor works. The salary also varies according to the specialization, but there are no exact numbers; for example, in some sectors, nephrologists are highly paid, while skin specialists are less paid in other areas. Anyhow, the city can determine the salary; if you are practicing in a bigger city like Cape Town or Johannesburg, the salaries are high, but for small areas such as Saint Lucia or Dullstroom, the salaries might be low.

The hierarchy of the structure depends upon the difficulty of the field. The structure provided below is the high to low-paying medical professions. The above one has the highest salary, and the below one has the lowest pay.

  1. Chief of Surgery
  2. Neurologist
  3. Orthopedic Surgeon
  4. Transplant Surgeon
  5. Plastic Surgeon
  6. Pediatric Surgeon
  7. Anesthesiologist
  8. Cardiologist
  9. Trauma Surgeon
  10. Dermatologist
  11. Nephrologist

Responsibilities of Medical Doctors

Responsibilities vary according to the specialization and job of the medical doctor. For example, the first responsibility of a doctor is to diagnose the problem and inform the patient, but the rule does not apply in all medical professions. For example, psychiatrists do not inform the disorder; instead, they provide medicine; anyhow, here are the responsibilities of a medical doctor.

  1. Diagnosis: The first step is to understand the problem’s complexity according to the weather and current situation of the area. The chances are high that your patient is suffering from weather changes instead of lung infections.
  2. Treatment: Then, one should figure out the best treatment for the patient. Doctors cannot give high or low doses mindlessly but focus on the patient’s age, health, and energy factors. For example, newborn babies cannot take medicine; therefore, treat them according to their requirements instead of giving high doses.
  3. Educating The Patient: After figuring out what is the diagnosis and treatment, educate the patient on how to take medicines, what are the side effects of the medicine and when the patient should stop taking medicine.
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Can international doctors work in South Africa?

To apply for a medical doctor position, one should verify his documents from SAQA and then get a FWMP from the government. Once you have the work permit documents, apply for HPCSA; if it is confirmed, then you can practice.

How many years does it take to become a doctor in South Africa?

It takes 6 to 7 years to become a medical doctor in South Africa.

The medical profession is one of the most difficult; the student should have high marks to get admission and then pass the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. To apply for the job, one should pass an exam; if he is successful, he can apply for a medical position. The entry-level salaries are low, but with the passage of time, the pay increases.

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