Sound Engineering Salary in South Africa

Becoming a sound engineer may seem exciting, but have you wondered about their monthly income? Sound engineers have a fascinating job that includes a lot of technical work. They must deal with equipment, good quality, volume levels, and music libraries.

Occupation:Sound Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 14800 – R 48000
Average Monthly Salary:R 31400
Description:Sound or audio engineers edit, mix, and set up sound equipment. They ensure resolving issues on the field and testing equipment. They also maintain the audio effects and sound libraries.
Minimum Qualification:A professional sound engineer should have a degree in audio engineering, music production, or sound design. He should get any of these degrees and have hands-on experience to gain practical knowledge. This field requires a lot of creativity and technical capabilities.

A common question that comes to mind is whether they get paid according to their responsibilities. The answer to this question can be given after reviewing the information below. Dive in without wasting any more time.

Overview of Sound Engineer Salary

The sound engineers help produce or record performances and adjust sound sources. They have audio effects that improve the sound and quality. Sound or audio engineers are experts in the technical and mechanical aspects of sounds and mixing.

Like any other country, South Africa has an increased demand for sound engineers because of advanced audio and video projects. Most people are of the view that sound engineers do not earn well. The information below helps answer this question and end confusion related to the sound engineer’s salary.

Salary Structure

The salary structure for sound engineers is given to South Africans. This is a rough estimate of their annual income in the country.

Experience in the FieldAnnual Salary in ZAR
0 to 2 yearsR 133,157
2 to 5 yearsR 279,000
5 years or moreR 584,000

Responsibilities of a Sound Engineer

The roles and responsibilities of an audio engineer are given below for a better understanding.

  • Audio engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining the sound libraries and looking after the equipment.
  • They set up the instruments and record at live events. Moreover, they operate the recording equipment.
  • Sound engineers resolve all the issues related to the sound, editing, and volume levels.
  • They produce, record, and set up equipment as needed.


What does a sound engineer earn in South Africa?

On average, a sound engineer earns around R 248 per hour. He can make around R 368,742 annually in South Africa.

Does sound engineering pay well?

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Sound engineers earn a decent amount every month, depending on their field experience and knowledge. They can make millions in a year if they know how to set up the equipment, record, and deal with audio-related problems.

Which university offers sound engineering in South Africa?

The SAE Institute South Africa offers a sound engineering degree for students pursuing this field.

An informative article on sound engineers’ salaries is given to end the confusion. Sound engineers have technical jobs requiring a lot of experience. They earn a lot but deserve a lot more because of their difficulties.

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