Industrial Engineering Salary in South Africa

Industrial engineering is one of the great fields of engineering in which engineers minimize the waste of money, time, material, and energy by organizing and streamlining processes, procedures, and manufacturing methods. The production is optimized in industrial engineering, and manufacturing processes are streamlined and organized.

Occupation:Industrial Engineer
Monthly Salary Range:R 13133 – R 44883
Average Monthly Salary:R 29008
Description:Industrial engineers design, develop, analyze, organize, and systematically apply procedures to streamline manufacturing processes.
Minimum Qualification:Bachelor’s degree

The field is highly versatile and involves designing, development, analysis, observation, and systematic application of the developed procedures. If you are interested in the field and are looking for an overview of industrial engineering in South Africa, you are at the right place. Here we are going to conclude: the information related to Industrial Engineers, how much they earn, and what are their professional responsibilities.

Overview of Industrial Engineer Salary

Industrial Engineers are one of the essential parts of an organization. They are responsible for streamlining the complex procedures. The average salary of an industrial engineer who is working in South Africa is approximately R 340,400 per year.

It is when converted into a monthly salary of approximately R 28,366 per month. The median value, which is the middle value of the salaries of Industrial Engineers in South Africa, is R 367,900 per year, which means 50% of the Industrial Engineers earn more than this, and 50 % of the Industrial Engineers earn less than this.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the salaries vary based on variable factors such as location, gender, skills, and experience. Let’s now look at the increment in the salary bonuses, extra payments, and incentives an Industrial Engineer gets in their Job.


Those Industrial Engineers who are working in the field of Industrial Engineering get an average income of approximately 11 % after every 18 months of service. Moreover, Industrial Engineering is a moderate bonus-based job.

Research says that 58 % of the employees have received at least one bonus in the last 12 years, and 42 % of the employees said that they had not received any bonus in the previous 12 months. Let us now focus on the variability in the salary of Industrial Engineers based on gender, education, and professional experience.

Salary Structure

Here is the description of a salary structure that tells you how the salary of an Industrial engineer varies based on different factors. We will first look at the variability in salaries based on professional experience. Then, we will look at the salary structure of Industrial Engineers based on gender and education.

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Salary Structure According to Professional Experience

Those with more professional experience earn more as compared to newbies or those who are at the very start of their careers. The same is the case with Industrial Engineers.

  • Those Industrial Engineers who have less than two years of experience earn approximately R 175,900.
  • Whereas those who have professional experience within 2 to 5 years earn 34% more than those with up to 2 years of experience. They earn R 239,000 per year.
  • Moreover, then comes the professional Industrial Engineers. Those who have professional experience of 10 to 15 years earn approximately R 428,400 per month.
  • Then comes skilled professionals with more than 15 years of experience; they earn approximately R 464,900, which becomes around 9 % more than those who have less than 15 years of experience.
  • Lastly, we have those Industrial Engineers who have more than 20 years of experience and can earn approximately R 504,400 per year.

Salary Structure According to Gender

Salaries of Industrial Engineers also vary based on the gender of the employees. Although gender should not depict the salary, it still does. Males earn more than female Industrial Engineers.

  • Male Industrial Engineers earn approximately R 359,900 per year, whereas female Industrial Engineers earn R 320,500 per year.

Salary Structure According to Education

Industrial Engineers with bachelor’s degrees earn approximately R 207,800 per year. Whereas the master’s degree holders who are Industrial Engineers in South Africa working there as an employee earn approximately R 398,300 per year. Keep in mind these are the average salaries, and they vary based on different factors.

Responsibilities of “Industrial Engineer”

  • Industrial Engineers are responsible for enforcing quality control to minimize waste and improve the efficiency of production procedures.
  • Industrial Engineers are responsible for reviewing production schedules, processes, and production specifications to make sure it ends up being the best.
  • They are also responsible for developing improvements in the procedures and processes by analyzing data and developing communication and implementation process improvement technologies.
  • They are also responsible for the implementation of improvements in the production process.
  • Industrial Engineers calculate and maintain production cost and production capacity for better production products.


Is there any difference in the salaries of Industrial Engineers based on their degrees?

The salaries of Industrial Engineers vary based on the degrees they have in their education. Those Industrial Engineers who have a bachelor’s degree earn an average of R 207,800 per year. At the same time, those who have a Masters degree earn an average of R 398,300 per year.

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What is the average salary an Industrial Engineer earns in South Africa?

The average salary an Industrial Engineer earns in South Africa is approximately R 340,400 per year, which becomes R 28,366 per month. The minimum salary of an Industrial Engineer is around R 13,133 per month, whereas the maximum monthly salary is approximately R 44,883 per month.

What is the salary increment of an Industrial Engineer working in South Africa?

An Industrial Engineer who is working in South Africa gets an annual pay of approximately 11 % after every 18 months of service. This is the average pay increment for Industrial Engineers in South Africa.

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