TAKEALOT Driver Salary in South Africa

The economic condition of South Africa has compelled many people to look for alternate salary incomes like TAKEALOT delivery drivers. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, TAKEALOT has been actively hiring delivery drivers, and 50% of them feel satisfied with how they are paid. If you are interested in getting to know more about TAKEALOT driver salary, give this guide a quick read.

Occupation:TAKEALOT Driver
Monthly Salary Range:R 1100 – R 15000
Average Monthly Salary:R 8050
Description:A TAKEALOT driver based in South Africa is required to deliver the products and goods from the company to the clients.
Minimum Qualification:Though you are not formally required to pass any academic qualification to become a driving partner for TAKEALOT, it

TAKEALOT Driver Salary Overview

According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of TAKEALOT drivers is anywhere around R5,908, which makes it around R56 on an hourly basis. On average, an entry-level driver-partner to the company earns R1,100, whereas an experienced one would make around R72,126 on a monthly basis. As per surveys from the registered staff, the salary satisfaction in the job is around 50%.

If we break it down further on a yearly basis, the lowest and highest salary of a TAKEALOT driver is approximately R623,661 and R812,361 per year, respectively. Do consider that this value is not legally mandated and can be increased based on your expertise and services. The company also offers several fringe benefits to the employees, along with yearly or monthly incentives to improve job satisfaction.


In addition to the monthly salary, the company has a culture of tipping and providing its employees with incentives and bonuses. This helps a lot in them enjoying the job and maintaining the service quality. Here is everything you need to know about the extra earnings and bonuses provided to TAKEALOT drivers in South Africa.

  • Around 85% of the workforce of TAKEALOT enjoys increments and bonuses each year. These bonuses are around 3 to 5% of their original salary.
  • The distribution of bonuses is dependent on the profits made by the respective branch and the number of employees working in that branch. Employees also enjoy holiday bonuses and goal-based bonuses from time to time.
  • However, there are no fringe benefits for the delivery drivers working with TAKEALOT. They are not provided health allowance, medical insurance, or travel costs.

Salary Structure

There is a distinct hierarchy of TAKELOT drivers in South Africa, and it is purely decided by the branch you are working in. At TAKELOT, there are different categories of drivers, each having a certain average earnings on a monthly basis. Here is a breakdown of the average salaries of TAKEALOT drivers based in South Africa.

  • A delivery driver-partner to TAKEALOT has an average salary of around R7,837 on a monthly basis.
  • Some drivers working with the company have independent contracts. Traditionally, they earn between R6,731 and R77,500 on a monthly basis.
  • A temporary driver partner of TAKEALOT earns anywhere around R5,908 each month, aside from bonuses and incentives.
  • Some other positions at TAKEALOT include customer service representatives, shop assistants, and delivery personnel, each having a similar pay bracket.
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Responsibilities of a TAKEALOT Driver

A delivery driver at TAKEALOT is primarily responsible for delivering goods and products to clients while meeting safety standards. Their main job is to ensure the company’s standards and guidelines while making deliveries. Here are some professional duties and tasks of TAKEALOT drivers based in South Africa.

  • Delivering products and goods to clients.
  • Interacting and communicating with customers.
  • Communicating with other staff members to monitor and track deliveries.
  • Following traffic rules and laws of the country.
  • Following safety protocols while making the delivery.

What is the median salary of a TAKEALOT driver in South Africa?

On average, half of the driver force partnered with TAKEALOT earns anywhere around R5,908 on a monthly basis.

How to become a TAKEALOT driver in South Africa?

Becoming a partner driver with TAKEALOT is easier. All you need to do is go to their website, check Driver guidelines, and apply for the position.

Do you need a degree to become a TAKEALOT driver in South Africa?

No, TAKEALOT does not require any formal degree to become a driver in South Africa. However, it is better that you have a diploma in hospitality or a high school certificate.

What is the highest salary of a TAKEALOT driver in South Africa?

The highest salary of a TAKEALOT driver based in South Africa is anywhere around R15,000.

What is the lowest salary of a TAKEALOT driver in South Africa?

The lowest salary of a TAKEALOT driver in South Africa is anywhere around R1,100.

Finally, a TAKEALOT driver is a good job for anyone who wants to earn part-time and needs an alternate financial source. This is why most people are attracted to this job, given the rising inflation in the country. I hope this guide has been helpful in getting a sneak peek into the market prospects of the TAKEALOT drivers.

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