Mfundo Vilakazi Salary and Net Worth in Rands

The craze for football in youngsters never dies; maybe that’s why we see talented football players rocking the world with their fantastic football skills. One such rising talent is Mfundo Vilakazi.

You must have seen him in one of the most prominent football clubs, Kaizer Chiefs. He has plenty of fans interested in knowing more about their star.

It is not surprising anymore when someone is curious about Mfundo Vilakazi’s salary. Plenty of people are trying to figure out how much Mfundo Vilakazi is earning by playing for one of the leading football clubs in South Africa.

If you are one of those who want to know about Mfundo Vilakazi salary, then you are at the right place. Today, we will explore Mfundo Vilakazi’s current salary, how much he earned when he started, and much more. Stay with us.

Overview of Mfundo Vilakazi and His Salary

Name:Mfundo Obrigado Vilakazi
Date of Birth:19/02/2024

Mfundo Vilakazi is one of the best players ever to join Kaizer Chiefs. His journey has not been long; he is ridiculously talented, and because of this, he is compared with legendary football stars. Here is some basic personal information about Mfundo Vilakazi.

Mfundo Vilakazi is an amazingly talented football player and teenage sensation, but not much information is available about him. Even his birthday is unknown to the public, and his birth year has always been a controversial topic. Some reports claim Mfundo Vilakazi was born in 2007, while others say he was born in 2005 or 2006.

We can not say anything with surety about the birthday and birth year of Mfundo Vilakazi, but he is still a teenager, and as he excels in his career, we will learn more about him. So, this young blood started playing football very early and got into Kaizer Chiefs in January 2022. He has caught everyone’s attention since the beginning with his dabbling football skills, but how much he gets from football is never revealed.

No one has ever talked about Mfundo Vilakazi salary; maybe that’s why his salary is not known to anyone. Nevertheless, we can estimate his salary by looking at his market value. So, according to some reports, Mfundo Vilakazi has gotten even better and has learned new techniques that can help him enjoy a drastic boost in his market value, which will be nearly R 1421086100.00.

Mfundo Vilakazi Career as a Professional Footballer

If you follow Kaizer Chiefs, you must have heard the news about Mfundo Vilakazi. This young talent has been called the rising star of Kaizer Chiefs and South African football history. Read ahead to know him better and have a look at his football journey, which has just begun.

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We football enthusiasts and fans have seen amazingly talented football players in our lives, but there is something about this teenage sensation who is now ruling the hearts of everyone. He is agile, possesses exceptional football skills, and has an intuitive understanding even famous football players lack.

Early Days

You won’t believe it, but Mfundo Vilakazi started playing football when he was only seven. He joined Charmer Boys, which enhanced his natural skills and helped him play confidently by showcasing his fantastic dribbling skills. Mfundo now plays as a mid-player against much older and experienced players, but everyone praises this young talent.

Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge

Mfundo Vilakazi gained immense popularity at 14 when he played with his team in the 17th edition of the Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge. This was when he got the attention he deserved, and his talent was recognized as everyone talked about him during the tournament.

He was part of Dzakaroski FC before joining one of South Africa’s best football clubs, Kaizer Chiefs. In this tournament, everyone enjoyed his dribbling and goal-scoring skills.

Kaizer Chiefs’ New Asset

Mfundo Vilakazi is an exceptional player who is naturally talented, and, with a few training sessions with one of the leading football clubs of South Africa, he is showing what he has got and how differently talented he is. His successful training sessions have made him a hot topic of Kaizer Chiefs. He joined Kaizer Chiefs in 2022 as a teenager, and through his inspirational performance and exceptional football skills, the club is considering adding him to the senior team.

However, these are only rumors, and nothing has been confirmed. We will know when the Kaizer Chiefs F.C. will announce team members this year; maybe we will see Mfunda Kaizer making his senior team debut with the same club. Additionally, he is also the youngest footballer to join Kaizer Chiefs.

Additional Income Sources of Mfundo Vilakazi

Mfundo Vilakazi is young, but his age never came between his talent and the opportunities. He gets lucrative opportunities just like any other famous football player. In addition to the primary income source, Mfundo Vilakazi earns money in many other ways, such as brand endorsements and sponsorships.

His impressive athletic skills and popularity bring him extra income through brand endorsements and sponsorships. It is a win-win situation because both parties benefit from endorsements and sponsorships. The player gets paid a hefty amount based on his popularity by the brand, which allows him to capitalize on his popularity.


Recently, this teenage Kaizer Chiefs star has a sponsorship deal with one of the most famous brands in the world of fashion and sports, Puma. He is not associated with any other brand, particularly sports brands.


Before signing a contract with Puma, Mfundo Vilakazi was associated with Nike. He got his Nike sponsorship after joining the Kaizer Chiefs. Mfundo Vilakazi was associated with Nike for two seasons.

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Mfundo Vilakazi’s Assets

Nothing much is known about Mfundo Vilakazi salary or his assets. Many say he is probably focusing on his football career more than making money. Still, nobody has any update on how much he has in his bank account and what he owns.

Recently, we got an update on Mfundo Vilakazi’s assets. Are you interested in finding out about Mfundo Vilakazi’s assets? Continue reading.


No one knew anything about Mfundo Vilakazi’s salary or assets. However, pictures and news about Mfundo Vilakazi’s first asset have been circulating online lately. He is still young and has plenty of time to make wealth.

This does not mean he has nothing in his bank account. He was seen rolling a new car in his neighborhood, and the reports say Vilakazi has bought his first car.

This happened after his successful performance in the All-Stars match. Like always, he was the star of the show. Mfundo Vilakazi won loads of money and an award through this match.

House and Property

Mfundo Vilakazi owns no house or other property except that one car. Even if he does, this information is not known to the public. He is still young, and we believe it’s true that he does not own any house at this time.

Amazing Facts About Mfundo Vilakazi:

  • Mfundo Vilakazi’s life does not revolve around football only. He manages his football career and education simultaneously. Mfundo Vilakazi is in Grade 9 as of 2024.
  • He started playing football when he was seven, but in 2013, he joined Charmer Boys to start his professional career.
  • In 2016, when he played for the Discovery Walter Sisulu Soccer Challenge, he gained immense popularity and was recognized for his fantastic football talent.
  • He joined Kaizer Chiefs in 2023 as a trainee and is now part of this club’s first team.


Who is Mfundo Vilakazi?

Mfundo Vilakazi is a South African football player. He is now a part of one of the biggest football clubs in South Africa.

Which team is Mfundo Vilakazi playing?

Mfundo Vilakazi plays for Kaizer Chiefs. He got into this football club back in January 2022.

Mfundo Vilakazi is one of the biggest football clubs in South Africa. One must be highly talented to pave his way into this club, and guess what? Mfundo Vilakazi is more than just a young superstar.

He is ridiculously talented and plays for Kaizer Chiefs. He trained for professional football with this club for two years and was recently picked into Kaizer Chief’s first team a month back, January 2024. As of now, Mfundo Vilakazi’s salary is R0.

Simply put, his salary is not publicly announced. He has signed a contract with his club, Kaizer Chiefs, but no one knows how much the club pays him.

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