SHE Rep Salary in South Africa

Are you curious to know the salary of a Safety, health, and environmental rep in South Africa? Safety officers are a high demand in the country because a lot of organizations hire them. They help in keeping the workplaces safe and try to prevent accidents.

Occupation:SHE Rep
Monthly Salary Range:R 25001 – R 45001
Average Monthly Salary:R 35001
Description:The SHE representatives are responsible for handling accidents at the workplace. They ensure that employees are safe from potential hazards and communicate with them regarding accidents. Hence, the SHE representative’s responsibility is to get trained and to protect everyone.
Minimum Qualification:If you wish to become a SHE rep, you must get a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health, or Health and Safety Management Experience. Special safety officer certification is also offered for interested citizens. They can get a degree or training to become a SHE rep in South Africa.

Refer to the information below if you plan on becoming a SHE rep in South Africa but need guidance. The estimated salary along with the responsibilities are discussed for your help.

Overview of SHE Rep Salary

Safety, health, and the environment are the top priorities of the majority of organizations in South Africa. The demand for SHE representatives is high in the country because they deal with hazards. They ensure the safety of the employees at the workplace and communicate with them to raise awareness.

A SHE representative should never accept a job without knowing the basic salary. If you intend to become a representative and want to know the responsibilities and salary, refer to the information below. You will have enough information about the salary structure by reading till the end.

The safety, health, and environmental representatives get different salaries depending upon the sector they work in. On average, a SHE rep earns around R 387,759 in a year. They get bonuses according to their level in the organization.

A SHE rep working on a construction site will earn more than an officer working in an organization. Hence, the officers working at the construction site or factories may have annual salaries of around R 420,009 or more.


The safety, health, and environment representatives get allowances according to their workplace. Demanding workplaces give higher salaries than others. However, the figure isn’t specified but they get bonuses based on their performance and workplace.

Salary Structure

The estimated average base and hourly salary of a SHE rep is given. You can also find the figure for the average bonus of the SHE representatives.

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Average SalaryAmount in RANDS
Average Base Salary (Annual)R 387,759
Average Hourly RateR 186
Average BonusR 7,290

Responsibilities of a SHE Rep

The responsibilities of a SHE rep in South Africa are mentioned so people can know about them. Go through the points carefully to learn the duties.

  • The primary responsibility of a SHE rep is to assess the environment and ensure the safety of the employees. They critically analyze the environment and ensure protection.
  • The SHE rep should develop and implement safety strategies that help reduce accidents at the workplace or organization. Employees should be alerted to all the safety policies.
  • A SHE rep should inspect the interior and exterior of the work areas to predict hazards. It is essential to look out for broken or damaged equipment.
  • The SHE rep should also emphasize wearing protective equipment or safety gear. Although every company or organization has different safety policies, safety officers should keep a check.
  • The accidents that occurred at the workplace are investigated by the SHE rep as well. A detailed report should be submitted along with the recommendations for the future.
  • All the SHE representatives should have fire prevention plans. They should be able to develop appropriate training programs or improve the old ones.
  • The safety officers are responsible for reviewing the standards. They have to ensure that policies are implemented in the workplace.


How much does a SHE representative earn in South Africa?

A SHE representative makes around R 186 per hour in South Africa. People who intend to become safety officers can earn a decent sum of money but need to get a degree first. They must get proper training and certifications to become a safety officer.

How much is a SHE rep course in South Africa?

The cost of a safety, health, and environment representative course is around R 750 in South Africa. People who intend to become SHE reps will have to spend on their education and training before going towards practical work.

What is the highest salary for a safety officer?

The entry-level safety officers can earn around R 300,012 in a year whereas an experienced SHE rep can earn more than R 400,000 annually. Hence, the more the experience, the higher the salary.

How do I become a SHE officer in South Africa?

To become a SHE officer in South Africa, you’ll have to get a degree and certification from the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Is a safety officer in demand in South Africa?

Safety officers are in demand in South Africa because the majority of organizations or workplaces hire them. They play an essential role in the employee’s safety and protection.

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An informative article on the SHE rep salary is written so people can have an idea of a monthly pay cheque. The information is helpful for people who intend to become a safety officer in the future.

The salary structure along with the responsibilities are explained for clarity. Hence, you can get the relevant degree and certification to become a SHE rep in South Africa.

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