Boilermaker Salary in South Africa

Boilermakers are skilled artisans who are committed to safety and precision in constructing, installing, and maintaining critical equipment such as boilers, tanks, and vessels. Typically, they work with metals, using their skills to make different structures that can withstand extreme conditions and high pressure to help the manufacturing and mining industry. Moreover, this makes us wonder about how much money a boilermaker makes in South Africa after such hard work.

Monthly Salary Range:R 17500 – R 46862.5
Average Monthly Salary:R 32181.25
Description:Boilermakers are professional craftsmen who construct, install, and maintain boilers, tanks, and other large vessels and closed vats that contain various liquids or gasses. Boilermakers use metal to create different structures, ensuring they are safe and sturdy.
Minimum Qualification:The minimum qualification required to become a boilermaker in South Africa is to possess a Matric Grade 9 certificate and pass theoretical and practical training. However, many employers also ask for higher education.

The average gross salary of a boilermaker in the South is R300000 per year and R25000 per month. However, their salary depends on various factors, and depending upon your location and company, you can get a lesser or higher salary than the average base salary. So, let’s learn more about the salary of a boilermaker in South Africa and how certain elements influence it.

Overview: Boilermaker Salary

Boilermakers are a dedicated group of professionals with a skill that is vital for the safe operation of industrial facilities through making and maintaining boilers, tanks, and other vessels. There are many industries like mining, manufacturing, and energy production that depend on these craftsmen for constructing structures that can withstand high pressure and extreme conditions. However, these hardworking craftsmen are paid 25% less than the National Average Salary in South Africa.

The minimum salary of an entry-level boilermaker is R17,500 per month and R210,000 per year. Similarly, the most experienced boilermaker earns R562,350 per year or R46,862.5 per month. Moreover, the average gross salary of a boilermaker is R300000 per year and R25000 per month.


Boilermakers are given bonuses, profit sharing, and commission apart from the base salary. They get health benefits: 27% for medical, 8% for dental care, and 9% for vision. Furthermore, different companies offer different pay structures, so your bonus and benefits depend more on your employer.

Salary Structure

The salary of a boilermaker varies based on many factors like location, skills, and company. However, experience has a direct impact on your monthly earnings as a boilermaker. So, the more experienced you are in your field, the higher you will get paid for your improved skills and mastery.

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Therefore, a beginner boilermaker with no experience earns R17,500 per month and R210,000 per year. Similarly, a boilermaker with multiple years of experience and knowledge can make around R562,350 per year or R46,862.5 per month.

The Influence of Skills on Biomarkers’ Salary

At the core, this job requires proficiency in skills more than degrees. Therefore, if you have various related skills, your salary will be higher than others. Here is a list of skills you need and the percentage of salary it will increase;

SkillsIncrease in Salary
Equipment Maintenance35%
Heavy Equipment Repair24%
Plant Maintenance15%
Arc Welding11%
Manufacturing Fabrication1%

Salary Variations Based on Your City

Location also plays an important role in determining your salary as a boilermaker. Moreover, in some cities, a boilermaker can make more than others. So, here is a list of the top-paying cities in South Africa for boilermakers.

CityBoilermaker Salary
Secunda, MpumalangaR26110 per month
Port Elizabeth, Eastern CapeR22021 per month
Witbank, MpumalangaR21385 per month
Durban, Kwazulu-NatalR19067 per month
Rustengburg, North WestR18940 per month
Johannesburg, GautengR16091 per month
Cape Town, Western CapeR10333 per month
Kimberly, Northern CapeR9244 per month
Pretoria, GautengR9118 per month

Responsibilities of Boilermakers

Boilermakers are professionals with technical skills for building and maintaining boilers and also possess some interpersonal skills to collaborate with coworkers. Furthermore, a boilermaker uses metal to make structures that can tolerate extreme conditions. Here are the key responsibilities of boilermakers;

  • Assembling, maintaining, installing, and repairing boilers, tanks, and vessels.
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints and technical drawings.
  • Cutting, shaping, and welding metal components.
  • Conducting pressure tests.
  • Maintaining safety protocols and regulations.


What is a boilermaker’s salary per month in South Africa?

The average base salary of a boilermaker in South Africa is R25000 per month.

In short, boilermakers play a vital role in shaping the nation’s infrastructure by constructing and installing equipment such as boilers, tanks, and vessels. Moreover, their average gross salary is R300000 per year and R25000 per month in South Africa. The salary depends on a craftsman’s skills, company, and location.

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