Cyber Security Salary in South Africa

Cyber security or digital security refers to a field that involves the protection of computer systems, digital information, networks, or programs from cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is a growing field in South Africa that is gaining attention and recognition throughout the country. If you are planning to pursue a career in such a thriving field, you must enlighten yourself regarding the field’s compensation structure and responsibilities.

Monthly Salary Range:R 30000 – R 700000
Average Monthly Salary:R 365000
Description:Cybersecurity professionals or specialists refers to an expert in the field of information technology security. They play a key role in guarding computer systems, data, or networks from cyber threats. Cybersecurity specialists, in collaboration with company leaders, develop and implement security policies.
Minimum Qualification:If you want to pursue a career in the cybersecurity field, you require a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, etc. Master’s degree or industry qualifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). However, remember qualifications for a job in the field of cybersecurity can vary due to the organization and level of expertise needed.

Overview of Cyber Security Salary

How much does a cyber security specialist or a beginner earn? What role does cybersecurity play in safeguarding our lives? These are the question that sparks curiosity and discussion among those navigating the digital age.

The cybersecurity field encompasses protecting and safeguarding computer programs, networks, systems, and data against any unauthorized third-party action or destruction. The average income of cybersecurity in South Africa is approximately R365,000. The general income provides a general idea of what cybersecurity personnel can expect to earn.


In addition to the fixed salary that cybersecurity personnel receive, they also make additional income from performance bonuses or commissions depending on their job roles and the success of the security measures they implement. In Johannesburg, South Africa, cybersecurity analyst receives an average bonus of R36,769 per year.

Salary Structure

The cybersecurity field includes multiple ranks that individuals can progress through as they gain experience and expertise. As an individual progresses through the ranks, his income also increases. The following are the ranks, along with their average income:

Career LevelsSalaries
Junior Cybersecurity analyst (Entry-level with 1-3 years of experience)R30,000 per month
Cybersecurity SpecialistR91,000 per month
Senior Cybersecurity AnalystR89,754
Security ArchitectR80,000
Chief Information Security OfficerR116,114

In South Africa, cybersecurity salaries can vary significantly due to the regions and locations. For example, in major cities like Johannesburg or Cape Town, cybersecurity personnel tend to earn more because of the living costs and increased demands. Compared to this, rural areas offer lower salaries.

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A cybersecurity analyst in Johannesburg earns 29% more than the average cybersecurity analyst in South Africa. Furthermore, the salaries also vary when it comes to gender. Historically, the cybersecurity field was a male-dominated profession, but efforts are being made to reduce the income gap and ensure equal pay for equal work.

Women in the cybersecurity field earn around R419,400 on average, whereas the average salary for a male cybersecurity specialist is about R450,300. This means that male cybersecurity specialists earn 7% more than females for carrying out the same job.

Responsibilities of Cybersecurity

What do cybersecurity personnel do? Cybersecurity performs several roles, some of which are as follows:

Assessment of Risks

The main purpose of cybersecurity officers is to identify any potential security risks and vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure, networks, and data. In simple words, they defend the company’s systems or networks from online threats.

Develop Security Policies

Cybersecurity specialist develops, implement, and maintain security policies or procedures to ensure that sensitive data or information is well-guarded and does not fall into the hands of malicious individuals. Furthermore, they also develop incident response plans aimed at reducing the impact of security incidents, breaches, or cyberattacks.


Is cybersecurity in demand in South Africa?

Yes, it is. The cybersecurity market in South Africa is expected to increase from 4.3 billion Rand in 2023 to 8.213 billion Rand by 2028.

How much does a cybersecurity analyst earn in South Africa?

A junior cybersecurity analyst who has one to two years of experience earns approximately R611,421 per year, whereas a senior cybersecurity analyst with eight years of experience earns about R1,077,055. In addition, remember that the cybersecurity salary varies in South Africa due to location, experience, and rank.

How much does an entry-level cybersecurity make in South Africa?

Entry-level cybersecurity personnel, due to their low level of experience, earn significantly less income compared to professionals with years of experience. The average salary of entry-level cybersecurity is about R360,000 per year.

To sum up, cybersecurity is a notable profession dedicated to safeguarding and defending the organization’s system, networks, or data from any malicious cyber attacks. An individual planning to pursue this career in South Africa can expect to earn approximately R365,000 per month (average). However, keep in mind that the salary may vary due to your job role, experience level, certification, and location.

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