Mbappe Salary per Week and Net Worth in Rands

Kylian Mbappe is one of the top-ranked footballers in the world; he has won multiple awards and honors, including the Golden Boy titles, UEFA Champions, La Liga Champion caps, and so on. His success often fascinates me and compels me to find out how much he earns and what is his total net worth. Well, the statistics are pretty mouth-opening; come with me to see the hidden lavish life of Mbappe, his income, and other sources of earnings.

Overview of Kylian Mbappé Lottin & His Salary

Mbappe Salary
Name:Kylian Mbappé Lottin
Date of Birth:20/12/1998

It is true that Mbappe is the superstar of football and the best European player; his French origin and Algerian ancestry make him the favorite of both Africa and Europe. I have followed him since the beginning of his career; he is the only one who has gathered this much fame and money in a very short period of time. He started his career as a club player, and now he is one of the most expensive soccer players in the world.

According to an estimate, the salary is R18,626,350, increasing like a fire in the jungle. He earns from multiple sources, and the major one is the National Team of France.

Additionally, he plays in leagues and championships all around the world. The reason behind his fame is his performance and a different style of playing football.

France is a country that produced great sportsmen, but Mbappe is the greatest in the history of France. His fitness, health, speed, strength, strategy, and stepover are all perfect. That’s why he is one of the richest sportspersons in France and a famous personality all around the soccer world.

Kylian Mbappé Lottin Career as a Footballer

He started his career as a club player for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, and in this tournament, he earned the title of the best player. It attracted other clubs and National Team Elites, so he became part of the French Football Team. His major source of income is the National Team; he plays for the club, and he has other sources of income, see here.


Mbappe is a world-famous soccer player, so there is no chance that interviewers will leave him alone. You often see his interviews on his personal life, his hardships, or TV series on his lifestyle on sports or other channels. He charges for all these interviews and talk shows.

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Media Appearances

There is no chance of missing his conference after the match, but very few people know that he charges for such media conferences. He often appears on EA Sports for analysis or to offer his personal point of view regarding the new leagues and championships. He earns millions of rands from all these activities.

Advertisement & Endorsements

Although Mbappe is one of the most expensive players in France, European brands hire him for advertisements. These advertisements are mostly related to sports or men, but he has appeared in other kinds of advertisements. Mbappe charges millions of rands per ad, and the expenses vary according to the duration and dialogues.

He often endorses products; for example, you have seen his random picture with the background of a product’s board. Or you have seen his conferences in which the background is full of brand logos; all these endorsements are expensive, and he charges according to the duration of conferences.

Zebra Valley

An interesting fact is that he has a company known as Zebra Valley, which is a production team that creates animated content. The headquarters of this company is in Los Angeles, California; it produces both scripted and unscripted animations. The goal of this content creator company is to provide sports-related animations to the viewers, especially kids, so they can follow their sports passion.

Zebra Valley generates heavy revenue; the annual revenue of the company is R96.5 billion. Zebra Valley has created a documentary on the life of Mbappe, which got millions of views. Anyhow, the content is super fascinating, so in the future, companies will generate more revenue.

Kylian Mbappé Assets


Mbappe is a fan of cars; he has a great collection of sports cars, supercars, and luxury vehicles, owns a membership of multiple brands, and as they launch a new car, he receives his package at the door of his house. His favorite one is the Ferrari 488 Pista, which is R5.12 million. In addition, he has a Volkswagen Tiguan and Mercedes-Benz V Class, which have R400,000 and R1.2 million worth, respectively.


He has a two-story penthouse which is spread over 600 square meters. He has all the luxury items available at home, including decorated furniture, modern design walls, and exceptional style flooring. He has a gym, pool, and training section in the house; his house worth is R71 million.


How many assists does Kylian Mbappe have in his career?

He has 105 assists, of which 74 assists he scored for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, and 31 assists for the National Team of France.

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Is Mbappé the fastest player in history?

There is no past data available for the fastest player, but according to the Le Frigos statistics, Mbappe is the fastest sportsperson in the history of football.

How fast did Mbappe ever run?

Mbappe can run at 36 km per hour speed.

What world record did Mbappe break?

He has broken a list of records; he is the only soccer player who won the title of 50 goals in Ligue 1. He has scored most goals in the FIFA World Cup, and he has 247 appearances.

How many times has Mbappe scored a hat trick?

According to the club and international football statistics, Mbappe has scored 12 hat-tricks in his entire career. He has scored a hat-trick in the final of the FIFA World Cup Match, 7 hat-tricks for PSG, and 5 for the French Team of Football.

Mbappe is not a name but a school for young football enthusiasts to learn and get inspiration from one of the greatest soccer players. He has scored very difficult goals in his career, but difficulties have shaped his body so that now he can hit the ball from all angles. A risk-taker sportsperson is a successful one, and if we examine the tendency of risk-taking decisions in the career of Mbappe, he is a dangerous player because there was no time when he went against traditional football planning and could not win the match.

His quick decision and body speed make him one of the best players in Europe and the greatest in the history of France. I believe that he had talent, but he also polished it; that’s why he could have come so far in the world of soccer that he rejected offers from famous and high-paying clubs.

His self-confidence and ability to tackle the pressure make him a favorite of all; therefore, he earns money from all sources, brands or advertisements, and the national team. Anyhow, I have explained the salary Mbappe, his assets, and his lifestyle; I hope this information will help you in the future.

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