Medical Laboratory Science Salary in South Africa

You might be a little anxious about selecting a career path, so here is a quick overview of Medical Laboratory science salary, job responsibilities, and qualification criteria. I will give you a complete picture of what to expect from this field.

Occupation:Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)
Monthly Salary Range:R 19500 – R 38750
Average Monthly Salary:R 29125
Description:A Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) is responsible for analyzing a variety of biological specimens. They also perform a series of testing steps on these specimens and samples and then document and report the end results of those experiments.
Minimum Qualification:A Medical Laboratory Scientist must have a Bachelor of Health Science degree. Not only that, but he must also have obtained an average of at least 60% marks in this degree.

The roles are pretty interesting, and if you are interested in building things up from scratch, you will have a lot of fun performing your duties as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. The pay packages are also quite fetching. For further details, I suggest you read the following complete article.

Overview of Medical Laboratory Science Salary

Being a Medical Laboratory Scientist is indeed a gratifying career in South Africa. It pays well, even initially, with a minimum salary package of R 19,500. As you gain more skills and experience, this pay package will increase and reach a maximum limit of R 38,750.

So, an average Medical Laboratory Scientist in South Africa earns approximately R 349,500 annually. The qualification criteria are also quite simple since you will only need a Bachelor of Health Science degree with a minimum grade of sixty percent.

Responsibilities of Medical Laboratory Scientist

1. Examining and Analyzing Various Samples

It is the primary responsibility of a Medical Laboratory Scientist to examine various kinds of samples. They also perform various tests on these samples to produce results. These samples might include bacterial colonies, blood, body fluids, or tissues/cells.

2. Operate Testing Equipment

A Medical Laboratory Scientist is also responsible for effectively using and operating various testing equipment. These equipment might include microscopes, cell counters, and high-precision lab equipment.

3. Provide Testing Results to Physicians

The Medical Laboratory Scientist is also responsible for relaying the testing results to the physicians to help them effectively treat the patients. They produce lengthy reports and short summaries for the physicians.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that being a Medical Laboratory Scientist in South Africa is hands down the best career that you can build for yourself. Besides, the qualification criteria are also elementary since you need a Bachelor’s degree to enter this field.

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