Oncologist Salary in South Africa

Suppose you are thinking about which field of Medicine you should specialize in. In that case, the following comprehensive overview of the Oncologist’s salary will significantly benefit you. It is hands down one of the most rewarding careers you will ever come across.

Monthly Salary Range:R 19000 – R 237500
Average Monthly Salary:R 128250
Description:Oncologist specialists are solely responsible for identifying, diagnosing, and treating patients with Cancer. They specialize in dealing with cancer patients.
Minimum Qualification:To become an Oncologist, a person must first qualify as a doctor. After that, he/she would have to specialize in internal Medicine and sub-specialize in Medical Oncology.

The salary packages are very satisfying, and the job description is interesting. I will explain everything about being an oncologist, starting with the minimum and maximum salary packages and qualification criteria and ending with job responsibilities; so, keep reading to find further details.

Overview of Oncologist Salary

So, I would say that being an Oncologist in South Africa is hands down one of the best careers you can develop for yourself. However, the educational requirements are strict, and you must be patient while pursuing this field. Becoming a qualified practicing oncologist would take a minimum of fifteen years.

However, the pay is worth all the struggle. As an average oncologist in South Africa, you will receive an average of about 1,539,000 Rands annually. This figure will quickly escalate as you gain exposure and skills.

Responsibilities of Oncologists

1. Identify Cancer

The first and foremost thing that an Oncologist is responsible for is diagnosing cancer growth in a patient. This is the trickiest part of their job because timely identification of cancer cell growth inside the body is critical to effective treatment. Besides, it is never easy to identify Cancer in the initial stages!

2. Diagnose Cancer

Once the cancer activity is identified inside a patient’s body, the next step for an oncologist is to diagnose the kind of Cancer. It is imperative to identify the significant focal point of the cancer cells so that the targeted treatment can be provided to that specific cancer area. Besides, he must also diagnose the stage of Cancer as well.

3. Treatment Of Cancer

Now that the Cancer is identified and diagnosed, it is time to start treating it. The Oncologist will devise a plan for the treatment of the Cancer.

The Bottom Line

So, it is safe to say that being an Oncologist in South Africa might be lengthy and time-consuming; however, it is one of the most rewarding careers. The salary packages are mind-boggling, and the job description is fascinating.

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