Petrol Attendant Salary in South Africa

Are you planning to enroll for the petrol attendant job but are unfamiliar with the salary structure? Petrol attendants share a major part in the services sector in South Africa, and according to estimates, there are more than 70,000 petrol attendants in the country. Now you can understand their role in the economy and the petroleum and energy of South Africa.

Occupation:Petrol Attendant
Monthly Salary Range:R 4438 – R 17326
Average Monthly Salary:R 10882
Description:The petrol attendants are responsible for refueling the vehicle at the fuel station, providing customer services, and ensuring the safety of the people.
Minimum Qualification:The candidate should have an 8th-grade certificate and be physically fit for the job.

People often claim that the petrol attendant’s earning is lower than that of a labor man in the firm. But according to the statistics, the average pay of a petrol attendant is higher than the lowest-earning jobs in the country. Let’s dig into more detail about how much these petrol attendants earn per month and see the responsibilities of an attendant at the petrol station.

Overview of Petrol Attendant Salary

The job of a petrol attendant seems simple, but it requires effort and struggle. One has to stand the entire day and work hard to earn money by refilling the fuel tanks of the vehicles. The job is very difficult for the old people as they cannot face the harsh environment and take risks to ensure the safety of the petrol station.

The job is life-endangering, but the salary is lower than the effort one puts into the job. For example, the entry-level salary of a petrol attendant is about R4438 monthly, whereas the maximum pay one can receive from the department is R17,326 per month. According to estimates, the average salary at petrol or gas stations is R10,882, which is low, but the workers also receive facilities and extras.


The petrol attendant jobs are private, so there are no strict government rules for the salaries. However, according to the Services Act in South Africa, these petrol attendants receive the basic extras with their salaries. The first is participating in volunteering activities and learning new skills to upgrade the level at the fuel station.

Furthermore, the workers also get overtime salaries from petrol authorities and the car wash additionals from the customers. Some companies provide accommodations such as a room or hostel for the workers, and others give staff 2 meals daily. However, the extras depend upon the company and the city where you work.

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Salary Structure

The salary may vary according to the levels; for example, when a person is admitted as a petrol attendant, he gets a low income. With the passage of time, his level increases, and his salary increases with the level graph. Furthermore, the salary may vary according to the city or area where you work.

Salary LevelSalary

There are two factors that impact the salary of petrol attendants. The first is the city in which he lives; for example, if you work in the bigger cities of South Africa, such as Johannesburg or Cape Town, the salary will be high, while the workers in small cities or areas will receive lower incomes. Additionally, the salary is determined by the company; some pay high while others focus on making a profit.

Responsibilities of Petrol Attendant

  1. Refueling Vehicle: The first duty is to refill the tanks of the arriving vehicles or the motorbikes. A petrol attendant should perform this duty safely without causing accidents or catastrophes.
  2. Collecting Money: The second responsibility is to collect the money from customers after refilling their vehicles with fuel.
  3. Customer Services: The petrol attendant should also provide customer services by guiding the policy of the petrol station. He should focus on helpful, interactive, and professional communication between the worker and the customer.
  4. Maintaining Safety: The petrol attendant should not compromise the life of the customers, other colleagues, and himself by allowing danger. He should take proper measures in case a fire erupts at the station.

What are the requirements for a petrol attendant in South Africa?

There is no certain requirement, but one should have an 8th-grade certificate to qualify for the job.

Do you tip petrol attendants in South Africa?

Collecting tips is not part of their services, but usually, customers offer tips to the petrol attendants in South Africa. The average tip is between R20 to R35.

Petrol attendants play a crucial role in the industrial or the services sector in South Africa as there are more than 70,000 people working as petrol attendants. The jobs are tough, but their salaries do not match the efforts they put into their duties so we should acknowledge their struggles and focus on the increment in their salaries. Anyhow, the salaries, job description and the responsibilities of a petrol attendant are mentioned above.

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