Leanne Manas Salary & Net Worth in Rands

If you love watching broadcast shows on Television, you must have seen Leanne Manas, right? She is a television star and one of those rare ladies who ruled the television world with talent and dedication. If you are a big fan of Leanne Manas, then you are in the right place because today’s article is all about the famous broadcaster of South Africa, Leanne Manas.

Keep reading all those interested in Leanne Manas’s life and curious about Leanne Manas’s salary because you will learn a lot about your favorite anchor in detail. Shall we begin our today’s journey of knowing your famous TV personality better with us?

Overview of Leanne Manas & Her Salary

Name:Leanne Manas
Date of Birth:
Profession:TV anchor, MC, and Speaker

Leanne Manas is one of the leading TV anchors and businesswomen of South Africa. I don’t think she needs an introduction because even if someone watches her broadcast for the first time, he becomes her fan.

She is currently working as an anchor of the flagship show at South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Let’s quickly look at Leanne Manas’s personal information for those who have just started following her.

Leanne Manas is not just an ordinary professional TV host and journalist; she is one of the rarest multiple award-winning anchors, an exceptional motivational speaker, and a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador who has ruled the television world for the last two decades.

The talent of this well-known personality is not just limited to the television industry. She has proved herself in all sources of journalism and anchoring from Television to radio.

Besides professional earnings, which are her primary source of income, she earns well from her online business, making her bank balance thicker and thicker with each passing day. However, Leanne Mana’s monthly salary has not yet been disclosed, or you can say she does not talk about it publicly, but the estimated range of her monthly salary is R 518561.04 to R1472105.53. She might be earning between this figure or maybe more, who knows.


What do you think about how qualified a wise and intimidating personality like Leanne Manas would be? By looking at her work, dedication, and success, anyone can tell she must be a highly qualified woman.

She has a BA honors degree in English and communication. That’s not it; she is also a qualified speech and drama teacher from London Trinity College. Moreover, she was interested in studying finance journalism, and in completing her dream degree, she chose Rhodes University and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics Journalism.

She has interviewed many national and international celebrities, heads of state, and leaders in her career. Let’s look at her career growth from the beginning of her journey as a TV anchor and where she is now.

Leanne Manas Career as Journalist

Those who know Leanne Manas personally say she was once a shy and introverted person, but after watching her on Television and achieving milestones in her career, it is hard to believe. Unlike many other youngsters who aren’t sure about their careers, she knew what she was clear about and stood fast on her decision. She thinks she is only there to inform people about whatever is happening around them and make a decision themselves.

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Debut Year

Leanne Manas is a famous TV presenter in South Africa, but if we look back at the time, she started her career journey in 2001. She got an anchoring position at the Essential Business Channel Summit TV, where she served for two years. Meanwhile, she hosted various SABC 3 programs, including Business Update and Business Focus.

Joining Most Popular TV Channel

Soon after her debut, her dedication and talent paved the way for the most popular TV channels in South Africa. After the 2004 elections, she got a lead role in the anchoring world and a chance in Morning Live.

She became a presenter of the Morning Live show at SABC 2, one of the longest-running breakfast programs in South Africa, and is part of that show to date. She is still a TV presenter on the same channel and is commonly known as the anchor of the flagship show.

Awards and Achievements

It’s been more than 20 years since she started her career in this industry, and she has achieved plenty of awards for her dynamic work and constant dedication. Also, she is a rare TV journalist and anchor who has covered broadcasts in Technology, Entertainment, and Design, commonly known as TEDx.

Her qualifications and dynamic experience in her field include interviewing higher officials and traveling to remote areas to deliver 100% accurate information to the people. She has interviewed some influential and big names, including Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Celine Dion, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela, Ronan Keating, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Diana Ross, Seal, Joan Armatrading, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Jane Seymour, Sir Richard Branson, and the list goes on.


Interviewing such personalities is significant, but she has achieved bigger milestones than this. In 2019, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) appointed her as a Goodwill Ambassador. Suppose you think this is the most significant achievement of her career. In that case, you should read the following information because she is a successful person with plenty of accomplishments at every step.

She got awards for her work, too, and we don’t usually see a person achieving big awards again and again each year, but Leanne Manas proved herself to be one of the best TV anchors South Africa has ever had. She has won the “Best South African Female Television Presenter” award from People Magazine four times. Moreover, she is a three-time winner of “Best Overall SA TV Presenter” by You Magazine.

Other awards that she got include the “Most Stylish News/Actuality/Continuity Presenter” award of the Sunday Times/Elle. Manas got another “Most Stylish TV Presenter” award from You Magazine. In 2019, she received an award from the Lebanese Government for her work for humanitarian causes.

Additional Income Sources

Motivational Speeches

If you remember, I mentioned she is an excellent motivational speaker. She primarily speaks about confidence building and corporates. She encourages the younger generation to achieve the impossible through her motivational speeches.


Besides TV, her work on radio is commendable, too. Leanne Manas started her new radio anchor career at Radio 702.

Until then, she has worked for several TV stations, including Radio Algoa, Jacaranda FM, SA FM, and East Coast Radio. Later, she got an offer to be a lead new anchor from Johnnic Publishing’s African Business channel for Classic FM.

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Training Company

Leanne Manas is quite intelligent in business, too. She runs a successful business built from her success in the TV industry. Through her over 22 years of association with the TV and the experiences she has gained during her journey, she has established a Manas Life Communication Company.

It trained individuals and the corporate sector in media, broadcasting, and presentation skills. This is a comprehensive training course that anyone interested in polishing his media skills can take that will allow them to learn everything from a hot seat interview to the technicalities of the broadcasting world of South Africa.

Leanne Manas’s Assets

Manas is a 46-year-old TV anchor and businesswoman, but no one knows the figures she has earned after being in this industry for over 25 years. She neither talks about her salary publicly. Simply put, it is nearly impossible to list her assets as she has never flexed her wealth on any of her social media accounts or publicly announced any asset.

Her net worth is R47,487,275.00 and is increasing continuously. It is hard to believe that she does not own anything because a person earning hefty monthly is not investing money anywhere or making any assets, which does not sound right.


However, after hours of research, we could only find that he lives in South Africa, and there is no information that she owns the house where she lives. Therefore, we can not say anything if she is the owner of that house or not.


Similarly, like houses and other properties, there are no reports regarding her cars. Her assets are still under review and will be announced publicly. If we get any news, we will share it with you, but for now, we can say she owns no cars as there is no information regarding her cars on the internet.


Is Leanne Manas Greek?

Leanne Manas lives in South Africa, but she is from Lebanon. As per her words, she once said the blood in her veins is Lebanese.

Who is Leanne Manas married to?

Leanne Manas married in 2005, and her husband is Marc Menelaou.

How old is Leanne Manas?

Leanne Manas celebrated her birthday every year on October 14th, 1978. As of her birthday, she is currently 46 years old.

Leanne Manas is a popular TV presenter and news anchor who started her journalism journey in 2001. After spending over 20 years in this industry, she makes between R 518561.04 and R1472105.53 monthly. The exact figures for Leanne Mana’s salary are unknown because she has never publicly announced her salary.

Currently, her estimated net worth is around R47,487,275.00, and she is truly a self-made woman who shares accurate news of the world with the people of her own country and others who watch SABC. Besides journalism, she runs a successful business, adding plenty of money to her bank account. Although not much information about Leanne Mana’s salary is available, I hope our article has helped you understand her better and determine her monthly income.

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