Carl Niehaus Salary & Net Worth in Rands

Given his numerous financial scandals and corruption charges, Carl Niehaus remains the most talked-about politician in South Africa. Consequently, the masses have been closely speculating on his lifestyle and net worth. If you want to know more about Carl Niehaus’ salary and treason charges, keep reading this guide.

Overview of Carl Niehaus & His Salary

Name:Carl Niehaus
Date of Birth:25/12/1959
Profession:Politician, Lawmaker

Carl Niehaus is a South African politician who has served as the spokesperson for the African National Congress. He is popularly known for being imprisoned on treason charges against the former South African government under Jacob Zumba. Though his assets and income sources are unknown to the public, his contested net worth is around R19,11,800.

Much of this net worth is earned through political activities and party-related sponsorships. According to his statement, he was given a monthly remuneration package of R71,000 with an annual bonus equal to the monthly salary. Aside from this, he received a car allowance of R10,000, a petrol allowance of R5,000, and a cell phone allowance of R1,500 each month.

He is not receiving the amount, given that Niehaus has been charged with treason. After getting fired, the former ANC member accused the Congress of unpaid salaries. According to him, ANC expected to pay him R1,704,000 for 24 months of unpaid wages, excluding the bonuses.

Carl Niehaus’s Career as Politician

Carl Niehaus allegedly has a Master’s and Doctorate in Theology from Utrecht University. His career started afterward in 1991 when he became a spokesperson for ANC.

Ever since, he has built a massive net worth, accredited to attractive remuneration packages and party-related parties. Here is a glimpse of his career as a politician.

  • Carl studied for a bachelor’s degree from RAU Rand Afrikaans University. However, he was expelled for participating in riots for Nelson Mandela’s support.
  • From 1992 to 1994, Niehaus became the media liaison spokesperson for the ANC.
  • In 1994, Niehaus was elected in Bloemfontein as the party’s chairperson for the National Executive Committee on Religious Affairs.
  • He also started his service as a member of Parliament in the National Assembly in 1996.
  • He remained the spokesperson for ANC up until 2009, when it was investigated and explored that his Master’s and Doctorate degrees were manipulated.
  • Niehaus has been a part of several scandals, including his debt bankruptcy in 2018 of R10 million and ANC misconduct in 2021. He has also been linked with the infamous Gupta family’s state scandal.
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Henceforth, it is safe to assume that most of his earnings come from senior positions in the government, party sponsorships, and favored gains from political alliances (through illegal means).

Carl Niehaus’s Assets

Given the frauds, scandals, and corruption charges, little is known about Niehaus’s assets. Despite this, it is public knowledge that he is indebted to several people and the Gauteng Provincial Assembly. Currently, Niehaus is sentenced to fifteen years in prison as an ANC staff member for committing high treason.

Key Events

  • 1986 – He married Jansie Lourens, who recruited him into an armed struggle against apartheid. Later, she was sentenced to four years in prison.
  • 1988 – Carl completed his Bachelor’s in Theology from UNISA University of South Africa.
  • 1994 – He became Nelson Mandela’s spokesperson.
  • 2000 – He became joint chairman of the Home for All Initiatives.
  • 2008 – He married Mafani Gunguluza. His claims of Master’s and Doctorate degrees were investigated and dejected.
  • 2017-2020 – He was accused several times of debt and financial scandals.
  • 2021 – He was given a suspension notice from the ANC.
  • 2022 – He was expelled from the ANC.


What is Carl Niehaus’s estimated net worth?

The estimated net worth of Carl Niehaus is R19,111,800. However, it is contested, as his assets and capital are unknown to the public.

How much did Carl Niehaus earn from the ANC?

As a member of the African National Congress, Carl Niehaus earned a monthly remuneration package of R71,000.

Is Carl Niehaus married?

Carl Niehaus was married to Jansie Lourens from 1986 to 2002. Later, in 2008, he married Mafani Gunguluza, a businesswoman, and the couple separated in 2012.

Why did Niehaus file a case against the ANC?

Carl Neuhaus wrote to his attorney about the ANC non-payments. He claimed that the ANC had not paid his salary since August 2022. According to him, the National Congress is expected to pay him around R1,704,000.

Where was Carl Niehaus born?

Carl Niehaus was born in Zeerust, a commercial town located in the North West province of South Africa.

In conclusion, Carl Niehaus is inarguably the most talked-about politician ever since 2022, when he was charged with treason against the ANC. As he was fired and imprisoned, the case has been progressing from both sides and so has the public interest in his income assets and net worth. I hope this guide has given you valuable insights into Neihau’s salary and scandals.

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