Peter Shalulile Salary and Net Worth in Rands

Peter Shalulile is currently one of the highest-paid football players, currently serving as a right winger and left winger for the Namibian national team and Mamelodi Sundown. The player achieved a peak in his career since his debut with Tura Magic FC. Aside from the game, the football player has also managed to attract several off-field endorsements, business ventures, and media appearances, earning significantly.

Want to know more about Peter Shalulile’s salary and net worth? Here is a complete guide on his career path, brand deals, club football, and other income sources.

Peter Shalulile Income Overview

Peter Shalulile Salary
Name:Peter Shalulile
Date of Birth:23/10/1993
Profession:Football Player (right winger/ left winger)

Peter Shalulile is a Namibian football player, currently working as a left and right winger for Mamelodi Sundown. Ever since 2019, the player has been enjoying a lucrative contract with the team and is known to earn around R400,000 on a monthly basis, aside from team sponsorships and endorsements. Given the number, the right winger is one of the highest-paid members of the team.

Peter has been a successful player since his debut with Tura Magic FC back in 2011. Soon he attracted the attention of the groups as a high qualifier, which earned him the title of a senior in the national team. Before this, the player worked for elite football groups like Tura Magic FC and Highlands Park, lucrative contracts with each of around R2,00,000 value.

Peter Shalulile Namibian Football Player Net Worth

Currently, Peter Shalulile is called the most expensive football player in the Premier League and has managed to build himself a massive net worth and businesses. If you are interested in knowing more about his market value, brand deals, and business ventures, keep reading this section.

Net Worth

As a football player who achieved a peak in his career really young, Peter Shalulila is living a comfortable luxurious life in Namibia. As of 2023, according to News Hub, the player is earning around R400,000 per month and enjoys a total net worth of around R9,420,425, which has increased significantly from 2020 after signing a contract with Mamelodi Sundown. Much of his market value is attributed to his guest appearances and national team sponsorships.

Other income Sources

Now that we have established his net worth, let us discuss some of his popular income sources in detail. So, dive right in to know more.

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Aside from the team sponsors, the national player has also managed to build himself, private sponsors, with which he enjoys lucrative deals. Currently, the brand is under contract with Nike and Puma and has done several campaigns during the Premier League 2020 and 2021. Moreover, he is also associated with many local Namibian and South African brands.

The following year, in 2022, the player was associated with telecom and manufacturing companies like Samsung. Together, they did a promotion deal for the Galaxy S22 series for which the player was given around R10 million.


Peter Shalulile was making highlights in the news for his business ventures aside from the matches and tournaments. According to the player, he will focus on his personal life after retiring from football, which is why he has managed to build himself a chain of luxury hotels and clothing brands. Moreover, he has invested in stocks and real estate for passive income once he is out of the game.

Press Conferences/ Media Appearances

The right/ left winger from Mamelodi Sundown also earns a significant amount of money from media appearances, much of which is accredited to his goal-defending strategies, endless wins, and striking sense of style. According to Business Insider, the player was charging around R200,000 per media session in 2020. As per the sources, the amount has been increased significantly, given his achievements and promotions in the Premier League.


Aside from the national team and a 5-year contract with Mamelodi Sundown, Peter Shalulile earns significantly from state-level clubs, as he also likes to train novices across different countries. His memorable visit to SA included promoting him to some popular clubs, including the Tura Magic FC, despite the fact that their contract had long been over. Moreover, he promotes leagues and seasons like the 2015 Division Cup of South Africa, for which Peter charged around R10 million.

Peter Shalulile Income Assets | Expensive Things Owned by the Player

Peter is one of the football players in the country who does not like to spend on luxury, rather has been really careful and discreet about his assets and spending. Though he has managed to build some luxury assets, he is more focused on building future income sources and spends significantly on charity. Here is everything you need to know about Peter Shalulile’s income assets.


Peter Shalulile has been popular for investing in stocks and real estate properties, though he is not public about the information. As for public properties, he has a luxury house in South Africa an approximate worth of around R20 million, with two stories, five bedrooms, a big dining room, a big swimming pool, a gym, and two parks at the beginning and end of the house. The player shares this house with his small family.

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Stellar Car Collection

Like any other popular football player, Peter Shalulile is fond of the stellar car collection, which includes luxury vehicles and supercars. According to Business Insider, he owns a Toyota Corolla, a Hyundai Tuscon, and a Hyundai Cresta worth R408,500. Though he has been discreet about his car collection, his most popular is the Toyota Corolla worth around R400,900.

Hotel Chain

There is not much information available about his hotel and clothing brand chains in South Africa. However, the player discussed in one interview how he would like to enjoy a personal life after retirement, for which he is planning some business ventures. Though there are no numbers to show the progress in numbers, the businesses are doing pretty well.

When was Peter Shalulile born?

Peter Shalulile was born on October 23, 1996. Currently, he is thirty years old.

How much does Peter Shalulile earn on a monthly basis?

According to Business Insider, Peter Shalulile earns approximately R400,000 on a monthly basis.

Peter Shalulile is playing for what team?

Currently, Peter Shalulile is playing for Mamelodi Sundowns FC, with a 5-year deal, and the Namibian national football team.

When is Peter Shalulile’s current contract expiring?

Peter Shalulile joined Mamelodi Sundowns FC back in 2020. Together, they had a five-year contract, which is ending in 2025. The player is expected to renew the contract with the group.

Are football players in South Africa paid monthly?

Yes, contrary to the traditional practice, players in the Premier League earn on a monthly basis.

Was Peter Shalulile born in South Africa?

No, Peter Shalulile was born in his hometown Windhoek in Namibia.

What is Peter Shalulile’s net worth?

As of 2023, Peter Shalulile has an estimated net worth of R9,420,425.

Is Peter Shalulile playing for the Namibian national football team?

Yes, Peter Shalulile is currently a part of the Namibian national football team. However, back in August, he temporarily stopped playing after suffering a torn hamstring against Lamontville Golden.

Peter Shalulile is a successful professional football player, currently playing for several cups, Mamelodi Sundowns, and the national Namibian football team. Given his achievements on the field and sponsorships off the field, the player has managed to build a considerable net worth. If you are interested in his earnings and finances, I hope this guide has helped you get a sneak peek of it.

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